Theo Walcott is a doubt for England tonight – Djourou returns – Bendtner 52 – Chamakh deal off?

In Arsenal FC on August 12, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Afternoon you lot,

last night I heard that Theo Walcott is a doubt for the England game tonight, I heard this off a correspondent close to the England team and works for Radio Five Live. In the case he is going to miss the game, it will make him a doubt for the game against Everton this weekend, making him our FIFTH injury, and thats before a ball has even been kicked in anger.

FABIANSKI, NASRI, ROSICKY, DJOUROU…. Lets just hope that Vermaelen is fit.

Djourou has the dubious honour of the first player to return back to our club with injury. The Swiss FA, to their credit, decided it wasn’t fair to play our player and break him so sent him back to us. He is struggling with a knee injury and you just get the feeling that it is going to be quite a tricky one and he won’t be fit for a little while.

I said yesterday, these internationals are pointless. They are cramming yet more football into an already congested calender and shortened season due to the World Cup, is it the national teams that pay for the cost of stitching players back together? No.

Moving on, it seems that Wenger has played another sneaky little card in the Chamakh saga, he has played the wild card, pulling out of the deal entirely it seems. We have only offered 6 million quid which is 9 million less than Bordeaux were originally haggling for, it seems the transfer of this guy has been the proverbial game of poker, but who will break first? My money is on Bordeaux, the pressure is on them now. The money is on the table, the player wants to come to Arsenal, Bordeaux promised the player they will let him go if an offer comes in from a big club and they haven’t fulfilled that promise yet. They will lose him for free if they are not careful.

I would put a sneaky pound on us swooping for Chamakh in the days running up to the end of the transfer window.

Niklas Bendtner has somewhat surprisingly changed his shirt number, from 26 to 52. This would be sure to piss off anyone who has brought that name and number combination so he will personally foot the cost of a new shirt entirely for any fan that has brought his name/number on their shirt this summer. Good lad.

There is a story running in the Mail about Gazidis being in Germany to sort out a deal for Neven Subotic. Chances? 1/10

On Friday I will be here with an assessment of the squad and the build up to the big kick off this weekend. Of course, I will be back tomorrow with all the latest news.

’till then.

8 Responses to “Theo Walcott is a doubt for England tonight – Djourou returns – Bendtner 52 – Chamakh deal off?”

  1. I think Vermaelen will be OK for Everton. If I recall, Arsene said if it was necessary, we could actually have used him at Valencia. But it wasn’t really the match to bring him in, I don’t think. Give him the time to rest and be fully fit for the start of the season.

    I’ve been having a rather peaceful feeling lately regarding transfers. Maybe it’s just that the season is now so close and no matter who we put on the pitch, they’ll have my full support and I’m just not thinking as much about the potential craziness that awaits the last few days of the window…but I’m pretty settled regarding the squad at the moment.

    If we add, we add. If not, not. I’m ready to go either way. 🙂

  2. I bought Bendtners shirt last year, as the shirts are for 2 seasons he should stump up for last season as well!

  3. @ bucks gunner

    serves you right for getting bendtner on your shirt anyway! haha. you getting eboue 27 on the new away shirt?

  4. wenger always likes to play cards anytime it comes to transfers.and at each season he promises the fans that his team will deliver but at the end they end up with failure due to injury bor some other things.I strongly believe that it will surely repeat itself this season from the looks of is only God who can interven for us in this kind of situation because wenger has nothing to offer unlees he buys at least 2 players.gunners for life.

  5. 251 people have signed up to our fantasy league!

  6. Jesus christ!

  7. You called…?


  8. Haha, i’d like a CB and a DM please Jesus.

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