Everton 1-6 Arsenal: Take that, doubters – Variety just as good as performance

In Arsenal FC on August 16, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Alright you lot? That was an ok performance wasn’t it?

I think the first thing to say is: STICK THAT UP YOUR HOLES SKY SPORTS!!!!

It was a terrific performance away from home against a side that was tipped to challenge the top four according to some sections of the media, what was really good to see was the variety of the goals. Two from set pieces, one from long range, two from counter attacks and a typical poachers goal from Eduardo. Not something we have always seen from this side.

The counter attacks were something to behold, a flashback to the side that consisted of Henry, Ljungberg, Vieira,  Pires, et al. Now,I am not comparing this side to that but some of the forward breaks were reminiscent, the speed and the end result.

The first goal was outstanding, Bendtner did brilliantly out on the right, got the ball to Fabregas who slipped Denilson a ball which was just asking to be hit, and boy did he hit it. A stunner into the top corner. He had a brilliant game in what seemed a more advanced role than last season, in the first half he was more advanced than Cesc and called Everton no end of problems. If he keeps that up Nasri and Rosicky are going to struggle to get back into this side when they return.

The second and third were almost identical, the ball was swung in from a set piece, first by van Persie and secondly by Cesc Fabregas, and it was met at the far post by Vermaelen and Gallas respectively. Both have good scoring records for defenders and that can’t be a bad thing.

The third and fourth marked a welcome return to goalscoring form for Cesc, they were goals of great beauty. The first came when we broke with lightening speed, van Persie played in Fabregas who finished between the keepers legs. 4-0. Happy days. The fourth was as brilliant offensively as bad was it was defensively. Fabregas picked up the ball on the edge of his area and ran the whole length of the pitch and finished brilliantly into the bottom corner from the edge of the box. He dedicated his goal to deceased footballer Dani Jarque which was a very nice touch.

Eduardo made it 6-0 in his first Premier League appearance since he broke his leg over a year and a half ago, Arshavin dinked the ball over the keeper and it came back off the post, if you had a million quid to put on what player would be there to pick up the rebound, it would be Eduardo. As he said in the promo – he is back.

It was a superb start to a tricky month for us, we really have to assert our authority at the start of this season and this result will be listened too. Big Verm was a welcome change in the defence, he organises and loves a header, his reading of the game seems really really good as well.

The result will have all the lads on a high and we will take it into the Celtic game on Tuesday night, Portsmouth on Saturday and United the Saturday after.

Its a big month but we have shown how good we are. More tomorrow.


7 Responses to “Everton 1-6 Arsenal: Take that, doubters – Variety just as good as performance”

  1. stupidest reports- AW’s put in a bid for Hangeland arnd 12mill.
    AC Milan to unveil Cesc tomorrw for 31 mill.
    they remain to be seen.
    Yestrday we had a terrific performnce.

  2. Cesc aint going nowhere mate.

    We won’t get hangeland. im 99.9% sure

  3. also apparently a 6mill bid for van der vaart!

    Still cant believe yesterday 😀

  4. We wont get hangeland. I’m 100% sure. Arsene wil sell senderos for 8mil n cant buy anoda defenda 4 more dan 7 mil. He wants d future of arsenal 2 b verm + djourou.

  5. We don’t need van der Vaart…isnt he on a free anyway?!

  6. Chamakh’s been banging in d goals, scored 2 again dis weekend.

  7. If we get a season full of performances from Song like he gave yesterday, I’ll be absolutely THRILLED. As you mentioned, Goonblogger, Cesc seemed to play a bit deeper in the first half and moved a bit forward in the second. But I honestly feel that was down to the comfort level with how Song and Denilson were playing around him. If we can go through matches making those adjustments…playing as the game dictates and having all three players capable of flexibility, we’ll be well served in the middle of the pitch. Of course, it’s only one game, but I like the improvement in Song’s game from the latter part of last season (over the early part of last season), which appears to have continued through the summer. It’s an encouraging sign.

    As has been mentioned in any number of blogs and Arsenal comments sections thus far…but is notably missing from regular media commentary (as expected)…was how we forced our will on Everton. The regular media all say “Everton played like shit”. What they don’t say, but should, is that Arsenal FORCED them to play that poorly with our control, movement, purpose and intelligence. Everyone was relaxed on the ball…what a pleasant match from NB52 in his control and work rate!…everyone was responsible in their assignments and the cohesion was excellent. The lads seemed very relaxed and were really playing FOR each other.

    Now, having said all that, we must follow the lead of Cesc at the moment and not get ahead of ourselves with praise or predictions of silverware. It’s one game. A brilliant start to the season. But the lads have to put the boots on again today and in the days ahead and continue to work and build on this opening result. The opportunity is there. It’s all available to us…FA Cup, Carling Cup (although we treat that as a youth tournament), Premiership and Champions League (provided we do the business against a pesky Celtic side). But it’s got to be “one match at a time” for the next 9 months. If we can manage to keep our noses to the grindstone, work through the rough patches (there will be some) and injuries (there will definitely be some)…then it’s all there for the taking.

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