Reports that Rosicky has suffered another hamstring injury

In Arsenal FC on August 5, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Quick update:

It seems that Thomas Rosicky injured his hamstring in training this morning, the injury is currently being assessed according to the Arsenal Press Office.

I have to admit I was not expecting this, especially after he has looked really on song in the past couple of pre-season games. I just hope it is not a re-occurrence of the injury that has kept him out for well over a year and a half, we will probably hear more news on it in the next day or so.

Lets just hope its not serious… rumours indicate he could be sidelined for two months.

update: Possible torn hamstring.


14 Responses to “Reports that Rosicky has suffered another hamstring injury”

  1. damn it

  2. It beta nt b true our players remain injury prone

  3. on the bright side now wenger has to go shopping seriously

  4. The forward area does not need new signings, its just the defensive positions

  5. an offensive midfielder than can also play as support striker will balance our forward line offsetting injuries should they surface

  6. I dont think its a recurrance. I think his problems were with his knee or something, not hamstring anyway. Its not unusual for a player to get these sorts of pulls when he hasnt played for so long. Thats why eduardo was getting them too. He’ll be back, but I wenger shouldnt count on him too much. Just treat him as a bonus when fit.

  7. Davi: His injury was in the knee but it was where the Hamstring muscle goes into his knee, it was a hamstring injury he had.

  8. Oh really. Sorry I think im describing van persies injury. yeh that’s a bit more worrying then. he looked great in preseason as well

  9. Still not confirmed though and Talksport are the only press outlet running the story and even they have not revisited it.

    In starting to get quite skeptical.

  10. what the hell goes on during training that hurts everyone?

  11. How reliable is this report…?? Is it on

  12. Not really a surprise, you are out for 18 months your going to get little niggles,.. look at eduardo when he came back. Couple of games at a time and its how you recover from these knocks which shape your progress. Fingers crossed he will be good for 20 games this year

  13. Dem! Nasri and Rosisky all to be back in six-six week,pls we need to have atlease two to three new faces?

  14. Dem! Nasri and Rosisky all to be back in six-six week before we realise we left behind, pls we need to have atlease two to three new faces?

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