The chances of AW buying before the start of the season are remote

In Arsenal FC on August 10, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Afternoon all,

generally its another of those days where we are just waiting for something to happen, in a way its similar to last season when we waited right up to the transfer deadline and still nothing happened.

I still feel this summer will be different, and Wenger will buy, however I have a feeling we are waiting for Champions League qualification before splashing some of the 40 odd million we got from the sales of Kolo and Ade.

What does worry me is that we only seem interested in Chamakh at the moment and I feel that to have some success this season, we need to sort our defence and defensive midfield situation out.

I will do the analysis of the squad towards the tail end of the week before the big kick off.

We have a very tough start to the new season, games against Everton, Man Citeh and United are not going to be at all easy, we need a very strong defence in those games and you do have to wonder if we have the necessary quality there at the moment.

I am still convinced Vermaelen was brought to be a first choice player, he wasn’t brought in for that sum of money to sit behind Djourou in the pecking order and as Djourou has flattered to deceive in what I have seen of pre-season, we probably need another option in defence. Silvestre is hardly reliable, Gallas has had a lengthy injury in every season he has played with us so far and Alex Song is not sure if he is a center back or defensive midfielder.

We have to keep this man happy and even he admits that defensive stability is key to success, it doesn’t take a genius to work that out:

“Last year, because of a few injuries, we would see a different partnership in central defence every week,” said the Spaniard. “It might have been William, Johan, Kolo, whoever, we would have little [injury] problems which made the shape of the team always change a bit.

“I don’t think there is anything better in a team than a solid centre-back partnership. They know each other well, they play together every three days, they communicate well and understand each other. That is what happened with Manchester United. I think they won 10 games 1-0 because they played together regularly and that sometimes can make the difference.

“I think for the last three seasons we have been unlucky with injuries and hopefully this year we can all stay fit.”

We have been unlucky with injuries, there is no doubting that, but after so many years of having injuries it is about time we make previsions for them and have good back-up options. I don’t feel we have that at the moment. Either in the DM role or in defence.

Oh dear… Barcelona and about 32,467 other teams are interested in Cesc Fabregas.

Jack Wilshere is continuing his ascent up the hype ladder in the English press after he was called up to the under-21 squad to face a former Arsenal player in the shape of Fabrice Muamba. I’m not entirely convinced he will get a game tomorrow against Holland but it would be good if he gets to show Stuart Pierce he is a rather good young player and also show Stuart that he is a stupid twat.

I also want to mention this fantastic fictional autobiography by Nicolas Anelka. Here is an extract…

NB. Its got fucking ridiculous now I am not endorsing that.

Thats all for today. Have a good’un

More tomorrow.


10 Responses to “The chances of AW buying before the start of the season are remote”

  1. Wenger to put in a cheeky bid for Babel before the end of the transfer window. All the potential to become the new Henry.

  2. I don’t think he has the potential to become the new Henry, he is a good player but is nowhere near the class Henry was/is.

  3. I agree, mate. Just can’t imagine we paid that much cash to bring in Vermaelen, with a plan to have him be a backup. It doesn’t make any sense from a number of perspectives, not least of which is financial and the fact that the dude was the captain of Ajax when we bought him. Also, he’s a solid defender who will do well in the Prem, I believe.

    While it does leave things on the short end, I also agree that we won’t see anyone brought in before the CL matches against Celtic are completed on the 26th. Shame, that. But it could be a shrewd bit of business if one or two things work out. I do think we’ll strengthen at the back (either both DM/CB or just CB), but Arsene has been quite firm in his upper limit on what he’s willing to pay for Chamakh. If Bordeaux won’t come to us on that, we’ll just wait til January and get him for free anyway. Bordeaux really don’t have any leverage in this.

  4. SKA – fancy joining the fantasy football league for this blog’s readers and gooner talk’s?

  5. Cesc has to keep us happy. He’s yet to win a trophy for us.

  6. No doubt we need help at the back, i just shake my head at some of our younger players in that position and wonder why they haven’t made the grade yet. It seems that Wenger will stand by his dm triumvirate of Denilson, Diaby and Song? Would like to see chamahk and i think he would certainly help us but it won’t happen at 15mil. Agreed on the timeline for signings, they won’t happen until the end of the window.

  7. wenger’s a bit stubborn and that becomes a bit irriitating at times. don’t know what he sees in diaby and eboue.they both were really poor against valencia.i’m not saying we don’t need physical presence but we certainly don’t need players who are incapable of making intelligent me , both diaby and eboue get excited real fast which most of the times results in a good move going down the drain.i really hope wenger buys a midfielder , don’t care if its a holding one or attacking one..just buy.

  8. What you mean to say is the chance of you knowing what AW is doing, intends to do, or has the factual options to do is remote.

    Not only that, but having a “feeling” on any particular outcome is hardly the best way to go about any credible analysis.

  9. @ Goonblogger –

    I would, mate. But I already play fantasy (American) football and it takes up quite a bit of time. Been in the same league for almost 10 years now. My team, FC Barn, are reigning champions. 🙂

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