Today Wenger will decide where he needs new signings + Vieira news

In Arsenal FC on August 8, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Afternoon all,

the lads are in Valencia ahead of the LAST PRE-SEASON FRIENDLY!

Amazingly, this means that we have proper football back next weekend! It also means we have one week to strengthen our squad and tonights game against top class opposition gives Wenger the perfect chance to get a final look at his team and select the areas that need strengthening.

In a way I would have liked us to have had this game against Bolton on a muddy pitch in Alaska or somewhere else cold so he knows what to expect when we venture up north deep into the winter against a team that will be more than willing to break a few legs and just hoof the ball up to some kind of Kevin Davies spin-off.

Valencia will provide a nice spectacle, they play pretty football in the typical Spanish way, they have some big attacking threats, namely David Villa and that David Silva kid.

Hopefully this game will end up 5-5, its a meaningless friendly so a draw wouldn’t be the end of the world and it would show Wenger that we need to strengthen in a defensive department still.

Ive got a birthday party to attend so I’m going to be giving this one a miss so im going to need you guys to let me know how the game has gone in the comments so I have some sort of idea of how the game went!

I think we are likely to see Gibbs and Walcott for the first time tonight so in a way its a case of Rosicky out Walcott in, Theo has become a bit of a forgotten man this pre-season I feel. Its mainly due to him only just returning to training because of his Under 21 Euro campaign and all the chatter about Chamakh’s possible arrival. I still don’t think we need him, you know.

Manuel Almunia has said in the press that Kolo Toure was a bit bored with the club and the same old faces at the training ground, and to be fair he had been here for a long time. I do think its time the players stopped talking about Kolo and Ade and just got on with the preparations for the new season, they are players in the past and it might surprise you to know I am not at all sad about Kolo’s departure. Yes, he did a great job for us but left for first team football and a lot more money with his Togan mate. It solved a defensive problem for us because both Kolo and Gallas had some starting eleven sized ego’s to fill and would not have taken sitting on the subs bench.

However, Manuel Almunia should not fall into the Cesc rumormongering trap he has done. He said:

“With Cesc, the same could happen [getting ‘bored’] but he has a lot more to offer Arsenal yet. Kolo gave everything to this club and won titles. He gave 100%.

“With Cesc, this season we’ll see the best of him and he’ll help us win something. Then he’ll be happy to be here and will do what he wants to do.”

What is the point in saying that? They are in totally different situations. He needs to be a little bit more careful in what he says.

Inter Milan are wanting a quick resolution to the Patrick Vieira situation and their manager, the slimy insulting egotistical Pig rapist, has said that they have had no contact from Arsenal or the Lilywhite bastards from down the road.

The longer it goes on the less likely it looks, the chances are nothing substantial has happened at all but just the thought of a club legend returning was getting the spirits up and the thoughts of Vieira running the midfield again probably got fans thinking in a more positive way. It might have just been a PR stunt by the club (remember it all started off with Ian Wright) to keep fans on side and limit the few twats that are around insisting we are doomed.

I think we are due a late flurry of deals in the last hours of the transfer window, money can be saved and the lure of playing for Arsenal and Champions League Football (if we beat Celtic), can’t be underestimated and is a great bargaining tool.

An outflux of loans, similar to this one, is very possible too. Good luck Havard Nordveit. A very good prospect from what I have heard.

Right, Ive got some stuff to sort out so I will be back, and hungover, tomorrow afternoon.

19 Responses to “Today Wenger will decide where he needs new signings + Vieira news”

  1. This might sound weird, but I am hoping Valencia score like 3 goals on us and dominate in the midfield. THis will show everyone that Wenger is foolish for thinking denilson/song are good enough to start on a title contending team. They are good backups but not starting material-for a team like arsenal, atleast.

    Aside from that I hope our forwards bang in 3,4,5 goals to show that we do have the required skill upfront, and that he should not waste his time looking at Chamakh.

    We are not in a position to be looking for bargain players, we are not a championship or a bottom of the table team that has to save every penny. We need proven and established quality. I solid 25,26 or 27 year old is needed. in the mould of an essien, de rossi, toure.. They are all in their prime and they show why it is worth paying the money for these sorts of players. You can not buy these type of players for cheap.

    Every solid, title contending team has got a player like those mentiioned above. this is a FACT, and the fact taht Arsenal do not have these type of players, shows why we battle for 4th place, and get our asses handed to us- at home- in champions league semi. making it into the semi finals is not the hard part. the hard part is actually contending for the final. Arsenal were nowhere close to winning the champs league and that is a fact.

    come on you gunnners!!

  2. This kind of annoying, but i really hope that Valencia will beat us in a greater scoreline 6-0 or 5-0. Its better now, to expose our weakness….I really wish that scoreline, hope Villa on the mood…

  3. One day they say we have £30 million to spend another day we have no money. Why are they lying to the fans and deceiving everyone. Arsenal are the 4th richest football club in the world, but we are told there is no money – who has stolen it then !

  4. The Vieira rumour didn’t start with Ian Wright and talk sport, it started with a source from the club all the way on the Isle of Wight! Apparently a relative has moved their and the info is a pretty reliable source! He was spot on with last January Arshavin deal as well as Ade going this Summer of which the club had already decided

  5. I pray wenger loses today with a wide goal margin so he’ll know he does need a defender,defensive midfielder,striker and a player/coach.So i suggest brede,blaise,marouane and patrick{for xperience}.
    Gooner i am;Gonner i’ll be till i die.

  6. We should say to Manuel Fernandes to stay in London so we can buy him as he is the DM we need, hopefully he impresses Wenger by dominating midfeild. I also hope we conceed a couple of goals in set pieces or aerial balls to show we need someone like Fazio or Hangeland.

    But i hope we draw or win as well lol 🙂

  7. You guys are a shame to all arsenal fans acroos the world. The season is about to start and you guys are hoping for defeats to prove something that is not the case. Chamakh is twice the player of Adebayor and Bendtner, we do need him! He works hard for his team and his link up play is second to none! How can you say that Song is not a good player? are you all our of your mind?
    Since when do supporters of a team not support their players? why are you even supporting Arsenal with all these negativity?

    you take $hit about your team and then you finish with .. come on you gunners? you make me sick! and none of you seems to know anything about football!


    how stupid can you guys be?

  8. i think, valancia will score some goals bcs of our goood poor defense. And arsenal is the 4th richest club in the world as asset vise. And Arsenal is not at all considering their fans and winning anything.
    They want money and they are making it also.
    Management and AW saying something to cheat stupid fans. They are doing their business very well.

  9. well said timmy, there are a lot of fans that dont know what they are talking about, especally when it comes to european football leagues. I’ve seen Chamakh play, he’s a very good player, far better than Bendtner and would fit in perfecty with our supposed new formation (4-3-3). I think we are short of one player, a DM with drive to push the team forward and to apply pressure to opposing players.
    one last thing to you fickle fans out there, Eboue is an excellent player at right back and will provide good cover for Sagna. Q if Eboue leaves, who can we bring in for cover??

  10. So what if we tie or loose in this friendly?! Doesn’t mean shit. We do need a CDM and CB brought in before its too late, and Wenger needs to see that. Season starts next week, and 1 or 2 injuries can kill this entire season. We need more depth!

  11. timmy the gunner I agree with you about Song but I’m not too sure about Chamakh.As for everyone else I think it would be better if you had said “I hope the game exposes our weaknesses and we are still able to trash them.

  12. “He needs to be a little bit more careful in what he says” … and so do you! Isn’t most of what you write at least in part speculation?

    “Manuel Almunia has” NOT “said in the press that Kolo Toure was a bit bored with the club” what he said (quoted from the Telegraph) was “Maybe he was a bit bored.” “Maybe” not “was”. And yet here you are distorting the usually infallible press with the indiscriminate abandon of the usually infallible press. What’s more is that Almunia uses the conditional throughout: (“could” and “maybe”).

    So, let me ask you this. How is it that you take Almunia’s quotes as accurate when you know full well that these things rarely are?

    And why are you taking a swipe at Almunia in the first place? He’s an Arsenal player. One of our boys. What’s the story behind that?

  13. Darren Grimes:

    spot on mate we do need reinforcements, i couldnt agree with you more.


    i am not a professional scout but from what i have seen Chamakh is a excellent fotballer and has a superior touch to Bendtner and money grabbing ade. However ppl only look at stats and how many goals he has scored etc. The service at Bordeuex is not as good as the service he will get at Arsenal, he will improve he goal scoring record once he comes to the Emirates. Again like you i have seen quite a few games with him and his work rate is amazing, he plays for his team and team-mates.

    When it comes to a DM arsenal fans do not understand that a youtube highlight real is not real life. As soon as we are linked with a player all arsenal fans jump on the bandwagon and demand players to come in. We need something solid in the middle.. we went after Melo but he decided to stay in Italy. To be honest there are not alot of good defensive mids out there. I agree that denilson has far from delivered, but lets behind him! football is all about self-belief and morale! having your fans behind you means everything! the lads could need our support!! so can you all stop being so damn negative and support the team this season!!

    remember, we are a year older and a year wiser. I do not think it can be worse then last year! and last year we made the top 4 in europe, let’s not forget that!
    the bad omen of ade is gone and i hope that will have a positiv effect on the squad.

  14. Watching the game, half time now.

    we look rubbish, wenger is pissed at JD and song lol

  15. 2-0 to Valencia

    Poor Fabianski – he was injured for the last goal, tried his best.

    Game overshadowed tho by the death of Jarque, captain of Espanyol.

  16. I hope eboue stays as hes great cover for sagna as somebody mentioned above. i must admit that when i first heard about chamakh, it was only through stupid youtube vids and i wasnt impressed. but i watched back a few old games hes been in and he actually looks just what we need.

    but the priority HAS to be a CB and a DM. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE AW get these players. song, denilson, silvestre and djourou are not the players to deliver us trophies. surely its about time the fans were rewarded for paying the highest ticket prices in the country?


  17. “they showed determination and were a bit patient than we were in the final third”.
    These wld be Wenger’s words.
    Arsenal has only 7 players.
    Rosicky(if ever fit)

    The rest are jst pitch space occupiers


  19. I think is time Wenger need 2 use is brain to deliver fans with trouphy. It is obvious that Arsenal managements are taking us for a fool. We entitled to quality not quantity so let no 1 turned abnormality to normality for us.

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