One departure from the Emirates, one return, three new arrivals and one boringgggg day

In Arsenal FC on August 21, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor


Tough times for the papers...they can't think of anything bad to say


Happy Friday all,

some of you may be gradually recovering from your hangovers after finding if you have been a raging success in your exams or a stunning failure. Either way I recommend a few paracetamol and a lot more beer.

The media have gone devilishly quiet in the past few days and I’m with Arseblogger when he makes the point that it seems they are weighing up whether to actually give us some praise after a very good two opening games. Go on Murdoch, my old mate and Tottenham supporter, give us a good word.

There has been one departure from the club, that of youngster Henri Lansbury who has gone off to Watford on loan for a few months. Hes a very good young prospect who is not as talked about as the likes of Wilshere and Emmanuel-Thomas (who has also gone off on loan to Blackpool). There have been a couple of reasons for this, namely a bout of Glandular Fever and a couple of injuries in the past few years. He had a fantastic season last time out, he went on loan to Scunthorpe and scored some goals, in all, he impressed greatly. Good luck to him, its great experience for a young lad in the Championship.

Speaking of returns, Eduardo returns from a little injury scare in mid-week which meant he pulled out of the Celtic game at the last minute. It was a very wise decision by him because there is still the threat of niggling injuries as his body is still adapting back to the rigors of regular football. He has still not started two games within the space of a week since his injury. He is free to play tomorrow though so thats great news.

Bendtner has not signed a new contract yet, he is still in discussions with the club.

Arsenal have also announced three new arrivals in the upper echelons of the club setup:

Vastly experienced professionals in their respective disciplines, Tom Fox (Chief Commercial Officer), Svenja Geissmar (General Counsel) and Trevor Saving (Head of People and Operations) will all be joining Arsenal’s Senior Management Team by the end of September.

It seems someone has a sense of humour…Trevor Saving.

If my name was Buster Bargain I’d have applied…how could they turn that down?

Thats it today, there is precious little else floating around because Rupert Murdoch has not yet decided if he wants to print nice stuff about us.

More tomorrow.


2 Responses to “One departure from the Emirates, one return, three new arrivals and one boringgggg day”

  1. Talking of exams and result… I just got 5 A’s in A Levels =D

  2. Seasonale…

    “ITS ALL GONE QUIET OVER THEREEEEEEEEEE…Tough times for the papers…they can& […]…

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