See Wayne Rooney's clear dive in todays match

In Arsenal FC, Premier League 2009/10 on August 29, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

So after all the fuss about Eduardo these past few days, will there be the same outcry about Wayne Rooney’s tumble in a much more important game and by a widely coined honest English player?

The only difference from Wednesday night is that Almunia didn’t keep his arms close to his body like Boruc did.

Or maybe this one?

What about the shameful sending off of Wenger 5 seconds before the end of the game? What about the vile chants aimed at Wenger by the twats in the United contingent?

What about Arshavin getting clattered by Fletcher in the United area? A clear penalty if ever there was one. Add handball to that list too…

Come on then UEFA, lets see this new law put to good use…


20 Responses to “See Wayne Rooney's clear dive in todays match”

  1. I have never been upset by FuK;ng Mike Dean like I am today. Lets see how the dognut english press will review this incident. A clear dive. St;pd Mike Dean won United three points. He is simply incompetent. I hope he will get his dues.

  2. Just look at Rooney’s left leg, he drags it along the ground – he does not plant it… he was falling before almunia was near him.

  3. He plays for England and therfore nothing will happen to him. The FA will look the other way and the media won’t care. On top of the chant they were singing to Arsene today and the own goal, the result is very frustrating. 10 day’s off now, hopefully we can come back for another round of games.

  4. so almunia wasnt wrong for coming out diving with his arms near rooneys leg…even though the ball was heading yards away from goal? how about you look towards your keeper? If arshavin thought fletchers tackle wasnt clean he would have remonstrated

  5. martin tyler:

    Arshavin doesn’t remonstrate with officials though. It was a clear penalty.

  6. tbh, I dnt think it was a clear dive but there was virtually NO WAY that wld b a chance for Rooney & d challenge on Arshavin was clearer for the tortoise-head Mike Dean to see. Referees shldnt get away with bad decisions, 10 lashes of pankere(cane) wld do. too many sneaky little penalties av been awarded Man utd in past meetings courtesy of Arsenal players.
    God I’m soo pissed!

  7. Although i feel bruised over this and the midweek game i think it must be said, we were a much better side than united until controversies scarred the match. Today’s game was a game which united should not have won if the world was a fair and equal place. Will relish it when they come to the emirates. Justice must and will, hopefully, be done.

  8. hey Martin Tyler, I’m not one to tell u Almunia didnt touch Rooney coz he did, bt wld u also av me bliv dat players shld remonstrate for refs to decide if a challenge is deemed penalty or not?- dat’s suspect.

  9. r u supersport’s martin tyler(commentator)?- I always knew u love Man Utd.

  10. I have to agree with the ref to some extent on the Rooney incident. At full speed and with only one look at that, it was very close and there was contact. I thought it was a foul at first look as well. I’ve watched it several times now and it’s pretty clear he was going down anyway, and I’d hope refs have that in their head in the future when watching Rooney. I think he was justified in awarding a PK there. If he’s going to award a PK for that, however, he really needed to book Fletcher and award a PK to Arsenal for his take out in the box.

  11. i have to agree with the tackle on arshavin, should have been a penalty.

    but rooney’s was a definite penalty

  12. History repeats itself doesn’t it! He was at it 5 years ago. But Rooney will never get negative coverage. It is because he is English football, personified. Everything ugly about the english game. He did nothing in the first 45 minutes, without the service he like any other striker, relies on. When given the opportunity to score, he took the ball away from goal to win a penalty. And then later he tried to hack Diaby’s legs when he clearly knew he wouldn’t get the ball. It was stupid to say the least.

  13. just wrote this on a utd fan’s blog. Normally I don’t do this but I felt I should educate the man. You only have to educate one to do your bit as the saying goes :P.
    Here is the website, I don’t know whether the comment is accepted.

    If you don’t go on the website fair enough, but it does help to put my comment into perspective. The post is titled “Arsenal fail first test”. Says it all I guess. Anyway this is what I said to him.


    United’s first game was against Birmingham, a promoted side. You won just. If Benitez scored it was a draw.

    Utd’s second game was against Burnley. Another promoted side whom Chelsea dispatched. Utd lost.

    Utd’s third game was against Wigan, who crumbled in 45 minutes against Blackpool, a championship side.

    Utd’s fourth game was against Arsenal, Utd’s first real test. Utd didn’t even have a shot on target in the first 45 minutes. Rooney dived and Diaby got an own goal. Classy win. Outplayed the opposition, clearly.

    Oh and if you watched the Everton-Arsenal game, you would have noticed Lescott wasn’t to blame alone, it was Everton as a whole. If you watched both Celtic games you would have noticed that Celtic hardely troubled our goal, therefore by default had no intention of the winning the game. And if you watched the Pompey game highlights you would have noticed that the goals we scored were of the highest quality, just like Arshavin’s super quick shot that Foster couldn’t react to in time.

    Didn’t Utd “outplay” Arsenal at the Emirates last year in the league last year and still win the title? Exactly. Your lot may have won the battle, but you won’t win the war. The title is most definitely not going to OT this year. It would be a real tragedy, a damning indictment of the English league if such mediocrity is seen at the top.

  14. Well said and whats more: Utterly TRUE.

  15. is there any punishment for this type of referee who looks bias or who always makes wrong decision? such as ban him etc..?

  16. I knew it right from time that, english press are racist, big time lairs, can some dody tells me, is there no english press that support arsenal at all? this is grazy, if they hate foreigners so much, they shoudn’t forget that this guys are paying taxes to their government and for them also.

    Last year, when Steve Gerald dived and got a penalty nobody heard or seen it in their newspaper the second day, now,Rooney yesterday, what about that, because is an english man, what a shame on english press.

  17. Rooney dived before he was touched just like Eduardo. But the bigger issue is the fact that Rooney had No Way of retaining possesion even if he didn’t go down. He touched the ball out of bounds before his dive. Its apparent from an outsiders view that the ref in this match had his mind made up from the start that Arsenal as an entire team were divers. The yellow on RvP and the non call on Arshavin were pathetic. Arshavin at half speed was the best player on the pitch. I’m a little suprised Diaby hasn’t been destroyed on these blogs. How many times do we look the other way for this guy anyway?! He Is Not A Suitable Cesc Replacement Period

  18. Rooney was chasing the ball to win a penalty… Its as simple as that..!!!
    And the stupid Almunia could’nt make up his mind about how to react and fell into Rooneys trap…

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