Wenger not to be punished for sending off – United fall-out

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Morning all,

well yesterday was interesting, through pure stupidity we managed to lose a game we were winning comfortably. We conceded a penalty that wasn’t, but Almunia seemed to want to do everything to convince the ref it was a penalty by flying off his line to the feet of the already falling Wayne Rooney and Diaby seemed to get confused as to what end he was supposed to be playing towards.

United 2-1 Arsenal

We bossed the game in the first half and Arshavin opened the scoring just after being felled in the area by Darren Fletcher, a clear penalty to everyone but Mike Dean. The move still resulted in a goal though, Arshavin was given the ball 30 years out and hit one of his howitzers into the top corner. Spectacular and a goal totally befitting of the little man’s genius.

Just a minute into the first half van Persie was denied a goal from a brilliant Ben Foster save, it was regarded by many as the turning point.

Then Rooney was slipped into the Arsenal box, he was going nowhere but Almunia came charging out like a bull. There was minimal contact but Rooney got what he was looking for. I think it was no different from the Eduardo dive midweek, the only difference was the stupidity of the keeper.

Minutes later we were behind, Giggs crossed in a mediocre cross and Diaby, somehow, managed to flick it into his own net. I think he was caught in two minds, clear over the top of the crossbar or heading it back to the shaky Almunia. The damage was done.

We had a goal ruled rightly offside and Wenger’s frustration boiled over and he booted an empty drinks bottle and was ludicrously sent to the stands for the final five seconds. The officiating throughout was a total and utter joke, I understand Wenger WON’T be punished for kicking the bottle according to the chief of referees and a public apology will be made. I just hope the referee that was once suspended for links with a betting company will be banned for good.

Now onto the abuse Wenger gets at Old Trafford every single year, surprisingly he doesn’t hear it at our biggest rivals, Sp*rs, or Chelsea, its only ever heard at Old Trafford. It just sums up the disgraceful supporters they have, the chanting could so easily be punished but its always swept under the carpet. The United fans hit the roof whenever something slightly risqué is chanted about them but they have no qualms in calling a man a pedophile just because of his appearance. Its down right disgraceful. Its not on par with racist chanting but its not far away. We are lucky that he is such a graceful man in situations like that and doesn’t lose his cool.

There will be more on the performance over the next few days on the blog as its a result we have time to dwell over, another stupid International break gives us that unwanted luxury.

Personally, I need more time to reflect on the game, I think we played very well throughout in stark contrast to the performances of last season but the lack of cutting edge after the second goal went in was slightly worrying but on another day it could be said van Persie’s free-kick might have flew in instead of hitting the bar and Gallas’s offside was very close and might have been missed by the officials.

I would like to hear your thoughts on the incidents yesterday, what do you think of the ‘sit down you pedophile’ chants, or the penalty decisions and officiating in general? Leave a comment below if you want a rant.

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Expect the public apology from the FA to be announced today.

More tomorrow.


9 Responses to “Wenger not to be punished for sending off – United fall-out”

  1. We got cheated! let me prove it to you.

    1.Penalty disallowed – Fletcher should be sent off or yellow card.
    2.Fletcher should be sent off from the amount of fouls(Or at least another yellow)
    3.Disallowed goal( If you check the reply and you will see Gallas never touch the ball and Evra did!
    4.Shit Ref

    But after the match we should be happy as with the way we played as this team got hope of winning something this season

  2. We were obviously the better team and that Man Utd are the luckier ones – We love you burnley, we do. We love you burnley, we do. This is for Burnley defeating Man Utd last week. I have to say that, Arsene has all the right to kick whichever bottle deemed necessary. It was better off if it had hit Mike Dean’s face. The fourth official in general, is lousy in managing the situation. The Man Utd Cunt Supporter’s Club can kiss Arsene’s ass, cos for all we know, we WON THE LEAGUE AT OLD TRAFFORD!! Remember the Wiltord’s goal?! Magnificent. Honestly, i’d rather be a paedophile than being an old cock hunter. Cunts.

  3. We were the better team and they know it! It is impossible to win a game at Old Toilet when the ref’s already decided who is going to win.
    But still we have to keep our heads up high for the team – we deserved a victory yesterday and that’s what we should keep in our minds for the time to come. We have a team that can go all the way this season.

  4. a United bloke was telling me yesterday how situatns lyk dat @ OT yestrday make the game “damn entertaining”, as he put it. It’s entertainin as long as referees hand it to them on a platter!
    Man Utd VS Sp*ds @ OT some seasons back, Pedro Mendes’ goal from centre circle- anyone?

    We av to be a bit cautious of d fact that it’s too early in d season to start pickin on the confidence of our players, Diaby & Almunia in particular. It was against Man Utd & tbh, Diaby’s improved. he used to be nothin short of calamitous.
    Song and Vermaelen played spctacularly fine.

  5. Disgraceful indeed, but then, thats all Manure fans are capable of doing. You gotta understand their intellectual level. Nice post. Quoted you, hope you don’t mind.

  6. No worries mate, fine by me.

  7. no news on transfers at all?

  8. Not at the moment, tune in for the live transfer updates from 12 midnight BST or 1am GMT

  9. Only right that Wenger’s not punished any further. What a ridiculous decision, but as a neutral I’m delighted it happened as it gave us one of the Premiership’s most iconic images!

    Check out my take on the whole charade at!

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