Vieira is not coming to Arsenal + Hangeland bid rumours

In Arsenal FC on August 11, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Afternoon all,

the build up to the big kick off could not be any slower, the players have flown out all across the globe to play for their countries in pointless internationals where no doubt at least three of them will return injured.

I really don’t see the point of pre-season international games, what are they going to achieve? They have a lot of breaks throughout the season anyway so why cram up an already shortened Premier League season that does not have a winter break?

Who pays the price for all these pointless games? The clubs.

The Bordeaux chairman has issued a news update on the Chamakh situation stating there is no news. Great.

‘Hello all, I have brought you all here today to tell you some news’

‘ooooo what news?’

‘The news is that there is no news. Goodbye’

What a total waste of oxygen that man is, he even has the audacity to claim that we ‘blinked first’ by upping our offer for Chamakh, even though he dropped the original asking price by about five million quid. Now it turns out we have not even offered an improved bid for him.


It seems that Patrick Vieira will not be joining Arsenal after hinting that he was going to stay with Inter Milan for another season. There really is not a wealth of defensive midfield talent available at the moment, Senna, Yaya and Mascherano are probably the only stand out players and I don’t foresee any of them moving teams anytime soon.

Its a bit of a conundrum for Wenger, what does he do? Its an area we really need some experience in, especially in a three man central midfield because he will, in effect, be holding the entire team together. Alex Song has the potential to be able to do that in my opinion but at this moment in time he is too hit and miss and there are questions over his mobility, lets be honest. I can crawl faster than he can run. Denilson is very mobile and I rate him fairly highly, but again, he is inconsistent and inexperienced.

Will Wenger even buy there? I am not too sure anymore, there are no obvious candidates.

There is speculation again, that we will be making a bid for Fulham defender Brede Hangeland. I have said before that I am not entirely convinced his style suites us, or that our style suites him. Whatever way round you want it.

At 15 million, Wenger won’t even think about it in my view.

Manuel Almunia reckons that there is no problem with our short arsed defence. Ok, maybe buying the 10ft green giant would be a bit of a mistake but we certainly do lack a bit of hight in the defensive area. Our team is pretty small throughout, Gallas is short, as is Clichy and Sagna. Vermaelen is not sure how tall he is…10ft?…. 5ft9?…. 6ft5? Song is not the tallest either and we do have a vulnerability to long passes over the top of our defence, so that, I think, is something that could be solved with the addition of a tall player.

Theres some good news for John Hartson who has been released from hospital, it seems his recovery is going well so far, its a long road ahead for the big man but he will fight for every yard along it. Good luck, John.

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Thats about it for today. Til’ tomorrow.


18 Responses to “Vieira is not coming to Arsenal + Hangeland bid rumours”

  1. What about Inler? We were supposed to be interested in him at one point.
    And Veloso?

  2. Inler was over a year ago…. I have heard nothing about Veloso for a long time.

  3. wenger should buy who he wants to buy and lets know if he buys hangeland for 15 and chamakh for 10 is that not 25 he has 15 left and i think with these 2 we can earn a trophy this season. How if you check hangeland defends ability he is very very good fulhams goals conceded was lesser and with jackwilshere in the 433 run if he raises ball to the head of that guy when every one thinks he is making a leg pass believe me its a goal so goal scoring and conceding less makes u win premiership. forget about champions leagues let the men build up with premiership and get hot ready for champion league

  4. “Song is not the tallest either”. For the record, Song is 6’1. Can you also tell us how tall Senna and Macherano are?

  5. No I can’t, they don’t seem the tallest players in the world though.

  6. i guess thats my point…the best DMs dont need to be the tallest guys outthere….infact the best DM in the world (makalele) is actually quite short.

    On the otherhand, i accept your point that the team as a whole is vertically challenged.

  7. I just think the team needs a little bit of height. I only referred to song as he is CB cover.

  8. Let’s not beat around the bush, Song’s only 6ft1 if you include his over abundance of hair …

  9. ha ha ha “over abundance of hair” now dats funny
    i bet he is around 5’11 ……

    hey how do u people think of Bilgia as DM ?

  10. Song’s improved, but at 21 he’s not really ready as he’s already demonstrated, and he’s not close to 6′, m. diarra from madrid is 6′, big difference.

  11. Who is Bilgia?

  12. Just looked… would be interesting but we need experience!

  13. hi great blog you talk alot of sense.
    yeah to be honest i’m thinking the only obvious candidate for that
    CDM to buy would be Inler but thats been quiet for years. veloso’s agent
    was saying we were interested recently in him but agents are agents eh.

  14. Yep, no player stands out at the moment. Its anyones guess whats going to happen.

  15. there’s a difference between you think diarra is taller because of how he looks and him actually being taller.

    song is one of our best players these days and right now he’s one of the few in the squad who plsy a solid 7/10 for basically every game and regularly is onew of our top 3 players. i know it’s unpopular to say that about a player who so many jumped on the bandwagon against, but at some point people are going to have to move on and accept that he is a class player. if we’d bought him in january and he’d played like he has since then everyone would be saying he’s fucking great. that said we do need a dm, but only because song can’t play every game and if he’s injured we’ve no one else who’s gonna do the same job as him.

    watch the great interception song makes vs rangers and tell me he has no pace at all. he’s not especially quick, but when he wants to be he’s not particularly slow. he does have a lumbering style though and the way he carries himself often looks sluggish, but don’t let how it looks convince you, look at how he’s moving when he’s really sprinting compared with the players around him. he might not be anywhere near as fast as walcott and co but he does cover the ground reasonably well

  16. we must employ a taoist priest good at breaking curses. i suspect somebody put one ‘leg break spell’ on us. i think mourinho.

  17. he keeps us guessing, Monsieur Wenger. jst wait till 2 days b4 d transfer deadline and u’l kno who. Chamakh’s a sure thing, Bordeaux will try to pimp him out pretty much d way Zenit did with Arshavin. jst cant seem to gt me head arnd who he cld bring into d defensive dept. let’s 4get transfers for now & say something abt the season coz it’s here already.

  18. Daily mail reports that Ivan Gazidis has flown to germany to put a bid for Neven Subotic of about 12 million euros…

    But I dont see it working out, as Subotic had recently signed a contract extension which will keep him at Borussia Dortmund till June 2014

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