Senderos off – Barca will not be getting Cesc Fabregas, this season or next

In Arsenal FC on August 17, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Fairly quick post today as it’s a pretty quiet day, strange as the transfer deals should be hotting up as we get closer and closer to the deadline. You will be able to catch live commentary on any Arsenal deals on the deadline day right here on The Goon Blog, I’m pretty sure it will be an eventful day, we are due a few deadline deals.

Anyway, onto matters all Cesc Fabregas. Over the weekend we had two main rumours regarding our captain. One was that he was going to be unveiled by AC Milan today, I think that must be the laziest piece of journalism and making stuff up-ism (which is a common medical condition among British tabloid journalists) of all time.

The other rumour is that Barca have given up on getting Cesc this season and so he will move to them next summer. I am pretty sure that this has happened every season since he was 18. He is tied to the club until about 2013, he is captain and is wholly committed to leading this club to silverwear, the stories will not go away and have become a fixture of our summer, its an annual event now.
Cesc ain’t gonna leave this summer, we have known that all season with his repeated statements of Arsenal commitment whenever rumours appear, I don’t foresee him leaving next summer either, especially if we win something this season.

I am convinced that we will get some sort of silverwear this season – even if its only the Carling Cup – it will give the squad the know how of winning things, this has been proven with Chelsea’s and United. Their trophy runs has always started with the Carling Cup.

The media will never give up on the hope that they can chase our captain out of this country, which is rather stupid. They have already done it with Ronaldo, a total twat, but quite some player.

Onto other matters, Wenger’s comments after the game were very, very, encouraging. He made a point of saying that that was still not a perfect performance by his team and that we still needed to improve in some areas. The team will by flying high and he will want to keep them grounded:

“Well it was a good team performance. I feel overall there is still room for improvement, not on the scoreline but in what we did today. But overall I am very happy with the team attitude basically, and we look like we have matured. And it’s a good basis to continue to improve and to work on what we want to do.”

Last season we had the performances, such as the win over United at home and Chelsea away, but what we lacked is consistency. If we get get a nice run going through this tricky month we will be in fantastic shape to push on and launch a sustained challenge for the title. I still think we need to strengthen in some areas but I will leave that for another day.

Just a quick word on Phil Senderos…. His exclusion at the weekend was proof that he is off in my book. Maybe it was part of any deal that he didn’t face the club he is 99% likely to lose too?

Right, that’s about it. Team news regarding the Celtic game should come around at some point today, hopefully everyone is fine.

– There are a few issues so apologies if you have not been able to access the blog.

A match preview, and more, tomorrow. ‘til then.

(this was written this morning so apologies for any info that is out of date)

2 Responses to “Senderos off – Barca will not be getting Cesc Fabregas, this season or next”

  1. Yes, how nice of Pep Guardiola and the rest of the Barca establishment to decide not to buy Cesc this summer. We’re all so relieved that they’ll hold off til next year.

    What a freaking load of horse poop!

    The fact remains – CESC WAS NEVER FOR SALE! And he won’t be for sale next summer either.

    End of.

  2. cesc wont leave arsenal anytime soon, not until barca want a replacement for xabi …….

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