The 9 reasons we don't need Chamakh – Emirates cup success

In Arsenal FC on August 3, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

  1. Eduardo
  2. Bendtner
  3. van Persie
  4. Carlos Vela
  5. Theo Walcott
  6. Tomas Rosicky
  7. Samir Nasri
  8. Jack Wilshere
  9. Andrey Arshavin

We don’t need more attacking options, instead the boss needs to find the right blend of forwards to get the best results. In the new 4-3-3 system, we only have the need to play one out and out striker, Eduardo occupies that role best and Niklas Bendtner is not far behind. Robin van Persie can play there, but we do not get the best out of him as he does tend to slow the play down somewhat.

If we brought in Chamakh it would up the competition for places but it would be money wasted, Bordeaux want in excess of 10 million for him. That 10 million could be put towards the defensive midfielder we really, really need.

I will say no more.

Yesterday we regained the Emirates Cup with a nice 3-0 win over Rangers, who really are only at about Championship level so you can’t really look into it too much. The forward line of Eduardo, Wilshere and Arshavin was simply outstanding at times whilst Fran Merida showed some of the potential we know he has got. A loan in the Premiership is what he should be looking at this season.

Now, Jack Wilshere. The kid, as they say, is a bit special. He looked pretty sharp last pre-season but this time round he is more direct and can simply breeze past people, his small size is a bonus meaning he has a lower center of gravity making it much more tricky for defenders to catch him once he turns, his first goal yesterday was a brilliant end to a delightful move, he finished with lovely accuracy.

Eduardo netted the second with a beautiful finish, he threaded his finish right through the eye of the needle with a curling left footed shot into the bottom corner. It was almost a left footed version of a trademark Henry type finish. He is looking mighty sharp and I would like to see the forward line built around him and Arshavin.

Jack got his second of the afternoon cheekily finishing a volley in the penalty area, he just guided it into the top corner. Man of the match again.

Wenger is right in protecting him, he is only seventeen but it feels like his name has been around for a few years now. I’m pretty sure we will see him used as an impact player this season much like Theo Walcott was used in his first full season.

He has simply massive potential, he has a style that is not at all common amongst English footballers and the watching Fabio Capello must have been very impressed by the kid, however, talk of him being involved in the World Cup next summer is much, much to premature. Wenger will protect the kid with his life. I look forward to seeing him this season.

Samir Nasri has spoken for the first time since he broke his leg in pre-season training and he has confirmed that he will start his physiotherapy at the start of next month:

“I am happy that it is just a fractured fibula. And it is better that it happened now rather than right in the middle of the season, so it is just a case of being patient … I have three weeks of immobility remaining before starting my physiotherapy in early September.”

Hopefully Rosicky will not suffer any more setbacks, he is certainly working hard and we have seen glimpses of just how good a player he is, Nasri was adapting to the English game last season but still had a big impact, especially in that win over United where he scored a stunning brace.

Rosicky has been speaking about the sales of Adebayor and Toure making the point that they were probably sold for the greater good, there has been much talk of Wenger wanting to break up a clique that had formed amongst the large African contingent at the club, probably aiming in trying to bring more togetherness in the dressing room.

We are now in what seems to be a crucial week of trading and it would not surprise me to see a new arrival by Saturday’s game in Valencia. Ive heard that Vieira will travel to London this week so we will see what emerges from that, I stick fast in my opinion that the striking department is fine and we need one or two defensive midfielders and another center back. Whether the boss has that opinion too remains to be seen.

I’m cautiously optimistic at the moment, that could quickly change in the next two weeks though, the Emirates Cup win is worthless in a cup winning sense but in a squad sense it will spread confidence and keep spirits high which is vital going into the Champions League qualifier and the start of the new season. Hopefully the picture of Fabregas lifting a trophy will be repeated next season.

More tomorrow.

Update: Swiss FA confirm Senderos has signed for Everton.


52 Responses to “The 9 reasons we don't need Chamakh – Emirates cup success”

  1. I’m sure every Gooners now won’t say that we need him. But this season is crucial for us we need to sign as many players as possible. With only £6 million Chamakh will be a decent back-up. Eduardo’s and Rosicky’s fitness is not proven yet,, Bendy needs one more season before he reaches his best,, we can’t rely with only van Persie and Arshavin.

  2. Samir Nasri has spoken for the first time since he broke “his leg in pre-season training”

    That was some leg break even cost him the use of his mouth!

    I would say that you could add Barazite to that list too, but lets get more on board. With Rosicky, Nasri, Eduardo, & RVP in that list I am sure there will be injuries. With Walcott, Bendtner, Vela, Wilshere you have players that have still got a lot to do at this level. That leaves Arshavin. That is why we need Chaamakh or Huntelaar or both if we want to compete with the top 3 and Real Madrid and Barcelona

  3. Good stuff, ‘blogger.

    On Chamakh, I agree. To add to that, I can’t see that Chamakh’s statements over the weekend…rants, actually…will help endear him to Arsene. Eventhough Arsene rates him, the public jostling between Chamakh and Bordeaux is probably more than a little gauche to Arsene, given what he’s been through in the last two years with Flamini, Hleb and Ade. Plus, as you said, paying 10m for the lad really doesn’t change or improve what we have in the attack, substantial as it is right now. Nothing against Chamakh in this regard, but it just wouldn’t be the most prudent use of our transfer money.

    Super glad to see Tomas Rosicky speaking out as he has. He can be a leader on and off the pitch, and it appears he’s playing with more than a bit of chip on his shoulder. I think that’s true of the whole squad, really…from Arsene on down. Too many people writing us off, the way the Ade sale went, Kolo’s comments (bulletin board material, that)…I just think it all will add up to the lads drawing tight and putting together one hell of a season. I dare say, when everyone in the forward 3rd is healthy, we’ve the strongest attack in the Premiership and definitely the most creative. The back 3rd…well, we’ll have to see over the next week or so if it’s strengthened. But I can’t help thinking that Ivan Gazidis is sitting with Arsene as I type this going over moves that will address this very area. Whether it’s PV4 and Hangeland, Sakho and Subotic or some other combination of players, the DM and CB areas will be strengthened.

    On a side note, did you notice the goody Eboue during the Emirates Cup presentation? He was wearing a traded Rangers shirt on the podium!! Crazy, crazy man!! haha 🙂

  4. renan the odds that we have as many as 5 or so strikers unavailable at any one time (we’d still have a couple of good ones remaining) is highly unlikely. if he comes it pushes somewhere else out of the squad which seems a waste of money. it’s important to have lots of depth but there comes a point when you only hinder your own players. normally the team which wins the league gets a bit more good luck with injuries than those around them. nobody can be sure of what will happen, but if you always assume the worst (like 5 strikers injured at the same time?!) then you only make things worse when they aren’t all injured (the far more probable outcome) and a promising players basically has his arsenal career ended- and at the expense of 6-10 million. that’s terrible business by any stretch of the imagination. just because we have the money doesn’t mean we need to throw it at bulking the team out until we have players unhappy at a lack of opportunities (see what happened with diarra- we had LOADS of dms and good players won’t sit on the bench for long unless they get paid adebayor’s wage).

  5. Given the leg breaking curse we inherited from somewhere, I agree in signing Chamakh for that reasonable fee. It is a steal! I also hope Eboue will stay. He is THE boogie factor of the team.

    Vieira? It hurts no one but the opponents.

  6. 10. He’s shite.

  7. That is a rubbish world u dont think of injury.we need chemk

  8. Yes SKA…. the stupid fucking prick. Only he could possibly even comprehend doing that!

  9. hahaha I don’t know…with Eboue, there isn’t a malicious bone in the mans body. I’m sure he didn’t do it on purpose, and it made me laugh actually. You’re right though, in that he’s the only one who would do that. So, I give him points for levity, but take away an even amount for being a gumbyhead.

  10. One reason we need Chamakh

  11. Im sure it wasnt intentional, before i even saw his face i saw the blue shirt and just knew it was Eboue!

    Hejon1: What, with 9 attacking options?

  12. Truly speaking,as such dat we have had enogh trophy drought so far. By this u will agree with me that we have 2 sign as much as possible many players we could.

  13. hey we need that hem. he can be agood prayer for us.and i want to advise Mr arsene wenger to do what he can do bring that guy into our squad. have a good night

  14. Not only Barazite but:
    Sanchez Watt
    Jay Emanuel Thomas
    Rhys Murphy
    Benik Afobe
    Gilles Sunu
    Luke Freman

  15. Olubemichae: its about QUALITY not QUANTITY.

    Hull had the biggest squad in the prem last season but still nearly got relegated.

  16. I agree that Chamakh is definitely a waste of money. We should spent the money on a DM or a CB. We have enough of attackers.

    Furthermore, you list is incomplete. We have Diaby (even though he is shit), Ramsey, Eboue, Merida, Traore and Merida.

    I must say that Ramsey, Merida and Traore impressed me during the pre-season. They would play more in the first team, definitely in the carling cup for merida. Maybe more appearances in the EPL for traore and ramsey.

    We need a DM (vieira and matuidi) and anotner CB (hangeland, naldo, etc).

  17. We looked decent not good(no real shape to the squad) in preseason friendlies against half strength teams, this garbage is to be expected, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s garbage. Should chamahk sign i would hope you could write a blog on how daft this blog was.

  18. Damn_Gallas I dont see a big future at the club for Traore too be honest, its not like Gibbs or Clichy are getting old! Merida should get a full season out on loan to a premiership team, I hope he has a future at the club after all the hype a year or so back.

    We need a DM and CB as a matter of urgency.

  19. peter: I don’t think we need him. We should be addressing other areas, whats wrong with that? Unless he single handedly won the league for us i’d keep that opinion.

  20. # Eduardo – lacks size
    # Bendtner – lacks speed
    # van Persie – lacks speed, good technique but slows down play
    # Carlos Vela – lacks size
    # Theo Walcott – lacks size
    # Tomas Rosicky – lacks size
    # Samir Nasri – lacks size
    # Jack Wilshere – irrelevant(one or two games), lacks size
    # Andrey Arshavin – lacks size

    Chamahk – very good speed, 6’2″ good size, very quick, excellent link up play, some rough edges but will be more mature than many above, tireless worker.

  21. steve: Hes also a moody, mouthy cunt.

    Even when we had Adebayor we didn’t score many from the air, Bendtner is better in the air than him.

  22. Goonblogger, nothing wrong with that, but you’re view has a few holes in it. Our impish squad needs someone who can run at defenses with pace and power. If you noticed how we hold possession around the opponents box and the play becomes a circus of short passes and pirouettes and general confusion which against lesser teams can sometimes result in a goal but just as easily a clever interception a quick pass and we’re sliced open gifting the opposition a clear and easy opportunity? Our build up has become slow and predictable, we need a player who can collect the ball beat the first defender and open things up very quickly to exploit defenses before they can organize. Also, many of the players you mentioned, they’re all great, but the season is long and hard, most of them will get worn down, it’s still a young and somewhat vulnerable squad mentally and physically. I do think we have what it takes to make top four, but now is as good a season to go for more. Other areas need reinforcing as well but I think chamahk is the right player for us. A big squad will be crucial post December and his presence would be a big plus, I expect the team to start the season well with fresh legs and a clean slate(even against the top teams) but lets not get ahead of ourselves, we’ve faded badly in the back half of the season for a few years now. Chamahk, and a dm and cb of high calibre and this team would be all set.

  23. Fairly cheap goonblog.

  24. I still think Chamakh would slow our play down, hes a hold up player in a 4-4-2.

    I understand what you mean but i think succesfull teams are built on strong defences thats why i dont want Chamakh, valuable money will be wasted in our already strongest area. If the rest of the squad was sorted i wouldnt mind him coming in.

  25. Steve, I promise you. Size DOESN’T matter. Why?

    Messi – Too small?
    Pato – Too small?
    Owen – Too small?

    and from days gone by

    Dalglish – Too small?
    Macari – Too small?
    Mueller – Too small?
    Greaves – Too small?
    Best – Too small?
    Charlton – Too Small?

    Is your lady giving you a complex?

  26. NetBulger – no need for that last comment.

  27. huntelaar go to milan , fuck you wenger

  28. riki, no need for that either.

  29. Nutbulger, are all those players on the same team, guess which organ you’re thinking with? The point is Chamahk has the right qualities for us, he’s got something we could really use and he’s more mature than he gets credit for, and he would actually badly wants to play for us, unlike many we’ve tried to recruit of late.

  30. The way im going to think of it Steve is that if Wenger is so convinced my Chamakh he will pay the best part of 10 mil for him in an area already well stocked, there must be something special wenger sees.

    I just believe that for this team to be successful we need a much stronger defence and defensive midfield.

  31. Agreed on that, Goonblog. DM and CB are perhaps a higher priority, but that is not sufficient reason to dismiss chamahk who could really help us. Wenger has remained quite loyal to some players who just haven’t delivered that much in midfield, i’m hopeful but not necessarily optimistic that will change.

  32. I’m not dismissing the quality of Chamakh, who must be pretty good to be mentioned by Wenger. I just think we should be shoring up after last season!

    I hope Wenger will buy in defence in midfield because by god do we need it. Especially with Song and the ACN.

    Are you a regular reader?

  33. with a CB and DM we would be very competitive
    a striker wont be bad cause remember nikki b had a great pre-season last year and couldnt bring his form to the league.
    eduaro and van persie r quite capable of scoring 20+ goals but one more wont be bad but def. not desperate for it and even if we bring someone chamakh shouldnt be the one.

  34. Not troubled by huntelaar at all, he is the one player far too similar to what we’ve got, he also plays the same position as rvp for the dutch nat’l team. He’s one of the world’s most clinical finishers but not great size or pace, rarely if ever beats defenders(requires much service), doubt very much he would thrive in a fast attack team or fast league. On the other hand, we could be more clinical up front at times. We looked decent over the weekend, and we did score some goals and up front we do have some options but they’re not the kind of options that make me think of balloons and confetti, not without some additions of which i think aforementioned striker is one.

  35. Wouldn’t say i’m a regular, do enjoy the blog when i can, but i do think we need some rounding out and filling in of the squad. Chamahk in all likelihood wont’ be coming to us anyway, but he got some qualities we could us. If we only bring in a quality dm or cb i’d be satisfied enough.

  36. I think Huntelaar is pretty over-rated. He has had half a season in a decent league and thats it. The only real judge would be his international scoring record but he does play for a country with some of the worlds finest creative players.

  37. Good to see your an occasional reader Steve. Be great to get you on the comments more you put across a very good arguement.

  38. As written on the blog on Saturday, Senderos has signed for Everton

  39. Goonblog appreciated, fun blog today. Re senderos, he has everything to be a great cb but he’s a bit slow reading the game at times or is it lapses, whichever, he has all the physical tools though and he could still develop into top quality. Wenger was right about him regarding his physical attributes but vidic just anticipates better, this is where Vermaelen must deliver. That wenger has lost patience with slow progress to me means he is still very determined and there’s targets in his crosshairs, who they are, anybody’s guess. Like Zapata a lot though.

  40. Cheers goonblog, signed off.

  41. Having never seen chamakh play I couldnt really comment on whether he would be a good signing. It’s probably correct to say we dont really *need* him, but we dont necessarily *need* vucinic either but if wenger signed him id be over the moon with that.
    Btw walcott is not a reason not to sign somebody. That guy really needs to start performing consistently. Unfortunately he gets too much of a free ride because hes a young english lad. 4 or 5 good performances earns him the label: “world class” for the entire season, even though his form overall wasnt really very good at all.
    Its the same for all young english players really. Rooney got similar treatment, but even though he was stupidly overrated and didnt score many, he could still justify a place in the team, walcott doesnt very often.
    Also rooney had a football brain so you thought he could get a lot better, but walcott doesnt fill me with confidence. Hope he proves me wrong, but hed better do it quick or wenger better start using other players

  42. I agree with you on the fact that we have plenty of attacking options already,I for one wouldn’t be too upset if we didn’t sign another striker.We definitely need to concentrate on our defensive capabilities, but after being at the game yesterday, and watching our pre-season so far, I can’t help but think that Song is starting to look more and more like the defensive midfielder we have been lacking. I know he went missing in so many games last season, but he looks to me like he has been working really hard to up his game, and maybe,just maybe he could really do the job this season.And imagine how much better he would become with Viera mentoring him!!My feeling are we should be going all out to sign Hangaland,and with Rosicky and Eduardo back to their dangerous best,and with Jack Wilshere showing us he is ready to make the step up,I honestly believe we will challenge hard this season on all fronts.And its down to us as the fans to make sure we get fully behind the team,we need more noise at the Emirates !!! RED ARMY !

  43. heres the thing ur forgetting….
    eduardo and rosicky cannot be relied on 100%. nasri has a very serious injury
    sooooo we’re down to 6 options.
    the new 4-3-3 requires a direct man up front. the only player that can do that is bedntner yet i dont see him starting. who do we play in that forward hole. eduardo…? not an arial threat. v p? cannot lead the line… so we do need an out an out CF. maybe not necessarilly chamakh but not signing a forward would be very risky.
    yes we need a cm, yes we need a cb. but imo we equally need a CF and quite frankly this blog is naive.

  44. I think we dont need Chamark because the likes of Thomas Rosisky and Jack who are back into with the help of Van, Theo,Bentner,Eduado,Ashavin and the rest we dont need any attacker again but rather a defensive maidfilder who can Fabregas in the middle.

  45. In the current 4-3-3 we need a man to play that central role upfront. Bendtner & Edurado are our only 2 realistic options. Come on lets face it even though RVP has been tried up front he does not have that physic to take it der & apart 4m dat when he is upfront he can hardly contribute in assists which is his forte. He is better suited a bit deep or even wide from wer he can work his magic. Dudu ,well the lads just out of injury & will be a bit of concern 4 AW. Bendtner well he is perfect 4 da role bu at the moment he is a yr. short of taking it head on.

    Thus buy gettin Chamakh for about 7mil. we have a player who is deadly as hell with his headers and who can also drift around to let others in. He is also technically more gifted then what Ade was.

    yes ,he will go to Africa but till den DuDu will be perfect

  46. i am a new KID on the blogg…leave Arsene to do his job and you Will see at least one trophy this season. Our kids will stand up this season.Remember we lost in semi finals last season, because of injuries…welcome back Rosisky, Eduardo and the new commers.

  47. apparently it seems tumors’re bursting outta brains of pple with S-names there. lol. constructive argument Steve. Wenger’s got his eye fixd on Chamakh & I think he’s gon buy him & still fill up the gaping hole..sorry, HOLES, in defence.

  48. we need 4 new signing that are proven and not going too fulfil thier potential in 3-4 years but ready to slot in and perform at a consistent level week in and out. The arsenal will have several injuries again this season due to thier style and the number of games they play in the modern era , hence we are definitely short of quality in central defensive cover . therefore I would suggest haageland for solidity and sakho for power and pace. holding midfielder is an easy selection of jeremy toulalan as is at the perfect age and is a character they would make as seamless transistion into the team and league also fits arsenals budget . The standout buy for a striker is huntelaar and his price is £10 million lower than 6mths back and he will definitely score 20 goals plus a season minimum with his goals to games ratio and arsenals creative midfield he is sure fire us up the league ladder etc . I can definitely see why arsene is thinning the squad initially as the players leaving had thier best performances already for the club ((king kolo:ade)where as song,diaby,bendtner,gallas,eboue,silvestre have limited time to prove their worth as have made little contribution so far with song showing glimmers but I would say silvestres serious lack of pace is a glaring liability last season in every game . Currently strength is in depth and quality in modern football and arsenal are lacking in both depts except 4-5 of our current team when winning squads having 12-14 world class players .

  49. “when winning squads having 12-14 world-class players”!!!!!!!!!
    @ Giuseppe: which football world are you living in? not even Madrid have 14 world-class players.

  50. @ kunlewoye.. haha… maybe he meant internationals @ senior and junior levels…. dunno but chelsea did spring 2 mind as a team wiv 12 – 14 internationals and on that note there probably loads more?

  51. Pls silverter and djourou plus song are enof back up for gallas(still vry good) and verminator; our 1st choice combination. After all man u has only oshea and evans, chelsea-alex and ivanovic, liverpool-only agger and yet there are title contenders! Plus do u tink hangaland/sakho will leave their leadership status in their resp teams to warm arsenal’s bench? Lets buy matuidi(vry similar to lass) and viera and we r set. Not forgetin chamakh, we rily rily need him.

  52. Agreed. We don’t need Chamakh. We have plenty of attacking options.

    Our midfielders and forwards should consist of (4-4-2):

    Walcott Fabregas Rosicky Arshavin
    v.Persie Eduardo

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