Leandro Fernandez link/Fabregas comments/New Chamakh bid

In Arsenal FC on August 6, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Good day to you all,

it seems that we are being loosely linked with Argentinian defender Leandro Fernandez of Dynamo Moscow, the only comments have came from his agent and a ‘ understands’ article. His agent said:

“The interest in Leandro Fernandez is significant, At this point, though, it is too early to talk about names or specific clubs. But Luis is keen on a move to the Premier League, that is true.”

To be brutally honest, I don’t have a bloody clue if he is any good, I’m not one of those YouTube kid’s who watches some ten year old from Timbuktu and declares they are the next Pele because they can complete ten kick ups whilst balancing a bottle of Coke and a hanging basket whilst juggling melons. understands I am talking utter shite.

Fabregas has been speaking the truth in the past couple of days, he has admitted the the squad need to remain more injury-free, they are in a period of difficulty at the moment having not won a trophy since 2005 and makes it brutally clear we are not just in it to play for fourth place.

What makes me laugh is the title of this article, the way they have worded it makes it easy to think Cesc has been having a bit of a moan, then they can make up some shite about AC Milan readying a 30 million bid for him. He ain’t going anywhere, kid.

Anyway, capi said:

“Every big club goes through difficult moments and we are in one at Arsenal, but we have to be stronger than ever and stick together and I am sure we will be fine,

“For the last three seasons, we have been unlucky with injuries so hopefully this year we can all stay fit.

“We will never start the season thinking that we are going to finish fourth. The quality is here and I believe we can do it.”

In the last three seasons we have had waves of injuries, there have been patches where its almost like they are contagious… its like an injury-ish version of Swine Flu. There is no doubt that a fully fit Arsenal squad is one more than capable of challenging for every competition. The bad news is though we have already lost Samir Nasri to a bust leg for the first month and possibly even Thomas Rosicky if rumours are to be believed.

I think Cesc has recognised that last season was not his best, he started off with a niggling injury and overall, looked very tired. He then got that knee injury and came back into a team in a little bit of a mess and never got firing, his passing was off as well. Was that down to a lack of match sharpness or his midfield partners? Or even his new role further up the pitch? Thankfully, we won’t be seeing that one again.

He knows he needs to still improve though:

“Individually, my target for this season is to improve everything, because at my age, I believe it is the right thing to do,” he said.

“Of course if I can score more goals than ever, the better it will be for the team.”

He seems a good role model for everyone at the club and like one of those leaders who leads by example. Its a big season for him.

The club has also launched a new charity of the season, as they do every year. Last year it was the Teenage Cancer Trust and they absolutely smashed the target amount of funding, great news. This year they are supporting Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity and aiming to raise half a million quid to fund a new building there. Good luck to them, its nice to see football clubs giving something back.

By the way myself and GoonerChris from are going to be launching a joint Fantasy Football league for this upcoming season so keep an eye out for that. It will be a good laugh and there is sure to be a lot of people wanting to join in.

Thats all for today, ’till tomorrow.


11 Responses to “Leandro Fernandez link/Fabregas comments/New Chamakh bid”

  1. Still no news on the Rosicky injury rumours…getting annoying now.

  2. Nothing wrong with Rosiscky

  3. Arsenal press office have confirmed the injury, only a minor injury though.

  4. Now this is the kind of thing one dismiss as shite but sounds like Leandro Fernandes is a decent CB else he would’nt even been thought about. I am sure Wenger must have seen the way Gallas was unsteady against Atletico and thought: Mercy me, what is it gonna be like against the likes of Anelka, Torres or Rooney?

    Hangeland is cup tied in CL and therefore he has to find someone who is not African. As of DM, Mamadou Diarra has just been said to be available, Do everything and get him if not for ourselves at least to stop Spuds getting him. If he adds those quality like Mamadou Diarra to our squad, because he would bring the experience, quality and strength in middle we have lacked since Vieira.
    His 12 bookings in 33 games is a testimony of a battler
    reminiscent of Vieira of 1997-2005. Then we will have reason to sing and enjoy since 2004.

  5. Cesc spoke a lot of sense in that article. It was unfair to say he was moaning.

  6. nothing on the Chamakh bid then?

  7. Yeah, any news on Chamahk?

  8. I think we have upped our bit to 7.5 mil. apologies for forgetting to put it in the article!

  9. Paul: i never said he was moaning!

  10. Arsene, we need the big players,like Viera,Diara etc. Otherwise our kids will be kicked off the park again this season…and that will be , because of our style of play.We need a Big brother to look after the kids. And plse buy Chamakh, we are going to need him this season…

  11. u’re right Ytwokay & with the Rosicky rumours I cnt help but start thinkin we’re goin to need sum1 in attack. we cnt put all the load on Cesc’s & Arshavin’s shoulders, it’d be risky coz they’re by far our most creative plyers, others only add new dimensions.

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