Celtic 0-2 Arsenal: The bhoys are now men

In Arsenal FC, Champions League 2009/10 on August 19, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

If the old myth rang true that Arsenal could be harried, bullied, kicked and picked on like little kids in the playground, they proved last night it was a load of old codswallop.


It was not a vintage performance by any stretch of the imagination, well, from what I could gather through a stream that felt like I was watching through frosted glass. The goals we scored will be billed as lucky, and to a certain extent they were, but we pressured Celtic into the mistake for the second goal and the opener was very much a case of you don’t shoot, you don’t score.

After all, Frank Lampard never gets called lucky for his 20 goals a season that consist of 14 deflected shots, 4 penalties and 2 screamers.

Rarely will you see a game in Europe when the home side has so few efforts on goal, it was testament to the sheer class in our central defensive partnership of Gallas and Vermaelen and how often can you say that about Arsenal? Vermaelen is a beast of a defender, he puts his body on the line and his reading of the game is superb. I think we have a gem of a player here.

To put this result into context, Celtic have not lost at home to English opposition in over 20 years. That is some feat. It takes the pressure off the return game next week and gives Wenger a chance to play a few fringe players, then again he might use it as more match practice for our new formation.

One thing that strikes me about the team at the moment is the togetherness that was missing last season, Amy Lawrence wrote about an African clique that had developed in the dressing room with Adebayor, Toure and Song being apart from the rest of the squad, Wenger has rectified that. The way the squad celebrate together shows the commitment they all have, it just goes to show how two players that are not 100% committed can throw a spanner in the works. The team has progressed this summer, the squad is not a young one anymore, it was clear last night that they are now men.

The squad have matured immeasurably, its a bit like seeing your cousin at 13 and not seeing them for another ten years, suddenly there an adult. Denilson has bulked up, as with Diaby who has actually grown some hair, and I wouldn’t want anyone bar Song in European football in that defensive midfield role at the moment.

I used to call him Sideshow Song because of his Sideshow Bob-esque hair:

After a cheeky pint or ten you might see the similarities… Its great to see some of Wenger’s faith getting vindicated but we can’t get carried away. Its been two very promising performances out of two so far. Arsenal have always had the class to pull off great wins against any side, its the consistency that has been the problem.

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I will leave it at that for today. Take it easy.

’till tomorrow.

10 Responses to “Celtic 0-2 Arsenal: The bhoys are now men”

  1. Song was immense last night. Man of the Match for me. If his power lies in his Sideshow Bob hairstyle, I hope he doesn’t find a Delilah.

  2. He has a new one now….thank fuck!

  3. d fuckin critics r waitin on d sidelines for slip-ups bt dat’ll be hard frm a bunch dat jst wants to do well & prove dem wrong. they did well on d physical side last nite, I was really impressd & Celtic did well, too.
    d first goal reminds me of one player & u already mentiond in d blog- Frank Lampard.
    a good august might jst mean a good season coz of d nxt 2 away games.

    havin a lil’ problm with d Fantasy football thing though.

  4. Whats that Kunle?

  5. clickin on d link bt not really understanding d concepts. I know it shld b abt creating my team & stuff but that’s abt it. jst think it’d be interesting.

  6. players get points….mid+forwards get points for goals and assists

    defenders get points for clean sheets.

    thats all there is too it really, you have to assemble a team for under 100 million

  7. Hahaha well it’s more like a shorter version of Sideshow Bob’s hairstyle – still pretty terrible. Sagna wins the Best Arsenal Hairstyle award though.

    Kunlewoye, your English is truely mindblowing ❤

  8. I had a hunch Goonblogger, jst goin abt it is d problm.
    @ Samflu: how do u mean Samflu?- like bad?

  9. Samflu, if that comment was sarcastic i suggest you don’t speak in that manner to regular commenter’s!

  10. I dnt think it was meant to be Goonblogger, perhaps Samflu shld elucidate.

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