If the players weren't already motivated enough…

In Arsenal FC on August 14, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

They will be now…. pin this up in the dressing room tomorrow, Arsene.

It has also given me another reason to insult Murdoch. Happy days!

5 Responses to “If the players weren't already motivated enough…”

  1. Iv just seen – i cannot believe that. Leaving out arsenal altogether – maybe some1 thought it had to happen so they get symettry of the colours on that there poster.. what an idiot.

    They have done that at their peril.

  2. They have indeed. It should be pinned up in the dressing room.

  3. I had always suspected it, but I now can say with all the certainity in the world that editorial board at the SkySports is nothing but a big bunch of senseless morons. OK, we all know that Man-City have spent truckloads of money whereas Arsenal have comparatively spent nothing, yet it is beyond belief that the Sky has decided to write off Arsenal when the season hasn’t even started! The teams are not judged simply on the basis of their spending power; there are millions of other benchmarks that seperate great teams from the herd, right? What has Man-City achieved so far other than buying a few big names? How many trophies have they won as compared to Arsenal? On whose side is the history?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that cheap/greedy Murdoch and Co had also benefitted from Man-City owners’ charity.

  4. This is not the only place that has left us out。Cesc will soon appear in Pigface’s place!!

  5. I agree with you. I think the pic should be put up on the wal of the dressing room. It should be a reminder of what is ahead to the players.

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