Vieira whispers get louder and louder – Emirates Cup

In Arsenal FC on August 1, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Afternoon all, football is now a matter of 14 days away. I can’t wait.

The first pre-match press conference of the new season took place yesterday and predictably, Wenger was asked just about every question under the sun.

How can we solve world poverty?

Will you spend the transfer money?

Will Arsenal get relegated?

How is the middle east peace process coming along?

etcetera, etcetera and so on.

After hours of deliberating they managed to get the golden question out, is Patrick Vieira returning to the Grove? In typical Wengerish fashion, he wouldn’t say yes, or no:

“I speak to Patrick, I speak to many players who have been here because I keep good connections with them. He has gone through a difficult period in the last season and I am aware that he wants to come here.

“I think Patrick is a legend here and he would always like to come back to this Club. That would be his first choice. He is a professional footballer with emotion and you always like the club where you’ve spent time. But as a professional as well, you always give 100 per cent for whichever club you sign for.”

I think its what could be described as a safe option for both sides. Wenger gets an experienced player in a position where we are inexperienced and Vieira would undoubtedly get games to cement his France call up for next summer.

There is also the plus side of him being free, and on a pay-as-you-play deal.

Speaking in the sales in recent weeks, Wenger gave the impression that it is very much a case of priority number one over number two, its more important to think about our club than potential challengers:

“If they are becoming a main rival I cannot stop it with a decision to sell a player or not. If they don’t buy from you they buy another good player from someone else. Nobody can stop a club fighting for the top four and if they are a rival they will be the same for Man United, Liverpool and Chelsea. What is most important is we stay strong.”

It is very hard to disagree with that approach. There is no point cutting off your nose to spite your face as the saying goes and even if Man City do challenge for the top four next season, we don’t want to be thinking about surviving in the top four, we want to be occupied with winning something.

Too many people have jumped on the ‘we lack ambition’ bandwagon, the club needs to be given a chance. How can you judge a club by its purchases when there is still a month left in the transfer window.

Obafemi Martin’s replacement as the man most linked to Arsenal was inevitably brought up at the press conference yesterday. Marouraine Chamakh has been linked with us more times that Sebastien Frey recently but there does seem to be truth to the story. The Bordeaux chairman reportedly laughed at our first offer for him, so it seems negotiations are going swimmingly then and they are having a gay old time. This chairman bloke seems to have form for laughing at people, he has really pissed Steve Bruce off it seems for laughing at his Sunderland team. Funny guy.

Anyway, Wenger was on great form with his reply:

“I wouldn’t like to commentate on any phone calls I made during the day because, at the moment, I have a hundred phone calls. The only thing I can say is that we are nowhere near to signing anybody at the moment.”

On the radio last night, and by last night I mean about 3am, the journalists involved in the world football phone in on 5live seemed to thing the deal was a ‘goer’, so we will just have to see what happens.

I have said a million times though, that is not the area we should be strengthening. Then again, who am I to judge?

The Emirates Cup kicks off today and it has come round rather fast. I was trying to get there for the Atletico game today but I’m gutted I can’t make it. It is one of my only real chances to see the lads in an entire season.

There are no real clues as to who will feature and I can’t really remember whether we field our stronger team on the Saturday or Sunday but as its Champions League class opposition we are facing it would be nice to see us as near to full strength as possible. It will be a good test at 4:15 today.

Abou Diaby and Nasri miss out through injury whilst Walcott and Gibbs have only just returned to training. Vela probably won’t feature after his Gold cup participation either.

Perhaps winning the Emirates Cup will give the squad a little boost and lift the gloom over the club.

More tomorrow



One Response to “Vieira whispers get louder and louder – Emirates Cup”

  1. On the Chamakh thing, if we can sell Big Phil (which sounds like it could happen) for roughly 5-6m and get Numchucks for something close to that…it’s a wash financially and we haven’t really dipped into the Ade/Kolo cash. That would be a good bit of business, although it does make me wonder why not just package Senderos with about 15m and buy Lescott if Senderos is the key to the deal between Everton and Chelski? Just a thought on that one…

    Anyway, Numchucks for Senderos isn’t all that bad, and if we sell Eboue (which also has some truth to it), we’re really flush with cash to buy a midfielder and a CB.

    Regarding PV4…I say do it. He’s on a free, and the leadership in the clubhouse, along with the experience he’d bring to the training and nurturing of our young DMs would be priceless. Pay Vieira a flat wage for the training and give him a nice bonus for his match play. He gets the benefit of some runs out to secure his last call up by the French team and we get…well, we get PV4! Win-Win in my book. 🙂

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