Jarque death puts loss into perspective – Theo – JW & TA

In Arsenal FC on August 9, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Evening all,

yesterday I said that the Valencia game will help Wenger decide where he needs to get new players in. The game ended in a 2-0 loss and as I didn’t watch the match and have not as yet seen any highlights, it is quite hard for me to comment on the game so I will leave that to the other blogs around.

One thing I don’t really want to see too often is a Bendtner/van Persie strike partnership for the simple reason that they are both not the fastest dudes under the sun. I think you have to play one or the other in all honesty and for all Robin’s class I do think his style of play leaves Wenger with a bit of a conundrum sometimes as he doesn’t always fit in with the Arsenal style of play. Especially as a spearhead of a forward three.

However the events of yesterday kind of overshadow the game and make disgruntled comments among some sections of the support look pretty pathetic if I’m telling the truth. If you have not already heard, 26 year old Espanyol captain Daniel Jarque died of a heart attack after a training session. This is under two years after Puerta died of heart failure for Sevilla.

Football is just a game and its events like this that make it all the more important that we realise this. Rest in peace, Daniel.

Theo Walcott has been speaking about how we need to do the gritty things better, I am pretty sure he has said this all before and in a way it is true that teams still think they can beat us by getting in the faces of the players. It is not as much of an issue as it was three or four years ago though. Id still say that the purchase of a big DM would banish that myth, though.

Tony Adams has also had his say, claiming that we are two players away from challenging for the title:

“I think they are missing a couple of players, I really do, if they are going to challenge.

“They need experience right down the spine of the team – which would give them the platform and that bit of stability to get the right balance.

“What I do know is that Arsène has a fantastic team of people out there working hard. More often than not, Wenger gets it right!”

Whilst I like to make the point that his record in management is worse than Pete Doherty’s drug record, he does make a good point that I agree with.

Fabio Capello has also mentioned the words ‘Jack Wilshere’ and ‘World Cup 2010’ in the same sentence. How dare he.

Right, more tomorrow.


5 Responses to “Jarque death puts loss into perspective – Theo – JW & TA”

  1. Yesterday’s match against Valencia was an odd one.

    The first half was…hmmm…well, basically it was Valencia having possession, getting into our half and then getting mugged. Then it was our turn to have possession, run into their half and getting mugged. It wasn’t pretty football. The pitch must have had something to do with it, I imagine. A LOT of rain, both before and during the match, and it appeared the turf was suffering badly.

    The second half saw wholesale changes from Arsenal, with ongoing changes from Valencia. Better football in general from both teams, but still nothing spectacular. Two late goals against what was basically an Arsenal reserve side took the day in favor of the home side. Nothing really to be impressed by.

    Unfortunately, following the match, many Gooners were back to their usual “Sack Wenger!” mode and it was all the depths of despair. Frankly, after watching a match like that, that meant NOTHING, and saw us give up goals only when we’d replaced almost every starter and then to read some of the blogs/comments posted is beginning to give me agita. I’m close to being at the point of not reading blogs anymore.

    On a positive note, Song played quite well. And Fabianski stopped a PK in the second half.

  2. Better not stop reading this one, SKA! 😛

  3. It’s good to hear song played well.I really think he will be an important player for us this season.

  4. I do wish walcott would concentrate on improving his own game before making comments. If he finished/made more chances then maybe we’d be better off.
    We never had to change our playing style in the past. It works, but we did have powerful central midfielders and defenders which we dont have to the same extent today. Song in the middle is therefore a must atm I feel, and possibly djourou as well in defence unless we make some signings.

  5. I agree Song is a must in the side at the moment cant stand the players coming out in the press or what ever talking bout how they gon play well,i think we did that last season more than ever i just cant stand it,Theo comes out more often than not wiv the same big talk he is jus so predictable even the way he plays is so predictable um sure one day defenders will jus let him run towards the by line alone coz quite frankly its rare to get an end product from him always evrytime to the byline never cuts inside jus try to come inside…he wil probably faint if he does…

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