Transfer deadline day live: Matuidi and Chamakh deals possible

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So here we are again, its not that long ago I was here throughout the Andrey Arshavin saga. Well, thats what it feels like anyway.

You can get all the rumours, confirmation of signings and general deadline day talk right here on The Goon Blog.

The most likely signings are Blaise Matuidi and Marouane Chamakh and the most likely departure is one Philippe Senderos who at one point, had a sealed move to Everton.

The media will be screaming at us to strengthen after Sp*rs have delved into the transfer market yet again and sealed the signing of Kranjar a one time Arsenal target.

Vermaelen has been our only arrival but a class arrival, he has not put a step wrong so far this season. Another arrival like that wouldn’t go amiss. My preference is DM cover for Song who has the ACN in January/February.

Let the madness commence…

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00:00am: Rumours about Matuidi have re-emerged and its thought he is worth in the region of 6-8 million. We need another midfielder as cover for Song. There is nothing on Chamakh so far but Wenger returning with a take it or leave it offer to Bordeaux for him would not surprise me.


00:15am: We will see what the morning headlines and press have to offer within the next hour. Meanwhile the Eduardo row is getting stupid now. UEFA are treating him like a naughty schoolboy “There are no exceptional circumstances that would justify a plea for mercy.” Oh please. They will have the cane out or have him up on a murder charge next.

Meanwhile….the Croatian football president has gone starko.


00:45am: reports that St. Etienne must lower their valuation of Matuidi for a deal to be done. Hardly reliable though.


01:05am: Commenter going under the name of Dave Walsh has said Chamakh has been sighted in London:

friend of mine who works in a top london hotel spotted Gazidas with hopefully something will happen.

Treat that as you want. As ‘Dave’ hasn’t returned I wouldn’t take it as gospel!


01:17am: Just so you know, UEFA meet to discuss the fate of Eduardo today. The Daily Mail have stuck up a ludicrous article ‘naming and shaming’ divers in the English game. No mention of Rooney or Gerrard… Fancy that? Cretins.


Just a bit of fun…Does Chamakh look a bit like Ronaldo to you?


See the similarity or not? Leave a comment by clicking here…


02:00am: Right, i’m going to get some sleep now whilst its quiet. It may well be a very different story at 7-8am tomorrow morning!

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07:53am: I’m back and there is not much new news for us yet I am afraid. I wouldn’t fear though because the less the press pick up on the better for us price wise. Looks like Pompey are going to go barmy today though, will they go for Senderos I wonder?


08:25am: John Cross – The Mirror’s chief sports writer has heard from an agent that the international transfer window is now closed so no deals from outside of the UK can be done. Not sure that is quite correct…


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85 Responses to “Transfer deadline day live: Matuidi and Chamakh deals possible”

  1. was right with you from the arsharvin buy, here’s hopin for more explosive action throughout the day… will be coming back here for most of the day, don’t let me down dude!!

  2. Might have to have one or two breaks for sleep etc but I will be here for the most part 🙂

  3. to honest i would love us to sign these two but knowing wenger and how we signed no one last summer deadline day i think we won’t sign anyone.

    i hope we do though and please keep us up with the latest you hear!

  4. hi

    hope we get reid of senderos and get these guys

    thanks mate for keeping us up to date throughout the night

  5. No worries. I might have to have a break sometime but i managed it pretty well last time round!

    I think we will bring someone in, its very un-wenger like not to dip into the market on deadline day

  6. unless we sign another defender i hope senderos stays as he is a better cover then sylvest!

  7. Right there mustafa!

  8. I’d be over the moon if we signed Matuidi and Chamakh.

    What of the rumours about Miguel Veloso…any news on that front??

  9. I’m a fellow 606’er and a big fan of some of your articles.

    This is exactly what arsenal fans need as there hasn’t been much coverage for us on Sky Sports News…

    Thanks for doing this mate….. And i think we will sign Matuidi 😉

  10. Leon…nothing on Veloso for months i believe!

    Cheers Lukazade… I’m trying to fix out a link to SSN at the moment actually so you can watch it on the blog.

    I think Matuidi is indeed a possibility and Wenger might just eye up another Chamakh offer!

  11. where is gazidas if he is in england right now than we won’t sign anyone any news on that goon blogger

  12. Nope, but a lot of stuff can be done via agents and it doesn’t take long to get to England from France does it?

  13. i thought wenger was in for viera as well….maybe that could happen….would be a long shot i think though

  14. Great site… hmmm glad I found it, I check all webpages and google for breaking stories. Kudos to you. Both matuidi and chamakh would be great fits. Even though supporters say we dont need another striker. I beg to differ. we are missing that dynamic, pacey frontman.. we have it in the midfield but RVP is not that type of striker and bedtner is not there just yet… Matuidi is a no brainer

  15. Vieira is staying at Inter i believe!

  16. Just hope we sign someone. we need cover for song as no guarentee if he is fit for every match of the season. Matuidi would be perfect.

    I think we need chamakh desperately, will wenger dip into his pocket 18 hours left to see

  17. Where are you getting your transfer info from? What makes you think there will be any activities between now and at least 9 am tomorrow. Wenger is probably asleep right now.

  18. I plan on nipping a bit of sleep but im going to round up any stories in the morning press usually released between 12 and 1.30

  19. it would be incredible if we got those twp guys i dont care what everyone else says we need both of them they would add totally different dimensions and numbers to our side


  20. I wouldn’t be so negative, we traditionally go shopping on deadline day.

  21. friend of mine who works in a top london hotel spotted Gazidas with hopefully something will happen.

  22. What hotel? Dave.

  23. i agree goonblogger who would have thought we’d get arshavin??? wot time u goin sleep then??

  24. maybe in 40 minutes to an hour. Got to nip out for an hour and a half at 10am as well but i will be here throughout the majority!

  25. ok give me some good news then when u can

  26. Why do even need Matuidi? Song has been a rock so far and Denilson is coming into his own as well. This is a genuine question. Not sold on Chamakh either. Let’s not buy players, and If we are, lets purchase players that will make real difference in the club, like Arshavin did. We really did need somebody like him.

  27. RVP shouldn’t play as a striker he should play left wing and theo or dudu play as the lone striker both natural finishers and maybe during the match they can swap places and chamakh would be their cover (injury prone team)

  28. Gooner says:
    September 1, 2009 at 1:02 am (Edit)

    Why do even need Matuidi? Song has been a rock so far and Denilson is coming into his own as well. This is a genuine question. Not sold on Chamakh either. Let’s not buy players, and If we are, lets purchase players that will make real difference in the club, like Arshavin did. We really did need somebody like him.


    Cover for Song, he has ACN and Denilson is not the same kind of player.

  29. to be honest we don’t really need signings but maybe a fresh face or 2 will bring some encouragment to the supporters also if arshavin cesc and rvp say we need signings then they are correct also reminder that b4 the united game wenger said we will buy a defensive player so chamakh will be highely unlikey

  30. if the so called dave walsh is correct then surely the press would have said something by now

  31. Who knows gooner sems. As i said, treat it how you want…

  32. Why doesnt Dave say which hotel if its so true???Jus tryna get us to keep asking him for details all the time,its silly really.

  33. Aye Casicky got to laugh and take it with a pinch of salt really!

  34. I am about to giving up, there isn’t much that indicates of a transfer. althouth I thought there would be one or 2 signings. I think viera would have been good considering the lack of experience we have in the squad. That was noticable on Manu game. the midfielders and alumunia lacked it

  35. If I can choose one it’s Matuidi cause we have many attacker who can produce score. We are modern football striker and midfielder can rotate to score so we need to strengthen the defence.

  36. Ephrem i think we played v well against the mancs. Diaby had a good game apart from his costly mistake.

  37. Goonblogger… Ronaldo looks like Chamakh. Not the other way round… Chamakh is older.

  38. I agree we don’t need any more signings whatsoever. Especially not these irrelevant players that’s been mentioned. Matuidi and Chamakh? No thank you. The only urgent signing we need is a reliable Keeper. Either that or promote Fabianski. Alumnia can play in Carling Cup.

  39. i think we won’t get any news today maybe tom. so goonblogger will the live transfer be going on tom.?

  40. Promote Fabianski? His a bloody liability! Chelsea games anyone?

  41. gooner sems what time block are you in? GMT? BST? Asia? America?

  42. goolkeaping wise why not we have a go at atrur boruc or jasskalinen both world class almunia is not arsenal quality fabiansky looks brilliant he deseves a chance

  43. i was kidding about fabiansky lol
    i’m +2 gmt goonblogger

  44. Promote Fabianski? His a bloody liability! Chelsea games anyone?

    The more reason we need a keeper more than anything else now. Almunia had his chance now. There’s a reason why he’s Spain’s 4th best keeper.

  45. Goonersems it will go on until the deadline. Im GMT+1 i think which is BST so it ends at 5pm BST.

    All those asking for Almunia to be dropped…. I bet you wernt saying that after United away in the CL last season. Yes, hes been jittery but hes not all that bad imo.

  46. So Almunia has one bad game and everyone starts saying he is rubbish, who kept you in the tie at old trafford in the CL??? and mannone is much better than fabianski. remember chelsea??? after the man u he was no1 contender for england and every1 was praising him like mad and now he is rubbish! funny what people think. minds change in 1 sec.

    And it was the defence faul for letting rooney through. almunia had to come out no matter what.


  47. so thats 6 pm in my country ok thanks goonblogger

  48. Sayam Khan: when a keeper has a bad performance its more noticeable = more said.

    He shouldn’t have come out for rooney’s dive/pen. He was going nowhere

  49. ok so rooney dives and it is almunia’s fault problam with almunia is he doesn’t come out and claim the ball during set pieces but this season he is starting to improve on that point and fabiansky isn’t bad considering his age but we need a better no.2

  50. he would have scored like owen again wigan. and it was a dive to me. he fell before almunia touched him.

  51. agree gooner sems. an old experienced number two would be brilliant, wont happen though.

  52. Sayam Khan: The ball was going out of play

  53. who trusts our defence this season??

  54. Goonblogger as a fellow gooner do u really believe something will happen or is i a matter of wishing for a miracle in regards to any transfers coming in??

  55. what happened about the van der vaart rumours?

  56. Goonblogger thanks for these live updates gets you all excited even though we shoudnt get our hopes up too much.Hopefully 1 signing at least how confident are you?.

  57. Goonerali, i have a feeling we will buy matuidi.

    Sayam, there was nothing in them at all im afraid!

    casicky, I think something will happen yes 🙂

  58. i thought so, i was excited about viera but then turned to be rubbish, i knew vdv would never happen, matuidi & chamakh, lets wait and see

  59. I think Vieira was more wishful thinking from Gooners im afraid! got me excited!

  60. Van der Vaart would have been an awesome signing at just 6 million to.What a bargain that would of been.I read that hes staying at real madrid now probably because nobody has come in for him very suprising.

  61. Well i really wish something will happen but deep down i really feel nothing will jus think al those games Wenger used to play with the media about not sayin anything conclusive about transfers has been transferred to us coz basically we will never hear anything bout transfers aggghhh think um jus gettin a bit frustrated at this inactivity haha

  62. Matuidi is excellent. Great passer, good tackler, tenacious, doesn’t hide. Makelele was asked about him at the Emirates cup and said Matuidi’s a mixture of himself and Essien. WOuld be great signing IMO.

    Also Chamakh would be excellent as the front man in 433 allowing RVP to either sit behind the strikers or take the RW position.

    Both signings would strengthen us at not too substantial a financial cost.

  63. Casicky leave it 8-9 hours and it will wake up, believe me!

  64. Right chaps im off for a sleep, I will be back early in the morning so you know where to come! no other site is doing this so spread the word! the more gooners on here the better!

    See you in the morning guys.

  65. Lets hope this deadline day doesnt give me a heart attack like the january transfer window with arshavin lol.Its off its on its off its on it was just a rollercoaster of a ride.If we have targets in mind lets just hope we tie them up quickly and it doesnt drag on to 4.59 pm

  66. I hope so jus feel it would really push as proper contenders,I saw we third favs for the title now after Chavs and ManUre

  67. agreed lea 🙂

  68. see you tommorow gunnerblogger 🙂

  69. good night goonblogger!

  70. prof can be very funny i.e he might nt buy anybdy cuz he has 100% confidence in his boiz

  71. got too sleepy, been missin out on d fever. Matuidi & Chamakh uhm? sounds so unlike Wenger bringing 3 new players in 1 transfer window……but let’s wait & see.

  72. Chamackh is a done deal while Prof is about to conclude VDV deal. Take it or leave it, it must surely happen

  73. aloy,

    how do you know if chamackh deal is done? and what makes you think we have a chance of signing VDV today?

  74. VDV will stay at Madrd.

  75. Back guys!

  76. OK, Goonblogger. Here we go, mate! 🙂

    I’m keeping night vigil over here in the States. Be with ya as long as I can.

  77. Haha I did that last night! You think we will get anybody?

  78. Well, the usual suspects are all being mentioned as you noted earlier. Matuidi, Chamakh, Vieira, etc.

    I think VDV will stay at Real Madrid. I know…I know…he doesn’t have a squad number and whatnot, but with Robben nad the other guy having already left, I think RM will keep VDV at least until January. We have Rosicky, Nasri and Theo coming back, so the need for VDV is probably not great. He’d be nice to have, but he would be a luxury given other areas we could strengthen.

    I have been having an odd thought the last couple days that there might be a move for someone we’ve not heard about yet. Not an unknown, but someone we haven’t been linked with. Not sure why I have that feeling, but we do have cash to spend and I think Gazidis & Arsene want to make moves (despite Arsene’s public comments, which he always makes).

    I think it more likely that Matuidi arrives than Vieira. Chamakh I’ll put at 50/50. I don’t think we’ll move for Veloso unless a deal for Matuidi can’t be reached (which would require us to already be talking to St Etienne and Sporting about both of them). I would love to see Sakho come in, but that might not happen this window. Hangeland isn’t going to happen (I don’t think he leaves Fulham, TBH. He seems very happy there).

    It does appear that there’s one youngster who has a good chance at coming to Arsenal, but he won’t be a first team player any time soon. Veljko Batrovic, striker/winger from Serbia, will probably come on board.

  79. I am not really clued up on Batrovic in all honesty, be he the ‘new messi’ or not!

    I think Matuidi is most likely and that will be it, Chamakh is possible but Bordeaux seem like a stubborn lot.

    I don’t see Veloso happening but hopefully things will warm up soon!

  80. Yeah, I was just trying to speculate on the recent guys linked to us. Veloso, of course, has been linked for quite some time. I don’t really see him coming, but if things fall through with Matuidi, he might be someone we look at instead.

    The Bordeaux guys do seem a bit “we’ve drawn a line in the sand”, don’t they? I can understand wanting to maximize their return, and the market this summer supports that approach. But there’s reasonable expectation of maximizing returns and then there’s Bordeaux. haha It’s almost like it’s their first negotiation for a player and don’t understand that they either sell him now and get a reasonable return…or they lose him for free next summer (although negotiations can begin between Arsenal and Chamakh in January).

  81. I’m not sure whether the international transfer window has closed or not (i.e we can only sign players that are playing for clubs in the uk).

    Talk Sport were reporting it for all the time I was listening last night although I’m not sure how reliable that is.

    I don’t think we’re going to sign anyone.

  82. how about a story developing of how Viera has been brought right back where his name started from.with jersy 44 being confered upon him.
    sounds interesting-lets wait for to confirm this.

  83. […] Keep your comments flying in, it seems there are a lot of nocturnal gooners on the comments! Click here to join in the discussion. […]

  84. it’s a bit differnt frm d january situatn where we already had a player & negotiatns were ongoing, delayed though by Zenit’s boneheadedness. Wenger has already said d Chamakh deal’s dead in d water, something he refused to agree with d AA case. it’s almost time & nothin concrete yet. I’m sure Wenger wldnt want d fans turning on him again, perhaps a mystery signing lurks, overlookd by the scavenging media.

  85. Where you hear this Josh?



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