Arsenal star Fabregas set for shock Barca reunion

In Arsenal FC on August 13, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Barca swoop for star but sources doubt his taste..

According to sources close to Arsenal Football Club, Spanish champions Barcelona have offered 45 million for captain Cesc Fabregas. Arsenal have accepted the offer and have given permission for their captain to negotiate personal terms with the club that Arsenal pinched him off at sixteen years of age.

The only sticking point of the deal is the type of sauce that is on offer from Barcelona, it is well known that Cesc Fabregas prefers HP Brown sauce whilst Barcelona are reluctant to change from their traditional offer of Heinz Tomato Ketchup and a bag of sugar for a week of playing services.

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As you can probably tell that is all total bollocks, but it just goes to show that anyone can write this crap the great British press can come up with.

So, as the players jetted off around the world for their pre-season international injuryfest last night I said:

the players have flown out all across the globe to play for their countries in pointless internationals where no doubt at least three of them will return injured.

Right now we have Johan Djourou with a knee injury, Theo Walcott with a side strain and there are doubts over Niklas Bendtner too I understand. Well it is all over and done with now so we can look forward to the big kick off on Saturday evening and it looks certain that nobody else will be arriving before the game against Everton.

Cesc Fabregas has said that when he first knew of Wenger’s interest of him he was worried he didn’t like him due to the amounts of times he had sent people to watch him. He said at Members Day:

“The Spanish scout told me after Arsenal signed me that they had come to see me 44 times, I thought ’44 times? They aren’t very sure about me!’”

Just goes to show how much thought Arsene puts into his players, there is a whole lot of Arsenal scouts jetting off round the world every week to watch unknown players in all corners of the globe.

The interlull (™ arseblog), has been in full force this week, there has been precious little to write about. Its been a bit like this:

As soon as the season kicks off there should be a deluge of stuff to write about every day and from next Monday the morning blog should return. We will be approaching deadline and with nineteen days of bartering to go, silly season should get properly stupid.

You may have noticed a few changes over on your right hand side, gone has the player of the season and it has been replaced with some Arsenal news feeds, the most reliable of them being the Guardian in my opinion. Its been put there so you can find as much information as possible on this website so you have the daily blog and the latest Arsenal news. The new ‘awards’ page at the top is basically going to include every single player of the season during the blogs existence. As I have only been around for one year so far there is only one player of the season. That makes sense im sure.

Hangeland is not coming to Arsenal….. We knew that already, didn’t we?

ermmm I think thats it for today, a rather higgledy piggledy blog.

Back tomorrow with TGB’s squad analysis. Til then.

8 Responses to “Arsenal star Fabregas set for shock Barca reunion”

  1. The thing that gets me in a huff regarding the Cesc rumors is that the press simply eliminates Arsenal from the conversation…as if it only matters whether or not Barca make a bid or force him to ask for a transfer (which I think would REALLY cause Cesc to have second thoughts about moving, if he’s actually considering it), but there’s NOTHING mentioned about whether or not Arsenal would actually sell him regardless of the size of the bid (and no, I am NOT buying that we’ve accepted any such bid no matter how many times Kastrinakis at The Sun says so!). It’s a total dismissal of Arsenal by the press and I find it rude, arrogant and disrespectful.

    Peter Hill-Wood made it abundantly clear when those ridiculous rumors came out about AC Milan swooping for Cesc that Cesc is NOT AVAILABLE at any price. Following that public statement, Arsene himself said basically “I would not have approved any such move”. Now, a move back to Barca might have Arsene thinking differently because of Cesc’s historical and familial connection, but I don’t think Arsene will let Cesc go this summer, especially this close to the beginning of the season and with us having such a scrunched up schedule between Prem matches and CL qualifiers.

    Barca’s senior management have put Cesc in a VERY untenable situation, where he’s the unwitting pawn in a major league power struggle. Cesc has nothing to do with it, but Barca themselves have made Cesc the central issue, which is wholly unfair to the lad. What happens if we finish a close second in the League, go to the finals of the FA Cup and CL this season…leaving us without a trophy, but surely a season that Cesc would look on as promising enough to build on for another year or two at the Emirates. He’s contracted til 2014 anyway, and those bozos at Barca have staked the entire franchise and careers on getting him back to Spain immediately. What if Cesc decides it’s just not the right time for him to come back yet, and the senior management at Barca are left with their a$$es hanging out over the whole affair? It’s shameful that Barca are forcing Cesc to be in this position, IMO.

  2. Barcelona and Spanish club presidents as a whole are total and utter cunts in my view.

  3. how many times must Cesc come out & assure fans of his loyalty to the Arsenal cause?(@ least for now). It’s gettin really annoyin, d Cesc story. Ade was goin on abt this afta he left bt I dnt think it’s Cesc’s fault anyways. They’r makin it super public, cant they be reportd to FIFA or something? or perhaps Arsenal r mulling it over coz it seems we’re only interestd in the money(which seems like trophies to d Arsenal board) nowadays.
    On another note, it jst tells u how well AW does his homework b4 actually signing a player so next time any1 sees a YouTube video of any potential signing, think again b4 coming up with 6,509,856 names of players Arsenal could use bcos AW’s scouts will av watched them live 44 times! lol.

  4. Writing blatantly false attention grabbing headlines is a tasteless and unethical way of getting more hits. You presented it as a joke, but its not funny at all. My heart sinked when I read the first para, and the despair was filled with abhorrence for your stupid article and website!

  5. @ Sam –

    Perhaps it would help if you read the entire article BEFORE you have such a reaction. It was a joke, and clearly you didn’t get it from the outset. That’s on you, not Goonblogger.

    Goonblogger was parodying certain Brit tabloids like The Sun, The Star, News Of The World, Daily Mail, etc. If you’ve read any Arsenal headlines on those sites, you wouldn’t be so dismissive of Goonblogger’s attempt at humor. While the aforementioned sites ARE stupid and worthy of abhorrence, this site and Goonblogger most certainly are not.

  6. Cheers SKA and im sorry if I disappointed you Sam. It was just meant as a little joke, thats all.

  7. I have been very annoyed about Fabregas’s connection to Barcelona.I never believe the swoop on fabre’s move to the spanish club.Because he has affirmed his loyality to the club.What ever the Tabloids write million times about his transfer,we trust on him that he stays in his beloved club .he will shine this year!

  8. To give everyone a bit of respite from the Cesc rumors, his father has just publicly declared that Cesc is “super committed” to Arsenal and does not expect Cesc to leave anytime soon. If you wish to view the article, check out (it’s the latest feature on the site).

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