Bank holiday round-up: Wenger misunderstood & Eduardo the scapegoat

In Arsenal FC on August 31, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Oh the joy of the British press.

“I like that [focus on the diving problem], I believe that is a quality in this country. In some countries it is a quality to dive. I’m still more proud to be part of England where they fight against it.

“But there are other points that are for me more urgent. There are players who play only to make fouls who are never punished and they get a result out of the game. That for me is more anti-football than a player like Eduardo who did what Eduardo did.”

Que headlines declaring that Wenger has said United employed anti-football against us.

You have got to laugh sometimes, he is just criticising deliberate, cynical fouling. It is part and parcel of the game but when it goes over the top it can be very unpleasant indeed. In Denilson we have a player who is good at this deliberate fouling lark to break up the play so we are not totally innocent in all this but all Wenger is trying to say is that tactics like that, going overboard, are a bigger problem than diving.

Speaking of diving….Ashley Young midweek? Silence. That Celtic player sent off for diving yesterday?

I saw this fantastic piece on Untold Arsenal that suggests the stink kicked up by the media on the Eduardo situation was partly due to covering up and taking the focus away from the West Ham fans violence and pitch invasions on Tuesday night in their Carling Cup game with Millwall. It kind of makes sense don’t you think? Deflecting the focus off an unsavory incident with the Olympics coming up in a few years and a World Cup bid in the pipeline. It is slightly worrying that the situation with Eduardo has had more said about it than the disgusting, stupid, idiotic, moronic twats that marred a cup game last week.

Leaving all that behind now and the transfer deadline is looming ever closer, I’ve not really been talking about it much, thats partly due to the lack of stories around I suppose. Thinking back to the January deadline day, it still doesn’t feel too long ago. I think we will buy someone and we might see a loanee or two dispatched across the country for a couple of months to gather experience in the lower leagues. Mark Randall still may leave on loan, Jay Emmanuel-Thomas has gone on loan, as has Jay Simpson. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nacer Barazite go out on loan today or tomorrow.

I don’t think our need for new players is as strong as it was as its clear this squad can challenge, but could we do with a bit of cover in key areas..? Yes, in my opinion. There is also the situation with Phillipe Senderos who could still leave.

We are due a few summer deadline day deals. I think we will get them. It will start hotting up by this evening I should think. Will Wenger dip in the market for midfield cover? Will he go back with a take it or leave it offer for Chamakh?

The release of this article on Arsenal.con is quite timely…don’t you think?

I will be back from midnight with the live transfer deadline day ticker so make sure you are back for that. I have a feeling something is going to happen.

Let the madness commence…


3 Responses to “Bank holiday round-up: Wenger misunderstood & Eduardo the scapegoat”

  1. God Bless Saint Eduardo!!!

  2. “The Saint” new Gooner nickname for Eduardo

  3. Excellnt read, that on Untold Arsenal.
    What if it had been d other way ’round? Eduardo breaking Martin Taylor’s leg? – his head wld av been chopped off. which world are we livin in? A dive attracting more attention that intentionally mindless leg breaking. It’s mental.

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