Senderos moves to Everton

In Arsenal FC on August 1, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

According to Arseblogger, Phil Senderos has signed for Everton.

There will probably be more news on it in the coming hours and this almost certainly indicates that Arsene Wenger will spend because quite frankly, he really, really needs too.

Against Athletico we are currently partnering Djourou and Gallas in defence, along with Sagna on the right and this may indicate that is Wenger’s first choice partnership.

But, we have looked shaky from set plays.

The doom-mongering is going to get bigger and bigger, along with the Haangeland rumours.

Credits of course to Arseblog.


7 Responses to “Senderos moves to Everton”

  1. We had 2 many defenders and so we asked wenger 2 sel 1 of them, not all of them… First, our most loved defender and then our tallest defender and best back-up. I wuld lyk 2 hav a lil of wateva wenga is smoking cuz itz priti strong stuff.

  2. I dnt care abt Senderos, he wasnt here last season so he wnt be missed. Arshavin’s got an eye for goal that I think no one in d team’s got. did u see his second goal?-s-p-e-c-t-a-c-u-l-a-r. albeit the defence looked the shitiest around. Wilshere showed glimpses of brilliance too.

  3. did you see sakho for PSG, he is excactly what we need he is fast ,strong young but mature for his age.

    and also he has been the PSG captain since he was 17!!

    he could be the future arsenal captain with vermaelen who was also his club captain.

  4. lets reinforce cos injury can sideline two or three defenders at a time.

  5. would be sad to see him go, personally I would rather see him play one more season at least. 2 good defenders out, we should bring at least 1 unless Wenger intends to use Song a lot more in central defence and he knows Song is away for a month or so anyway etc.

    BTW goonblogger, the picture for this post…when was Senderos captain..I knew Wenger rated him highly and tried to make him captain ages back but I didnt know he was made skipper for a game?

  6. It was in the Carling Cup I think.

  7. […] of the stories running today circulate around Phil Senderos who’s transfer to Everton has been a done deal since Saturday, when I first published the story after info from […]

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