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So here we are again, its not that long ago I was here throughout the Andrey Arshavin saga. Well, thats what it feels like anyway.

You can get all the rumours, confirmation of signings and general deadline day talk right here on The Goon Blog.

The most likely signings are Blaise Matuidi and Marouane Chamakh and the most likely departure is one Philippe Senderos who at one point, had a sealed move to Everton.

The media will be screaming at us to strengthen after Sp*rs have delved into the transfer market yet again and sealed the signing of Kranjar a one time Arsenal target.

Vermaelen has been our only arrival but a class arrival, he has not put a step wrong so far this season. Another arrival like that wouldn’t go amiss. My preference is DM cover for Song who has the ACN in January/February.

Let the madness commence…

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17:00pm: SHUT


16:57pm: 3 players in 3 minutes. You know its going to happen!


16:44pm: Eduardo has been banned for two games. UEFA you fucking idiots. Thats one mighty big can of worms that have been opened.


16:19pm: I think Wenger must be at home laughing at us…. Obviously the start of the season has convinced him the squad is strong enough. Am I convinced?… Jury’s out in my view.


16:08pm: What is your opinion of our lack of business? How will it affect us this season? Its the third deadline day where we have been screaming for a defensive midfielder but it looks like we will be empty handed again. Have your say in the comments.


16:00pm: Still nothing, and doesn’t look like anything is going to happen. Could take positives from the Denilson deal if you remember…he was unveiled after the deadline..


14:53pm: Right, having a little break. Be back with you very soon. Nothing happening at the moment on the Arsenal front


14:41pm: Well, Its been silent on the Matuidi front and I would by very, very surprised to see anyone arrive now. I may be wrong but its just my opinion… not sure even Senderos will leave now.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments….


14:32pm: Chamakh is staying at Bordeaux


14:21pm : VIA BBC SPORT: “I’m a security guard at Highbury House and I just saw Blaise Matuidi enter with an entourage. He’s apparently just had a medical and heading upstairs to sign his contract. You heard it here first.”


14:19pm: Here is Arsene Wenger’s debut single. Have a listen here.

I can’t upload it as a podcast, the coding confuses me and its really pissing me off.


14:04pm: Taylor is still at Newcastle. Not happening then it seems.


13:52pm: EXCLUSIVE: Wenger has been spending his time recording a debut single. First listen right here on the blog very soon!


13:41pm: Nothing on Senderos to Hull, so far….


13:34pm: Ive heard Upson/Liverpool is a done deal for 11 million.


13:23pm: Newsnow is working again now. According to some bloke on TalkSport Stephen Taylor has been seen at the Emirates. How would you react to that? Especially after his horrific elbow on Arshavin at St. James Park last season.




13:14pm: Armand Traore on his way to Birmingham apparently. I wonder if Nacer Barazite will still be here by 5pm? The loan window does not shut for a while et.


13:08pm: Chamakh will not be going to Upton Park apparently. Thats according to the Daily Mail though… could Arsenal nip in for him?


12:20pm: Subotic being rumoured – again, don’t think its anything more than speculation. Names are just being recycled.

Have you heard any rumours? Maybe your brother gave Kaka a lift to a training ground from the airport? Let us know here!


12:11pm: Vieira staying at Inter as we already knew.


12:10pm: Under 5 hours to go now and there are rumours of Senderos going off too Hull which is totally feasible in my view. Hopefully we will get a big chunk of the money they received for Turner. We could also be moving for Stephen Taylor according to reports. I can’t see it and I don’t really rate him either


12:02pm: I’m back, sorry for the break! Rumours have started going round…apparently Chamakh has not ruled out a deal with either West Ham or Arsenal and his representatives are in London. More updates in a couple of minutes when ive done some digging into some rumours and my internet has woken up. See you on the comments chaps


09:43am: Off out for an hour, things might have sped up by the time I’m back, heres hoping.


09:05am: I think the rumours about the international transfer window being shut is bollocks.


08:51am: Right, I’ve moved from the original article so updates are easier to see. Stick with this page for all the latest! Heard any rumours? Let us know in the comments!


08:25am: John Cross – The Mirror’s chief sports writer has heard from an agent that the international transfer window is now closed so no deals from outside of the UK can be done. Not sure that is quite correct…


07:53am: I’m back and there is not much new news for us yet I am afraid. I wouldn’t fear though because the less the press pick up on the better for us price wise. Looks like Pompey are going to go barmy today though, will they go for Senderos I wonder?


02:00am: Right, i’m going to get some sleep now whilst its quiet. It may well be a very different story at 7-8am tomorrow morning!

Keep your comments flying in, it seems there are a lot of nocturnal gooners on the comments! Click here to join in the discussion.


Just a bit of fun…Does Chamakh look a bit like Ronaldo to you?


See the similarity or not? Leave a comment by clicking here…


01:17am: Just so you know, UEFA meet to discuss the fate of Eduardo today. The Daily Mail have stuck up a ludicrous article ‘naming and shaming’ divers in the English game. No mention of Rooney or Gerrard… Fancy that? Cretins.


01:05am: Commenter going under the name of Dave Walsh has said Chamakh has been sighted in London:

friend of mine who works in a top london hotel spotted Gazidas with hopefully something will happen.

Treat that as you want. As ‘Dave’ hasn’t returned I wouldn’t take it as gospel!


00:45am: reports that St. Etienne must lower their valuation of Matuidi for a deal to be done. Hardly reliable though.


00:15am: We will see what the morning headlines and press have to offer within the next hour. Meanwhile the Eduardo row is getting stupid now. UEFA are treating him like a naughty schoolboy “There are no exceptional circumstances that would justify a plea for mercy.” Oh please. They will have the cane out or have him up on a murder charge next.

Meanwhile….the Croatian football president has gone starko.


00:00am: Rumours about Matuidi have re-emerged and its thought he is worth in the region of 6-8 million. We need another midfielder as cover for Song. There is nothing on Chamakh so far but Wenger returning with a take it or leave it offer to Bordeaux for him would not surprise me.


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  2. Anything, anyone?

  3. Stick here and you will hear it first

  4. It will be a bit crazy if the international window is closed but the UK window is still open due to the bank holiday yesterday. It would appear that no one took that into consideration and would put an entirely different spin on any potential moves for today.

    If this is actually the case…the UK window being open, but international closed…I do not see us signing anyone today. Aside from Hangeland, we haven’t really been tracking anyone in the Prem as far as I can tell.

  5. I was in London yesterday and saw Maroaune Chamakh with Ivan Gazidis. I presume this is related to Dave’s hotel sighting. They may have been at the hotel before or after the time that I saw them together, and by that time, they may have agreed personal terms, or talks may have broken down. We’ll just have to keep an eye out on Sky Sports News.

  6. Oh, and by the way, the international window is still open. It has to be as Atletico Madrid’s Johnny Heitinga is moving to Everton.

  7. where did u get ur news frm, Josh?

  8. Hey haho! Long time, no see Amigo. How have you been?

  9. internatnal or domestic, they alsways come up with lion prides eating Fried Rice and whatnot on deadline day, I’m nt bothered.
    Josh, where’d u get d Vieira story?

  10. distraught, my Ska listening friend. But only the last two days. Been partying, holidaying, living the live (finished my exams last May… you see) so I was not that able of commenting everywhere, my writing goes off when I am hungover.

  11. What do you write Haho?

  12. im getting very pessimistic about any signings.I just cant see it.Do you know we have made the less number of signings out of all 20 premier league clubs.Just one single solitary signing when we have the the money from the sales of toure and adebayor.Depressing 😦

  13. Ahhh…I see! Yes, I recall you mentioning the end of exams awhile back. Glad you’ve had such an active break with the partying, holidaying and so forth. 🙂 I wholly support those activities. haha

  14. Goonerali: I still have a feeling we will buy, theres 7 and a half hours left….a long time

  15. Goonblogger: the rumours are bollocks. It was not the case last year, nor this year. Pompey have just loaned a guy from Benfica, which, by my last reckoning, was not in the FA’s constituenty…It is all rubbish. Why is everyone speculating about Ribery to either Chelski or Real Madrid? Cause it is possible. nuff said.

  16. I also think at least one player will join before 5pm today. Remember, Arsene never gives anything away, and never says anything for any deal is set in stone.

  17. Spanish T W is shut but they are still allowing departures to the Prem.

  18. Iv just read on the bbc live transfer window page and they mention vieira to arsenal as a possibility.Would be fantastic.

  19. Im pretty convinced he is staying at Inter im afraid!

  20. news revolving only arnd Matuidi, Chamakh & Vieira.

  21. it isnt anyone dissapointed spurs are getting kranjcar.Weve have tracked him for ages and now spurs are getting him.Arghhh.

  22. Yep, don’t need him though, Sp*rs building a very good team.

  23. off for an hour to run some errands! back soon!!

  24. I have the bad felling fu… stubborn Wenger wont buy anyone :-(!! He will wait until January but this would be to late. I hate his stubborness. I hope you are all right to buy someone!! Heard also on some blogs transfers from abroad cant be done today anymore. But this is bollocks!!

  25. The Tellygraff is saying West Ham want Silvestre: please, god, let it be true!

  26. Oh wait, my bad, Aston Villa, not West Ham…

  27. ..waity, waity, Wengy wakey!

  28. London Evening Standard saying we’re still making a push for Nevin Subotic. As always, valuation is the sticking point with Borussia Dortmund wanting significantly more than Arsenal are willing to pay. Basically the same situation as Chamakh, except Chamakh, as we all know, desperately wants to come to The Arsenal. Subotic, meanwhile, has expressed gratitude over our interest but does not seem as intent as Chamakh on forcing any move at present. LES claims that Steven Taylor would be a cheaper alternative if nothing moves forward on Subotic.

    Subotic would be a wonderful addition to the back line should something pan out.

  29. @ TheSKAGooner:

    Fu.. you were quicker, lol :-)!!!

  30. Just heard a rumour gattuso to arsenal apparently his wife wants to go back to England seeing as she’s Scottish plausible ???

  31. SkaGooner: I like the4 LES bit, if all that is said is true (in come Chamakh and Subotic, out goes Senderos and maybe Silvestre) I would be paralytic with joy… And will go partying…again.

  32. Jamie: partly, Ian Wright sais we shud buy him and it all went from there: he is injured and there is probably no truth.

  33. mate the Gattuso rumour is from Wrighty at his Sun column. I wouldnt give it much attention but who knows.

    -Ivan Gazidis and AW jst finishd holding talks with Matuidi & Chamakh on the plains of the Serengeti!
    -Reports say they saw to it that no one wld follow or else risk being eaten up by lions, with whom they signed privacy agreemnts!
    It’s prolly why u avn’t heard anything, but u’ll see it first on

  35. @ haho –

    I’d be really happy as well. But I would not mind keeping Big Phil. I still think he could make a go of it as a depth player for The Arsenal. But at 24 (I think that’s his age), he’s probably looking for regular first team football and would want to pursue other options if they come up today.

  36. I’m becoming less and less optimistic. In January, we kinda knew that Arshavin was in London, discussing personal terms like 2 days before the deadline. If Chamakh (or Matuidi) is not in London, there is no way the deal will go through. There is just not enough time to fly over from France, agree personal terms and take a meddical. I do hope that we sign Matuidi or Chamakh, but unless either one of them is CONFIRMED to be in London, I just can’t see it happening.

  37. Tom, who would confirm it? A London newspaper (a good one, not a tabloid) are saying Chamakh’s representatives are in London: he is probably on standby to go to London: also, we all know that the medical and the finishing of the deal is allowed later than 5 pm… So no problem.

  38. Here’s a question, prompted by Tom’s post above…

    Do all contractual and personal terms have to be agreed by the deadline? I mean, if both teams agree the sale, and the player(s) involved agree, is it possible to do the contract stuff after the deadline? Here in the US we see deadline trades all the time, and the contract stuff is sorted later.

    Just wondering…

  39. Ps; Daily Mail also saying what LES is saying…

  40. According to Sky Sports News, the FA has to have ALL pieces of paperwork by 5pm this afternoon, and Arshavin was only allowed to join because Arsenal convinced The FA that the heavy snow that day had affected the speed of the transfer going through.

  41. Ska: yes. that is the case: as long as the agreement between teams is rubber stamped, a deal can go thru. Though you do not have days.. just a few hours, I guess.

  42. 5pm is still over 6 hrs away, time’s plenteous, @ least to AW & Arsenal fans. lol

  43. I would believe it less if the Daily Fail…sorry, Daily Mail…had reported it first. Always a whiff of unreliability surrounding anything they print.

  44. Tom: the personal contract etc. are not part of the FA paperwork, nor is the medical (only for insurance reasons) the player has to be written in as an Arsenal player and the deal must be confirmed by the selling team. The personal terms are not any of the FA’s bussiness, nor do they need to know.

  45. @haho

    As I live in Shrewsbury, quite a long way away from London, I had not heard about the London paper reporting on Chamakh’s representatives. Surely there’s a chance he may be on standby to London, and then go for talks with West Ham. Remember, Gianfranco Zola said that West Ham would need to sell someone to buy. They are close to selling James Collins to Villa. This would open up the Chamakh transfer for the Hammers. I hope we get Chamakh, but I can no longer see it happening.

  46. Agreeing terms on the plains of the Serengeti.

    Come on lets be serious.

  47. @ Tom the London Evening Standard reported it first and the daily mail followed. So there could be indeed some truth in it!! Lets hope and see until 5 pm!! 🙂

  48. Tom, I thot u sighted him in London, or so u said with Gazidis.

  49. feelin less and less pessimistic.Really cant see anything happening trying to psych myself up for that inevitability so that when 5pm arrives i can laugh at my fellow gunners for expecting any signings.
    Still finding it difficult to accept it though…

  50. Hi mate….why did you removed my link from your blogroll? i hope for a mistake…if you put it again….mark it as “Calcio Serie A”…thanks

  51. BBC have heard a rumour Voronin is going to Arsenal… please, god, no!

  52. Haha dont see Voronin coming to Arsenal no way hahaha

  53. we wont get Voronin!!! It is simply not true!!! No worries!!

  54. @richHudsonsmith: pardon my bad, feeble attempt @ humour, jst gettin bored with lack of concrete news.

  55. BTw, for those worries deals should be done by 5 pm: there is a reason why BBC liveblogging will go on longer than 5 pm: cause deals can be announced later.

  56. @kunlewoye

    no mate, that was one of my cousins who lives in St Albans who was in North London yesterday. Did I say I was there? I am sorry for misleading you. No, my cousin phoned me last nite and told me that he’d seen them both. I’ll phone him and ask if he has any more details.

  57. I do like the idea of Vela out on loan at Fulham, IF he plays and IF we get Chamakh.


    Man on Sky Sports News:
    ‘I was talking to one of Chamakh’s representatives and I asked him whether Chamakh would be moving to Arsenal. All I got was a sort of grumble down the phone. I then asked him if Chamakh would be moving to West Ham, and he said ‘I wouldn’t rule it out.’

    Mixed messages from the representatives. What does that grumble mean?

  59. @ Tom –

    The grumble means that West Ham & Bordeaux will agree a fee but Chamakh will not agree terms. This will lead to Bordeaux coming back to Arsenal late and us getting him for less than the West Ham offer.


  60. Okay I just phoned my cousin and he has told me he didn’t know anymore. He just told me that he saw Chamakh with Gazidis.

    Oh, and by the way, if we get Voronin I will commit suicide…and I’m not joking.

  61. @TheSKAGooner

    I hope that’s what the grumble means, but I can’t see it.

  62. Just heard on sky sports news Chamakh is likely to join west ham I don’t think we’ll sign anybody maybe a sixteen year old oh what joy !

  63. Just recieved a call from a reliable source, who I cannot name, who told me that Wenger is weighing up a sensational last minute move for Franck Ribery. It is just a rumour, but that would be amazing.


  65. @ Jamie: Chamakh wants only come to the Arsenal!! Wait until 5 pm!!! I am sure and still hopeful for some additions as the London Evening Standard was on of the first who reported about Vermaelen!!

  66. OK Tom, perhaps a typo. I think it’s obvious d reps dnt like wat we’re offering. I’d expect us to offer less than what West Ham r offering bcos Arsenal promises so much more for any player than West Ham: UCL, top four chance….maybe u shld get ur cousin for news.

  67. BBC Sport’s roving reporter Sam Lyon: “Unsurprisingly, getting hold of football agents on the last day of the transfer window can be trickier than a four-foot-square Rubix Cube, but luckily for you good people I have a direct line to the biggest and the best by way of a batphone. Now, I have more digging to do to firm up what I’ve just been told by my high-profile man-in-the-know, but here’s a teaser, to be taken with a pinch of salt for now: a big-money transfer will happen in the north-west today, with Everton and Liverpool, as well as Man City, ready to splash the cash; Arsenal hope to do a late deal for a midfielder; and Portsmouth are in the process of negotiating 427 incoming signings, of which maybe three will come off. I may have exaggerated the last one, but you get the idea.”

  68. I’m with Casicky on this ,no singings for sure as for Ribery wenger would cry his eyes out handing over 57 million for ribery can’t see it !

  69. @ Tom –

    While it would be an orgasmic development, signing Ribery would empty our transfer budget for the next 3 seasons.

    It’s nice to dream…but…

  70. Tom, ur source’s in Wonderland! how’s Alice doin? lmfao….but come off it, Ribery??????

  71. bored of all this really,i mean everyone knows we wont buy anyone but we all still wait on something and Wenger counts on stuff like that bout how we may moan bout not signing anyne by the end of September it will all be forgotten by the fans,as we will go to the stadium as usual support as usual until end of season when we trophyless and he can charm ua again with.
    If we had everyone fit we could have done this ….
    We have had less decisions go our way ….
    Our boys are a year older ….
    and plenty more rubbish,its jus so irritating that we all fall for it

  72. arsenal aint signing anyone it is as simple as that.Wenger all summer has promised us signings but again he has lied.A few weeks ago he said hes looking at 1-2 players why cant he be honest with us instead of lieng to all of us.

  73. I think we may get Hernanes… do not hold me to my word, though.

  74. Tom… al this serious talk amongst us and then you ruin it with your stupid Ribery shit… fathead.

  75. Haho guess wa???we wont…

  76. we dont need the overrated Ribery!!! We need at least a DM to cover Song but I am afraid Wenger will wait until January. I really hate him about this!!! He is a fu…. stubborn old man!!

  77. we should let him know if he dont sign anybody how angry we are about his lies!!! If he dont win anything this year ( and I dont mean the Carling Cup ) he should fu.. up and can go with the complete board!!! Enough is enough!! 5 seasons without any silverware is way to much for a club like Arsenal!!

  78. The bad thing is that we cant complain about not having the funds.25 mill for adebayor and 14 mill for Toure thats a total of 39 mill,still wenger cant get his hand out of his ass and buy somebody.

  79. 80% of Gunners are frettin about new arrivals but Wenger is probably seated at home knows he aint signing anyone dont get why he couldnt jus come out the ManUre game and say he wasnt buying anyone,Arsenal wants to ensure Arsenal the club has a solid future but i think in his one-target-minded drive he really is not hungry enough to win silverware i mean Economics is wat gets his juices flowing.
    Arsene leaves too many things to chance too often i really am questioning his drive and hunger for silverware
    I mean dont get me wrong i do feel he has hunger and drive,but not for silverware but more for proving his tactics and his way is right,for proving money doesnt buy you stability…his drive is absolutely in the wrong place for a club that has gone 5 seasons with no silverware…

    Rant over go on Wenger surprise me PLEASE,i beg you i would really like to be wrong hahahahaha

  80. deep inside, y’all sayin we wnt sign any1 know very much dat Wenger will sign but it kills u dat u avnt heard anythin yet.
    @ Haho, u r funny man.

  81. arsenal4ever, fuck off. If you are a fan only for the silverware then you can fuck off. Those of us who remember before Wenger are fucking glad we have one of the best all-time managers at our club. We owe everything to that man.

  82. lol deadline say is funny you get people saying so and so has been spotted at a hotel so and so has been spotted having custard creams. Im just hearing andrei voronin has been told to do 1 by the arsenal medical staff.

  83. hopey, hopey down d jallopy slopy.

  84. @ haho: Fuck yourself idiot!!! 5 tropyless season are way to much and his lies, too. I am fan since Highbury so shut the fuck up and let say my oppinion for which I have the right. I said he can go if failing again, not now.

  85. wheres goonblogger gone

  86. arsenal4ever –

    Lets settle down, son. You’ve had your anti-Wenger rant. You’ve said your piece. Now let it go and lets just enjoy the rest of the day and see what happens.

  87. Tribal Football saying that Big Phil is off to Hull.

    They also say we’re in active negotiations for Subotic (asking Dortmund to lower their valuation, of course), so it appears the LES info has some validity.

  88. @ TheSKAGooner: I dont have anything against Wenger but the lies and promises killing me. He says the same each window.

  89. Tribal football is as reliable has me saying messi will pen a 4 year deal at the emirates and be paraded at the emirates later tonight.

  90. @arsenal4ever –

    Fine. We get it. I’m just saying please lets not have the rest of the 5 hours in the transfer window dedicated to complaining about Wenger. If he buys, he buys. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t. It’s much more fun to talk about the rumors, even the silly ones like Ribery, than to complain about Wenger. And it’ll help your blood pressure. 🙂

  91. Hello again ladies and gentlemen. Just updated and will do again in a matter of minutes

  92. hey! Goonpolice, volatile characters here! hahaha take it easy guys.

  93. Interesting comment on another Arsenal blog that ALL work permit requests had to be submitted by COB yesterday, so if we do sign anyone they either had to have the paperwork in yesterday or the incoming player already has a UK work permit – a current Prem player.

    I do not know how accurate this is, but maybe this is what was meant in an earlier comment about only being able to bring in Prem players at this point? One would think that if we submitted a work permit request for anyone yesterday that word would have leaked out by this point.

  94. I’m only sying what I’ve been told. Chamakh deal is off, Matuidi deal was never on. We’re signing no-one.

  95. @ Ska: You know what I have meant! It is so quiet and we deadly need 1 or 2 signings more!!

  96. Is anyone being a twat Kunle?

  97. @ Tom: But you said the shit about Ribery so no one trusts you!!

  98. Guys… I think we may be delving in for Matuidi… He wouldn’t need a work permit as far as I know and its rumored that we are in for a midfielder.


    hahaha i have always wanted to post that

  100. nope Goonblogger, they were jst tryin to be.
    God we need a signing!

  101. @arsenal4ever

    i’m only saying what ive been told

  102. What have you been told Tom?

  103. That Ribery was a possibility, but everyone seems to think i’m talking shit

  104. Update on the work permit thing –

    Apparently we can bring players IN, but the EURO window closed yesterday, so no Prem players can go the other way today from the UK.

    Again…not sure how accurate this is, but that’s the latest update I have.

  105. I just heard (I actually have a mate living in Rome, but he is a Lazio fan. His dad is high in Unilever, working for Ola or Walls, making ice cream) that the reason Spalleti resigned was because his board of directors had accepted an Arsenal bid for Daniele de Rossi… That is what is going round in Rome. He is Dutch (like me) and a PSV fan but he knows my Arsenal fandom so I got a nice, suprising phonecall…. I do not know, would be amazing.

  106. not in a million yrs sorry Tom.

    SKA thats dead right.

  107. what do u mean Matuidi wldnt need a work permit Goonblogger?
    funny Casicky.

  108. Now THAT’S a rumor I can somewhat see happening – DeRossi to Arsenal. Bit expensive, to be sure, but a player who’d definitely fit our needs & who we know something about having played Roma last year in the CL.

  109. it is impossible haho

  110. On a side note, Stan Collymore is a complete cunt. He says Eduardo should get an EIGHT match ban and Wenger 4 matches for the incident with Celtic.

    Don’t mean to stray from the transfer talk, but thought I should bring this up. Article’s on

  111. dont see us going for De Rossi Wenger has already got players he feels make the first team and one of them is Song so dont see him going for someone who will expect to start every game um sure he wil get an understudy instead…and De Rossi aint that at all

  112. No, probably right… Still, where there is smoke there is fire, maybe another team bid for De Rossi and got him (Chelski or summat)

  113. @ Casicky

    That’s partly true, mate. Song is our first team choice at DM right now. However, AW has made it very well known that he sees Song as a CB over time, and not the long term DM for the squad. There would be more positives than negatives to bringing in DeRossi, I think.

  114. Oh…and don’t get me wrong…I am loving Song at DM so far this year. 🙂

  115. De Rossi = no no

  116. De Rossi! God I would love to have him! Hope it’s true! By the way, Notts County are close to signing Pavel Nedved, Luis Figo and Henrik Larsson! That’s hilarious. Ten years ago, ARSENAL WOULD HAVE LOVED TO HAVE THEM!

  117. Afternoon lads,

    SSN is making me sick with all the Tottenham rubbish.

    Last min signing of Chamakh and Subotnic?

  118. @ King Arshavin –

    The Chamakh deal looks dead. Apparently West Ham will be his new home.

  119. subotic, Sahko, Matuidi, Veloso, Batrvic, Chamakh, Vieira, De Rossi, Vander vaart, Ribery, dat Poland dude, Michael Jackson, Barack Obama, Daniel Radcliffe have all been linkd….. but who do we get? only Vermy?

  120. 12.30
    EXCLUSIVE FROM JASON BURT:Telegraph Sport can reveal that West Ham United have met with striker Marouane Chamakh after being given permission to speak to the Moroccan international by his club.

    :/ I find that hard to believe..

  121. Stephen Taylor from Newcastle a mate of mine saw him near arsenals training ground hmmmmm

  122. be realistics guys…

    we need either a CDM or a defender…..

    thats it ..we just need 1 player and our squad will be more than enough…this is the reason why wenger is n0t willing to offer more than the requisite value for any player….he knows his squad and he knows that this squad is well equipped for the season ahead….


  123. SKA, i dnt agree d chamakh deal’s off.

  124. @ kunlewoye –

    Just passing on what I’m reading on the wires, mate. 🙂

  125. SSN, Apparantly Chamakh probably not to West Ham. West Ham were really interested but everything has just happened a little too late. Bordeaux’s valuation is too high…

    Where do you guys think that leaves Arsenal’s chances of signing him? Unlikely?

  126. Well, if Chamakh stays with Bordeaux, that leaves them as this years winner of the Idiot Negotiator Award.

  127. INA, that is. lol

  128. Sure will SKA. A one eyed Turkey would have more financial sense.

  129. Cant see us gettin Chamahk if we wre gona go for him we would av started a bid early in the day or yday incase Bordeaux played hard ball so dat would give us time to increase our bid as i see it,dat one has to be shelved for now.

    The way its quiet about Matuidi u jus feel summ will happen,but i have felt alot of things in the past,and its never happened

    esp like the time i took my girlfriend to Beyonces concert i felt she had mimed ‘i want you’ straight at me…boy was i wrong!!!

  130. Casicky – Wenger might back Bordeaux into a corner and give them a take it or leave it offer.

  131. You were wrong about Byonce miming at you…or wrong about your gf miming at you? hahaha BIG difference there… 😉

    Regarding Chamakh, I’ll put a tenner on if he stays with Bordeaux, his agent already has a flight booked to London for the first day of the January window to start personal terms negotiations with us over his FREE move next summer.

  132. what’s Wenger thinking right now?

  133. lots of people saying steven taylor has been seen driving outside the emirates

  134. only 4 hours left :-(!!! Even Manure, Chelski or Liverfool isnt mentioned today at all!!

  135. What you makeof the Taylor rumour?

  136. i think it would be a great signing. Young, english and can put in a tackle. Also player who has premierleague experience and would be a goood back up. No doubt arsene can turn him into a top class defender

  137. sorry 2 and half hours Ive meant lol

  138. God help us if Taylor is coming to Arsenal.

    He’s worse than Cygan on a bad day.

  139. ACCORDING TO SOMEONE ON 606 Man City are lining up a last ditch bid for Cesc Fabregas, for 50 million

  140. This has got to be the most boring transfer deadline day ever. I really do hope that i’m proved wrong 😦

  141. King there is a lot going on, just not with us. Something will happen though, I can feel it in my Carlsberg

  142. Where did you get the Upson Liverpool link, Goonblogger? Cause Liverpool is quite skint and their dealmaker on holiday… Seems weird to me. If it is true, they can buy Chamakh…

  143. @ Tom: Best rumour from today :-)!!! lol

  144. Cesc to City? Someone should pay us 50m just for making up that rumor.

  145. God, this is tense, but rubbish. Wenger is either sitting there now on the phone, or sitting there knowing that we ain’t gunna sign someone.

  146. There is still hope we mite sign someone remember diarra, arshavin, gallas and baptista deals were all revealed after the deadline had passed

  147. haho: its all over the news here and he has been seen up there

  148. The Cesc rumour was made up by someone on 606 on I also think it’s a load of shit.

  149. Would love to see Taylor plaing in an arsenal shirt but not sure about chamakha. If Chamakha joins that may push bendy out and i think if bendy get enough game time he will prevail and score 20+…

    Matuidi would be another good signing but if its true and europes transfer market is closed then i doubt St Etienne will sell as they wont be able to replace.

  150. @Goonblogger

    I hope you’re right! I think i’ll open a can too.

    Cheers 😀

  151. this is from BBC:

    From Anon, via text on 81111: “I’ve just heard that Arsenal will make a bid for Fulham’s Brede Hangeland, before offloading Phillippe Senderos to Hull to replace Michael Turner.”

  152. Tom, Fab again? uhff!- r we signing C-Ronaldo next? I dnt reckon u’re lying, it’s jst funny.

  153. 1342: I hope you’re not getting worried at a lack of action. Remember: whatever doesn’t happen now will happen later. Just make sure you’re still here when the world of football goes mental. Because it will.

    Sounds good, hope for us, too.

  154. Is anybody else watching Sky Sports News? They keep playing that same weird HD ad where Ronaldo scored against us in the champs league. I don’t understand it :s

  155. fucking cunt that ronaldo. And stan collymore

  156. I hear Chamakh arrives in January not now, its sorted already.

    Matuidi will sign and it will be announced at 8pm.

  157. Yeah, WTF is up with Collymore and his demand for an 8 match ban for Eduardo and a 4 match ban for Arsene? That’s some good crack he must be smoking.

  158. I think the Taylor deal is off before it started!!

    1352: Great news for Newcastle fans, as caretaker boss Chris Hughton says he believes there will not be any more outgoings from St James’ Park.

  159. Just heard Phillipe Senderos has gone to Hull City on a 4
    month loan deal.

    Should be confirmed by a club offical around 4pm

  160. @ Galviniho –

    hmmm…doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for Chamakh to come in January. He’s away on ACN for Morocco then, and we’ll be without him for a month just as with Song.

    Not saying it’s not true, but doesn’t make too much sense from a team perspective.

  161. where’d u get that Galviniho?

  162. From what I hear despite the ACN Bordeaux want some cash for him so its likely he will come for the run-in. I hear West Ham want him but no way he wants to go there.

    So many rumours but to be fair why Arsenal wait to now is beyond me.

    I’d take Matuidi and thats it to be fair.

  163. there’ll b news afta d deadline I’m sure we’ll sign.

  164. hope Galviniho is right!! Still 3 hours to go!! So lets be positive!

  165. Bordeaux 1/5
    Arsenal 9/2
    West Ham 8/1

    Interesting odds. We’re more likely to sign Chamakh than West Ham.

  166. it seems everyone is tense! No comments for a while now!

  167. hmmmm…the rumor of Vela on loan to Fulham and Hangeland coming to Arsenal has popped up again. I can see Vela going on loan, but not sure how much I buy the Hangeland part at this point.

  168. interesing interesing!!

    13.50: More from our man Simon Cass who is very much on the ball today … He tells me that Marouane Chamakh’s agent, Pierre Frelot, is staying on in London until the close of the window with his fingers firmly crossed there will be a deadline beating offer from Arsenal.

  169. All this talk about Chamakh, we don’t really need another striker. We’ve got the most amount of talented attackers in the league. Matuidi would be a more worthwhile signing.

  170. agreed

  171. It’s tight. If we sign anyone, it will be almost as tight as the Arshavin transfer.

  172. -left-back Armand Traore to join birmingham on a seasons -loan.
    -Stuart Taylor will NOT be leaving newcastle.
    -Blaise Matuidi will remain at Saint-Étienne Loire for 1 more season.
    -Arsenal are trying to push through a deal for Gennaro Gattuso

  173. From Lambros, via text on 81111: “I’m a security guard at Highbury House and I just saw Blaise Matuidi enter with an entourage. He’s apparently just had a medical and heading upstairs to sign his contract. You heard it here first.”

    On 606. I don’t know what to believe anymore!!!!

  174. From Lambros, via text on 81111: “I’m a security guard at Highbury House and I just saw Blaise Matuidi enter with an entourage. He’s apparently just had a medical and heading upstairs to sign his contract. You heard it here first.”

  175. West Ham 10/1
    Arsenal 5/1
    Bordeaux 1/7

    The odds keep changing but this looks promising!

  176. Tom got there first b chen LoL

  177. A reliable source Gregory coupet seen around the emirates not sure

  178. The news is just so inconsistent. There is nothing set in stone.

  179. Got any good sources goonblogger? You had a great one last time which got the Arsharvin situation spot on. Any hints as to what is going on in our part of London?

  180. Just got the 606 app on my iPhone. There is nothing on there about Matuidi or Chamakh.

  181. GoonBlogger still feelin confident we will get Matuidi in??i mean even anyone??

  182. Pfftt not convinced about anything at the moment im afraid. Its either very, very quiet or nothing is happening at all. Sadly.

    Not in contact with Richard Law anymore goonermagic. Im asking around but nothing doing at the moment. I will keep trying.

  183. skysports today is so lame!! All the big rumours not coming from them, lol!

  184. hooo

  185. Cheers fella much appreciated 🙂

  186. The rumours are crap. The best rumour I’ve heard is about Figo going to Notts County

  187. no Chamakh is heading to us!

    1429: BBC Sport understands that West Ham will not be signing Marouane Chamakh. He has decided to stay at Bordeaux at least until the end of the Champions League group stages. There is still a chance he could move to Upton Park after that though. And the Hammers don’t expect any more players to leave today, unless they receive a colossal offer. A few clubs have expressed interest in Matthew Upson, though none have made a firm offer for the England defender.”

  188. @ Tom: No, the best was yours one Cesc heading to City :-)!

  189. @arsenal4ever

    I’m guessing it’s because they stuffed up the Arshavin transfer on deadline day. They don’t want to look so stupid again!

  190. i think its sinking in bit by bit to everyone now that the miracle whoped for [wenger to change] wil not come into fruitition this time round


  191. @King Arshavin

    Senderos has already completed a loan deal to Hull City that will end in December.

  192. Got Sky sports news live on the blog now!

  193. look at this!!!! Could be a rogue editor, but still!

  194. oh u legend! Everything in one place – fantastic!!

  195. Rogue editor. Been taken down. It said that Chamakh had joined Arsenal for 12 million

  196. I just got a weird realisation that there is still more than 2 hours left yet!!!! Come on, be optimistic. You never know, that Ribery thing might be true…

    however, I don’t think it is.

  197. its tense

  198. Must be nothing happening SSN are reporting Argentinian footy results

  199. @ Tom: the Ribery thing cant be true as:

    1. we wont pay over 57 mill for an proven player

    2. Hoeness already declared they dont want to sell him at the transfer deadline day

    3. Do we really need an attack midfielder who wants to play for RM?

    4. Nasri will be even better in few more years + would prefer with Chamakh together over Rivery!!!

  200. 12.59
    Arsene Wenger proved in January that he doesn’t mind waiting until the very last minute to tie up a bit of transfer business, and he could be at it again. London’s Evening Standard reckon the professor is set to make an audacious double signing with Bordeaux striker Marouane Chamakh (who West Ham are also sniffing around; see 12.30) and Borussia Dortmund defender Neven Subotic in his sights.

    Daily Telegraph

  201. @goonblogger

    yeh just seen that. Haven’t switched SSN off all day. Nothing from London, apart from Spurs, since 3am this morning

  202. My favourite bit of transfer deadline day is about to happen… That bloke on SSN who has all those phones to phone around clubs and agents. Andy Burton, his name is I think.

  203. Final Countdown then. The final two hours.

  204. I don’t think we’re signing anyone now.

  205. I really hope Chamakh will come

  206. Woah, that bloke says he has spoken to 6 chairman, and they told him to keep his phones on. Could one of those chairmen be Peter Hill-Wood?

  207. do u think at the end of this season we mite be looking at Harry Redknapp being more shrewd in the transfer market than our Wenger??
    That scenario would be realistic if it turns out that our injuries persist as normal and Sp*ds seemingly have a squad to deal with any injuries…
    My goodness um really losing it now hahahaha

  208. all given up yet? Come on there is still time but if not so let it be!

  209. only stories coming up on SSN news bout Arsenal are …
    Eduardo awaiting charges and Arshavin INJURY hahaha seriously u gota crack up a bit

  210. SSN have brought out the big gun- Andy ‘Four Phones’ Burton.

  211. I cant see u signing anybody now … theres been no news normally you would be getting atleast an idea. eg when arshavin sighned late there was loads of epople saying he wos gonna sign all day . todays diffrent there has been no true news about anybody signing its al just rumours i dont thing we need any signing anyway but it would be nice if we got a few players in.

  212. With 1 hour 35 mins left i can see only one player coming in. Whatever position it is ill still be massivly disappointed. How can our squad be better equipped than last years, (If you remember had to fight for 4th spot)to compete for trophys after Selling two players and only bringing 1 in(tv)?

  213. less than 2 hrs now!

  214. @Matty

    I agree mate. It ain’t gonna happen.

  215. @fabgunner

    I can’t see any transfers happening, if I’m honest.

  216. the gradual realisation sets in now lol

  217. wenger you coudn’t give us one player on deadline day.Wenger you are one stubborn old git.

  218. What about stephen appiah? he’s still a free agent

  219. I wish Wenger would buy just one world class player.. that’s all I ask, but he’s just too stubborn.

  220. yip his stubborness has won again :-(! Therefore I am hating him!

  221. David Silva in Old Trafford

    From Jay, outside OT on his iphone, via text on 81111: “Brilliant, that Valencia news someone texted in – well David Silva has just pulled up in a car at Old Trafford, him and his agent seen getting out of the car! Just seen it, brilliant news!”

  222. ‘In Arsene W e Trust’ he really knows how to rub such statements in our faces doesnt he…

    He really am starting to feel he is really caught in his bubble of trying to prove himself right he jsu doesnt see the big picture.

    I mean wat was the point of stringing us along yh sure he strings the media along but doesnt he get that he is really to some level diSrespecting us???

    Hahaha the guy doesnt do himself or us any favours really

  223. I’ve just had my first piss for 4 hours

  224. that david silva story is shit, cos he’s with the spain squad

  225. hahaha

    You’re “hating” Arsene? Nice.

    Look, none of us knows what’s been happening today. We’re all quick enough to dismiss the media when they print stories about Cesc going someplace, but we hang on every word when they say someone is coming to Arsenal…then you act like Arsene Wenger himself came to your house, told you so and so was coming and feel like he personally lied to you when it doesn’t happen.

    The window isn’t closed yet. Yes, time is short an it’s been very quiet. Something could still happen, but nothing could happen also.

    Either way, none of us know what has been going on behind the scenes at the Emirates today, what clubs we might have talked to, what players were discussed and so forth. And most importantly, NONE OF YOU know what efforts have been made. If we do not sign anyone, it does not mean efforts weren’t made to do so and it does not mean we didn’t actively pursue anyone. The Chamakh situation comes readily to mind in this regard, and I for one am happy that we won’t pay over the odds for any player. Is that Arsene Wenger’s fault that no deal was reached? According to some on here, apparently so.

    If you wish to hate on Arsene Wenger, that’s your choice to do so. But I find it quite a foolish thing to do, to be honest.

  226. nobody should turn up at the emirates for our next home match.There should be a protest to arsene wenger and the board.You lack ambition should be the message.Even hull,stoke,bolton etc have spent more than us embarressing.

  227. I ve meant for his fucking stubborness!!!!

  228. I think nobody will come.

  229. I feel completely devastated that we haven’t yet signed anyone. No wonder we never compete for Top Honours when we never bring any players.

  230. so where such romours come from? newsmen?

  231. @ Ska: Efforts?? It will be the same like every transfer window. We tried to get 1 or 2 players and him and the board refused to pay them more 2 mill which is a joke for a big club like Arsenal!!

  232. talksport:
    arsenal are printing out no.24 shirts with vieira on the back.
    lol the stuff you hear on deadline day

  233. Let’s just face it, we will never challenge at the top again, until someone tells the board and Mr Wenger that we need new players. And not 16 year olds.

  234. great! Our news on the website are the preview of a reserves match, lol!!

  235. just think we would have had alonso if it wasnt for 2 mill.Doesnt that say it all like?

  236. from telegraph:

    So we’re really just waiting for the excitement to begin. Will there be any? ‘Behind closed doors’ has been the phrase of the early afternoon – especially down in Chigwell where a man in a bulging light brown duffle coat has been befriending the Sky Sports reporter. Will Arsenal swoop on Marouane Chamakh? That’s the key question.

    I dont think we will sign anybody. He will wait until January and if we fail again for trophies I am sure the excusses for injuries will made again!!!

    Wake up Wenger!! We fans arent always wrong!! He is so stubborn it is unbelieveable

  237. arsenal4ever –

    Since you’ve vacillated between “lets give it time!” and “I hate Wenger!” numerous times today, I’ve simply decided to dismiss your opinion altogether. It’s difficult to take you seriously in any sense.

    Goonerali –

    No, it doesn’t “say it all”. As I mentioned above, none of us have all the details of these transfers. Yes, an extra 2m might…might have secured Alonso last summer, we don’t know that’s all that was missing to the deal. Arsene Wenger certainly has not come out and explained “If I had only spent 2m more, I could have had him”. I would recommend not taking everything in the media at 100% face value on these things and understand that there’s quite a bit more complexity to things that never comes to public knowledge.

    I have the distinct impression that neither of you will take my words to heart, so I’ll end my comments to you here. Please feel free to rant on as you feel necessary, but I will not be responding after this to said rants.

  238. SKAGooner I know we were not within 2 million of Alonso last summer for fact. Liverpool just played us for mugs sadly.

    Looks like we are not doing any business today then!

  239. just heard frm reliable source….matuidi is with arsenal and chamakh is close to sign….


  240. At this stage, I’m grabbing for anything. Uzzy, where did you hear that?

  241. ok 1 hour left :-)!

    I am glad if this is forever. I dont care anymore if one way or another. But really hope for the another ones which means some signings 🙂

  242. TheSKAGooner

    You bring up alot of good points there is no denying that but im just very frustrated by the lack of signings this summer and every summer.There hasnt even been any sign of anything happening as regards to a transfer today.You would of thought wenger would be trying really hard to buy somebody but it seems as if this day has gone buy with nothing happening at all

    I am a big arsenal fan everytime my team loses i dont watch motd football first goals on sunday etc i cant stand it.I just want my team to do well and win things and not settling for 4th every season.A couple of decent signings surely woudnt go a miss could it.

  243. um with Tom on this one hahaha

  244. pls uzzy dont wind us up!! I really hope youre sources are cool!!

  245. I wouldn’t stake a peanut on his ‘sources’

  246. I’m getting tired of the constant reports from Spurs on SSN. Come on Arsene, surprise us!!!!

  247. Even the rumour mongers who make up s*** have gone quiet lol, I think the squad we’ve got is it for us this season…

  248. Those wankers at the Spurs training ground waving at the camera are annoying me

  249. Why wouldnt he jus tell us he wont sign anyone??u cant tell me he stared the season thinkin we need two players more and all of a sudden coz of the way we have performed he suddenly feels “U know what we are adequate now”..i mean thats jus taking the piss.
    I dont mind not having any transfers but why keeps us glued to the tv to watch Tottenham buy pple????it could have been so easy to jus come out and say no we not buying anyone NOT we are not in negotiations with anyone coz that implies alot but why not jus “WE WILL NOT BEING SIGNING ANYONE IN THIS TRANSFER WINDOW” why should we respect this guy when quite plainly he has no common courtesy???

  250. Im nt ald 2 tll u wre i hrd it frm bt i cn assure u it is very reliable. im 95% sure one of them will sign if not both. Most likely it will be matuidi…..Chamakh will cme free nxt year if the amount wenger wants him for is agreed with,,,,but wenger wont budge at all. dw boys we will chip in with sme1.

  251. Very strong connections coming from Arsenal say French player Blaise Matuidi SHOULD join this afternoon.

  252. Hmmmm Bet’s for Chamakh to West Ham have been suspended!

  253. ssn in general is annoying me, can’t they at least visit emirates and have a guy outside reporting, just to give us some hope? at least let us know whether wenger and gazidis are currently at emirates working on something or at home? jeez its not much to ask…

  254. i got up at 7 this morning now im thinking why oh why did i even bother 😦

  255. I hope to hell that Uzzy isn’t taking the piss. I don’t want to start doubting Arsene Wenger, but if no deals are done, I may have to start doubting the Prof.

  256. oh please jus speculation he would av been seen by someone,a concrete sighting all this stuff you dreaming about in your basement is quite pathetic,it was all good early morning but it aint needed in the last half hour of the window

  257. Goonerali

    I got up at 3am! I’m very annoyed.

  258. Richard77 – Elaborate or stop bulshitting please

  259. i came on here at 3am last night then went to bed got up at 7 in the morning looked on various websites….nothing put sky sports news on…..nothing went back to bed for a few hours got up did the same again nothing.I have a headache now what a terrible terrible day.

  260. Arsenal has not lost hope of recruiting Marouane Chamakh

    Le club d’Arsène Wenger espère conclure mardi soir son marché des transferts par la double signature de l’attaquant de Bordeaux Marouane Chamakh et le défenseur du Borussia Dortmund, Neven Subotic. The club under Arsène Wenger hopes to conclude Tuesday’s transfer market by signing two of the Bordeaux striker Marouane Chamakh and champion Borussia Dortmund, Neven Subotic. Le tacticien français a identifié Chamakh comme le remplaçant idéal d’Emmanuel Adebayor, parti du côté de Manchester City. The French tactician has Chamakh identified as the ideal replacement for Emmanuel Adebayor, left side Manchester City. Mais le club londonien refuse toujours d’augmenter son offre fixée à 5.6 millions d’euros pour s’attacher les services de l’international marocain. But the London club still refuses to increase its offer set at 5.6 million euros to engage the services of the Moroccan international. Bordeaux en exige de son côté 9 millions. Bordeaux in turn requires 9 million.

  261. To all these people saying they know that the players are coming…


  262. there we go team we thumped 6-1 are still able to get both Distin n Heitinga…
    Dont tell me these players wouldnt have jumped at coming to Arsenal,my goodness dat man is stubborn,the question now is


  263. @ Goonerali –

    Yes, I would like some signings too. But let me put it as simply as I can: I am 100% certain of only one thing when it comes to Arsenal and transfers, and that is that I am 100% in the dark as to what happens in negotiations, who Arsene is REALLY targeting and what moves the club may or may not actually be making.

    Do we have some needs in the club? Yes.

    Is Arsenal addressing those needs? I would hope so.

    If we don’t sign anyone, does that mean Arsenal didn’t move to address those needs? I do not think it’s mutually exclusive that no signings indicate that nothing was done to sign anyone. There are always two sides to every deal, and the responsibility for a signing not happening does not always fall to the shoulders of Arsene Wenger. It’s easy to point at Arsene and say “YOU’RE NOT DOING ENGOUGH!!”. But no one knows that to be a true statement, no matter how easy it might be to have that opinion.

    Will I be upset, outraged or hating Arsene if we don’t make any signings? Absolutely not. I will support whatever team he puts on the pitch. Whomever wears an Arsenal kit has my full support and it’s not worth the time or energy to worry about players who are not wearing an Arsenal kit. The only players who matter to me are the ones wearing the Red and White.

  264. Its quiet…. too quiet.

    I think that suits any deals that might be done in the next 40 mins.

    On the other hand, nothing could be happening!

  265. Casicky says:
    September 1, 2009 at 4:16 pm

    there we go team we thumped 6-1 are still able to get both Distin n Heitinga…
    Dont tell me these players wouldnt have jumped at coming to Arsenal,my goodness dat man is stubborn,the question now is


    dont turn up at the emirates for our next home match.Protest outside with the message you lack fucking ambition.

  266. Oh my goodness jus heard Wenger has been spotted in Bosnia assessing this 9 year olds potential hahahaha

  267. FTAO: Goonblogger
    If you could understand i cannot particularize on anything until club officals are happy enough a deal is completed.
    I can say that negotiations between Arsenal & St Etienne begun sometime this morning and the player was granted permission to speak to arsenal around 11am .

  268. Yes, do turn up at the Emirates. Don’t protest. Just keep faith.

  269. keep the faith, guys.

  270. 37 minutes! Can it happen????

  271. did you really say that tom? because i certainly wont be keeping faith anymore iv had enough.

  272. hope there is truth in it!! He could get playing time and we get a big CB!!

  273. Can i also just say that there WILL be signings for various clubs, that you will not know of until late this evening.

  274. goonerali

    you quite clearly aren’t a real supporter then, are you.

  275. i am real supporter but im just a frustrated supporter.I love the club the manager has worked wonders since he came here but i dont like how we have to be content with 4th every season.Surely 1 signing today coudnt have been hard.

  276. There is just not long enough, I don’t thin. I’d love to believe what richard77 is saying, but I can’t.

  277. richard77 – no idea if ur telling the truth about whats going on. Its strange that things are so quiet no?

  278. Haangeland to Arsenal = no no take that from me.

    Vela is injured and will not be leaving. The CVN article has no new information.

    Get a grip some people, Distin and Heitinga? Average players.

    WIth Senderos not leaving we are fine at the back, its the midfield we need cover for Song and that is all.

  279. goonerali

    I totally agree. 1 signing would have been brilliant, and no, we don’t want to be 4th again. However, it is too early to be protesting. There is no point.

  280. Chamakh’s not a priority, a DM or another CB is.

  281. as much i would love to belive richard77 i cant and what are the chances of signing a player in 30 minutes? unlikely!

  282. why wont fellow Gunners let others be frustrated???

  283. FTAO Goonermagic:

    See it as a positive sign things are quiet surronding Arsenal. Afterall club officals are trying their best not to jeopardize and transfer. I can assure your people inside the club that matter, have been working hard.

  284. The bloke at SSN has just said that Blackburn and Wigan are the only clubs that are DONE!

  285. zzzzzz 27 mins left beer anyone?

  286. why the fuck they are only showing the spuds ugly training ground?? Is there no one near the emirates?

  287. tom i heard that too but i doubt anyone is join us i wish we sign matitud though.

  288. Richard77 i wont have any more speculation winding people up. Please mail me at to prove any truth in it. I keep information to myself so you dont need to worry about that.

  289. I’ve heard that their chief Sports reporter, Bryan Swanson, (the man that covered the Arshavin transfer) is at The Emirates

  290. mustafa is your tit called ud? lol matitud lol sorry its been a bad day just need something to cheer me up.

  291. come on! sign someone!!!

  292. richard77 – prove urself to goonblogger!! Please. If your a wum own up now. 20mins to save ur skin!

  293. richard77

    mate, if ur lying just tell us, we won’t kill you.

  294. FTAO Goonblogger:

    Look whether or not you believe me is up to yourself.
    Just be patient.

  295. This would be a miracle if we sign anyone now.

  296. What are the chances of it snowing again?

  297. It’s gotta snow for us to have any chance of signing anyone.

  298. Only Arsenal news on SSN is that Eduardo has now had confirmed a 2 match Champions League ban…

  299. Eduardo banned for 2 fucking games. Total fuckwits. Whats happened to Ashley Young eh? Fucking cunts.

  300. Can of worms. Open.

  301. @ Raz: We should email the fucking UEFA and especially the cunt of Paltini!! It is a joke what they did!!

  302. It’s all gone quiet.

  303. my tit have you gone mad lol.

    thats it no transfers again!!!!!!!!!!

  304. No transfers at all. Rubbish. 9 minutes for Matuidi.

  305. Bordeuax odds have changed from 1/7 to 1/10. Arsenal are at 6/1. West Ham are at 9/1. I wouldn’t rule out a last min Chamakh deal.

  306. richard77:
    do you have any news for us?

  307. 7 mins. Come on Arsene!

  308. hey richard77…

    any news?

  309. I don’t even think there is an appeal process. Its a joke I swear, I agree he dived, but which club hasn’t had a player of their’s dive? They suddenly dish out a ban after years of letting it go. Imagine if Ronaldo was still here, would he ever play a game? Or just be permanently suspended? I am not condoning diving, but if you are going to ban someone, make it clear at the start of the season and make it a level playing field like they did when they said anyone who made a two footed challenge would be off…

  310. I wish I attended Hogwarts & could perform legilimency dat way I’d kno d minds of pple dat seem to av been feeding us with dung, & these include u Tom, richard 77, kiing Arshavin.
    I owe u lot an apology if u’r right though.

  311. Shut up kunlewoye.

    I heard about the Ribery thing aswell, so you can stop that.

  312. No. No deal. It’s all over.

  313. @kunlewoye

    I don’t know any more than anybody else. I don’t have a ‘special contact’. Anything I post is my opinion based on my own research. Obviously don’t believe anything anybody says until it’s confirmed.

  314. richard is a basically a wum !

    what was the point?

  315. Ribery? I can’t believe that

  316. 1 minute

  317. It’s shut!!!!!!!!!!

  318. ok no deals!! We have to live with that 😦

  319. was d Arshavin deal announced b4 deadline?

  320. no don’t think so, that was sorted out days afterwards.

  321. Special measures for weather. No such luck this time round.

  322. I’m stunned. It looked certain.

  323. so why has richard gone all quite then fucking bullshiter!

  324. Yes, kunlewoye. the snow postponed the deadline.

  325. hmm well, the day went quick. Wish there were a few names thrown about to add a bit more excitement but oh well. Whats happened to Rich77?!

  326. richard77 quite clearly has no penis.

  327. What a shame, no trasnfers.

  328. SO, no signings, is the squad good enough? DISCUSS!

  329. but it’s still possible, right?

  330. we needed Matuidi more than we needed Chamakh. We could have done with them both really.

  331. not unless the paperwork is with the FA

  332. We needed DM cover for sure. That’s the most important place in the arsenal squad imo. Our attacking is decent, our defence looks quite strong, its that midfield battle which we need to conquer and i don’t expect song to play as good as he has done all season.

    We need(ed) a DM to give us flexibility and back up in that area. Shame.

  333. i wonder where that 40 million is going

  334. Patrick Vieira was in London today

  335. Andy ‘four phones’ has just said that PAtrick Vieira was in London today

  336. perhaps richie’s gone to fetch u d news. I blivd him somehow.

  337. sky sports said rob green & arsenal? & vieira was in london!!!

  338. u wanted to believe him!!!

  339. Goonblogger says:
    September 1, 2009 at 5:12 pmSO, no signings, is the squad good enough? DISCUSS!

    My thoughts on the above:

    Wenger continues to persist with the young guns. All good and well on paper, but the trophy cabinet will continue to gather dust. Make that 5 years without a trophy. I predict 3rd place at best with a cup semi final or 2 along the way again. The missing pieces of the jigsaw have not been signed YET again and I can only fear the worst. Fabregas to Barcelona next season, wouldn’t be surprised to see Van Persie and Arshavin give up on us as well. Afterall, these are world class players who want to and in my opinion deserve Championship medals/Champions League medals in their careers. Its not their fault that we haven’t got the squad to back their talents.

    All said and done though, all I can do is hope and follow the Arsenal, over land and sea and LEICESTER!!

  340. wooo big up leicester!

  341. wenger is fucking deluded

  342. I’m annoyed that we have not been able to sign anyone. Very annoyed. But we must keep the daith.

  343. I’m disappointed.

  344. not even 1 single signing today im so upset and devastated im off to bed to go drown my sorrows.

  345. Hmm what can you do? Nothing really! We got a decent squad its just depth and backups that could well prove to be the season maker or breaker.

  346. mates, has transfer window shut already? If so, why news are still coming out from skysports?

  347. takes a while for last minute deals to be come known.

  348. It shut 40 minutes ago


  350. what?

  351. lame

  352. my stupid brother in Dagenham says so bt he’s not an arsenal fan, jst takin me on a ride, sorry!

  353. sooo hurt.

  354. how do u know vieira was in London? Who said so ?

  355. SSN did

  356. wenger said that the squad that reported for pre-season training would be the squad to take us through the 2009/2010 season. with the exception of Kolo and all the loanees, he sadly wasnt lying. he still has my confidence and will hopefully bring someone like viera or matuidi on loan as that is still an option, however unlikely. what about stephen appiah? : a free agent, experienced, captain of his national side, and most importantly a DM.

  357. […] you will be able to tell by the live commentary I did throughout yesterday, it dawned pretty quickly that nothing was going on. There were people on the comments who were not […]

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