Wenger won't want Hangeland – Its Celtic – Matuidi – Mahamadou Diarra?

In Arsenal FC on August 7, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

The Champions League qualifying round draw took place earlier and we drew Celtic. I guess the plus point of that is the lack of travel, if we had to go to Romania for a midweek fixture it would probably take a fair bit out of the team but in comparison, Glasgow is nowhere near as far away.

It will not be easy at all, Celtic are a decent team, nothing special, but at Celtic Park they are not too easy to beat. In recent years they have given Barca, United and AC Milan problems there so this game is by no means a given. I fancy us to go through though.

We will need a strong team there, the atmosphere at Celtic Park is nothing short of outstanding. It will be much more intimidating that the Anfield tie a couple of years back.

Before then though we could do with a couple of signings and there seems to be a whole host of stuff about Hangeland, this is a smoke screen by Wenger to conceal his real target. He will not sign a back-up center back for 10 million quid. That is just not him.

There are also questions over whether he would fit into our style, OK, hes very good in the air and he is commanding but we tend to employ a high line and there are doubts over how good he is on the ground. For a team like Fulham he is perfect, but for a team requiring good groundwork as well as dominance in the air, he would be a bit of a risk. Especially at 10 million.

It also looks increasingly unlikely we will be signing Blaise Matuidi, thats if you choose to believe the press. According to Damien Comolli nobody has registered an interest in him and he has reiterated that Matuidi is not for sale. I think it is worthwhile noting that Comolli and Wenger are old chums and if Wenger was interested, which I am pretty sure he is after having him watched for well over a year, Comolli might stay quiet if Wenger payed him a decent whack for the player. Of all the defensive players Wenger could be looking at, Matuidi seems the ideal candidate.

There has been talk about Mahamadou Diarra of Real Madrid amongst fans on the blog comments over a few days, and I think he could be a dark horse for any sort of arrival to the club. He has been de-registered as a Real Madrid first team player in the past few months and at 28, is pretty vastly experienced. However, you have to doubt his fitness after missing a lot of last season with a knee injury.

But if we are looking for experience and the know how of winning things…look no further.

  • French Ligue 1 (4 titles): 2002-03, 2003-04, 2004-05, 2005-06 with Olympique Lyonnais.
  • Trophée Des Champions (4 titles): 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 with Olympique Lyonnais.
  • Spanish La Liga (2 titles): 2006-07, 2007-08 with Real Madrid.
  • Supercopa de España (1 title): 2008-09.

I think its fair to say…he was won quite a lot. I’m told we were very interested in him the year before he went to Real Madrid from Lyon but were deterred by his 20+ million price tag.

I would keep an eye on that one. I am hoping Wenger is thinking he needs to improve both the defensive midfielder role and the depth in the center back department, but if I had a choice id have to choose a defensive midfielder over a center back. Especially after last season’s failings. It is sure to go down to the wire because thats just Arsenal.

Right, thats just about that.

Till tomorrow.


9 Responses to “Wenger won't want Hangeland – Its Celtic – Matuidi – Mahamadou Diarra?”

  1. I keep tellin’ ya…tie a tether around Hangeland, give him about 25 yards of pitch to work with, and let him sit just outside our box & keep Almunia company when we have possession.

    If we give up possession, Hangeland won’t need to chase anyone from behind (as I’m pretty sure that would be an ugly sight) as he’ll already be well placed either to intercept an over-the-top play or assist in closing down the target should it go out to the wing. The only time we need to take him off the tether is when we have a corner kick.



  2. TheSKAGooner, thats some bad tactics….So there will be a nice big gap between our 2 center backs and even the crappiest of forwards (carlton cole…) will be able to get excellent service and run shop on us…

    I want to know more about the Fazio guy and if he is any good… 6’5 and Argentine… he sounds pretty dreamy in my book

  3. Who says hangeland would be backup?
    I would hope he’d walk straight into the first team. We would start with hangeland and gallas, and if hangeland were injured, djourou would come in, and if gallas were injured vermaelen would come in…
    The powerhouse-sweeper combination is usually very effective for defences. Look at fulham last season for example, and its the way we used to play before gallas came in

  4. Well Wenger won’t spend 10 mil on a backup player… he spent 10 mil on vermaelen with the intention of having him first choice i think.

  5. Having a hard time believing Hangeland would play back-up to Djourou or Vermy. He’s a proven starter in the EPL.

  6. Wenger should increase the 5.5 mill on Fazio and bid aorund 8-9 mill. And how is Hangeland not a bigger risk than Verm? At least Hangeland is prem proven and is the tall defender we need, Verm isn’t

  7. How Arsenal can play with this poor defense. How can we support team like arsenal, not at all trying to win anything.
    Every year, we fans stupid people hope Arsenal will improve or will win something. But every season Arsenal is selling their best players and not replacing that positions.

    Selling good players is not a problem for any team if club getting better price. Bcs everybody doing business also with this.
    But i think Only Arsenal FC is doing business now a days. And they are doing nothing for fans. Arsenal management and AW is just cheating fans by saying, We have enough strength to win the league OR we have enough money to spend in market. These all only for cheating the fans. And anyone in the world can understand Arsenal is not having good strength to win EPL or CL.

    Again and Again we fans supporting our favorite team….

  8. @ Cinjo, I feel ur pain m8 but that support is what u’ll av to continue to give ur so-called favourite team. The managemnt & Arsène are not cheating the fans but r only trying to live within their means and strictly so, too! that makes it really frustrating for the fans and I assure you they want silverware @ d Emirates jst as much as we do. I don’t condemn the sales of Ade-bye-whore or Toure AT ALL. I’d save my verdict till september 1. Sometimes I feel pple want new signings bcos they’re bored with the current lot, not bcos they’re as bad as some fans profess them to be!

  9. Though I’d replace Gallas & Djourou with Vermaelen & another very good defender any day, I think they’re not that good. Alex Ferguson used to think we’re genuine title contenders, nowadays he barely even mentions us.

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