Matuidi, Vieira, De Rossi and Chamakh all joining Arsenal

In Arsenal FC on July 31, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Ok, ok, ok, ok, I tell a lie.

The award for the most fictional Saturday press report this week goes to…. and I have just realised its Friday.

Fuck, double shit and bollocks.

Anyway, the Independent think that we are going to buy Danielle De Rossi for 30 million quid, there is no doubt that De Rossi is a very good player but there is doubs as to whether he would move from the club that brought him up from the little kiddie ranks and move from the place he was always lived.

Its a no goer. And thats before you even see the price.

The same paper also link us again to Marouaine Chamakh, and really push the boat out by including quotes from the Bordeaux president claiming Wenger has called him:

“Wenger actually phoned me. He said to me that he had a list of strikers and that Marouane was on it.”

That ‘list’ could be anything. It could be a list of strikers he would like to bludgeon round the head with a crowbar, it could be a list of strikers that he has compiled from fake press reports of his interest (ala Oba Martins). Then again, there is always a possibility it is a list of strikers he wants to monitor and maybe purchase in the future. I have made no secret of my desire to see the money we have spend on a defensive midfielder first and foremost, and maybe some experienced defensive cover for good measure. We are well stocked in the striking department I feel.

Now, in the past few days there have been murmurs about a possible reunion with big Paddy Vieira. At first, you take it not just with a pinch of salt but a whole handful. Wenger does not go back on sales, he does not go crawling back to players.

However, this would actually make sense. Bring back Vieira on a pay as you play deal, sign Matuidi for 5 million alongside him to add that other defensive midfielder and then you have one of the most experienced players you could wish for, a good young talent from what I have heard and guidance for Denilson and Song. The thought of Vieira coming back has me salivating to say the least.

I believe there is something in this story, Vieira and Wenger are good friends and he is seen at the Grove a fair bit. It would suit everyones best interests and would capture the imagination of all Gooners, the leadership in the dressing room could not be underestimated either.

The stories have gradually spread from a side comment by Ian Wright, to The Sun, to a couple more tabloids and now broadsheets are picking up on it, a sign that something could happen.

I’m going to keep a open mind, but what an event it would be.

Do you think Vieira will return?

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More tomorrow.


13 Responses to “Matuidi, Vieira, De Rossi and Chamakh all joining Arsenal”

  1. Veira is going to join. It makes sense and it seems it will happen but we honestly need another experience CB and right full back after Veira.

    Seems like Eboue will go and that can only expose us further.

  2. Why not have Viera back, its a very low risk signing which Wenger likes so i think he will sign for us. If he can stay injury free then he is still a very good player, still one of the best DM’s around. I hope we sign Huntelaar as well, then we will be strong this season.

  3. I’d love to see him back in the shirt, but it just seems unlikely. Going back on a sale seem like something championship clubs would do. And Tottenham obviously ;P

  4. Cmon lads stop this summer madness.Veira will not be coming to arsenal,he was let go from arsenal to make way for fabregas .He has been dogged with injuries since he left,hes 33 and arsene does not take back exs.

  5. Colm, how can you compare Fabregas to Vieira? Totally different players. Personally I would love Vieira to come back. We could cope without the others, Bergkamp, Pires, Ljungberg, Gilberto, Hleb, Flamini but Vieira really has been irreplaceable for us. We have been crying out for a leader in midfield for five years, and he’s exactly what we need. And he will be cheap. Even if he is injured, his off the pitch presence would still be a huge benefit.
    As for other signings, De Rossi is overrated and overpriced, stay away from him. Matuidi makes sense, I would prefer Huntelaar to Chamakh but Chamakh is still a quality player. 5m for Matuidi, 18m for Huntelaar, Hangelaand or Zapata and Vieira.
    Think of the squad: Almunia, Sagna, Vermaelen, Hangelaand, Clichy, Walcott, Fabregas, Vieira, Matuidi, Nasri, Arshavin, Rosicky, Vela, Eduardo, Van Persie, Huntelaar… We’d win the league.

  6. viera and matuidi sounds good, no chance of us getting de rossi, id love huntelaar to sign but knowing us itl be chamakh, for defence i reckon arsene will get bassong, or zapata which would be good as he can play right back also, but i think we’re all agreed we need at least 2 players maybe 3.

  7. Hello,
    I said it earlier that wenger is a genus and the perfect man for the future and continuity of football in general, with this information, I know that every team will be shivering about arsenal squad. the area I want to say is about Daniel de rossi, he is a good player there is no doubt but but he doen’t worth the price, arsenal can do without him, we do not badly need him in our team, nasri, rosicky, fabrigas are enough as supporting striker, but others are quite perfect for the team. this will be a lethal squad In wenger we trust.


  8. Without doubt Vieira should be signed if nothing else to stop him going elsewhere in the Premiership. It wouldn’t be right to see him in any other English team’s shirt. He’s HUGELY motivated to play in South Africa and we know he’d be a great mentor for the youngsters in the squad and a role model for Matuidi who certainly fits the mold of a Wenger signing. I’d love to sign Huntelaar too as he’d surely work well with RVP but that’s a long-shot given his price tag and Wenger’s legendary frugality. Hangelaand is now cup tied thanks to last night’s game so that’s a long-shot also. A minimum of 2 signings are needed and I’d be happy if they are Vieira and Matuidi. BTW when is the Eboue deal going to be finalized?

  9. Can anyone even come up with some sort of supporting evidence that Vieira returns to The Gunners? Has Wenger or Vieira said anything? Or is Wright the only one who has discussed it in the media?

  10. he wants Chamakh & u can count on that.

  11. you guys forgot that wenger let vieira go since we had gilberto.

    to be honest, wenger rated gilberto as better than vieira. just look at the last brazil first eleven and see who’s the holding midfielder

  12. Bringing viera back to arsenal would be the most stupid thing arsenal has ever done.

    Why not gilberto?
    We cxant make any more mistake like what we did bringing silvester.

  13. Let this guy come back. Am confident he wil bolster our young squad to their needed apex man.

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