Wenger will spend + Rosicky's not had a 'setback'

In Arsenal FC on July 30, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Well, that it then. We have sold our best players and we are doomed because our manager won’t spend the 40 million we have from those transfers. On top of that, we have sold to our closest rivals who will beat us to the top four next season.

Everyone with that mindset needs to grow up. Now.

How many times do we hear the exact opposite to what we want to hear from Wenger? Does he do it because he enjoys it? No. He does it in the best interests of the club because if he revealed his targets they would be a lot more expensive the next time he was on the phone to them. So don’t expect Wenger to hold a press conference proclaiming that we will buy X to replace Toure, Y to replace Adebayor and Z because he is a wonderkid.

Before last season Wenger had done some pretty sizable deals on deadline day and that could well be what happens this time round. Remember we could have pulled off a big last day scoop last summer if the Alonso move didn’t fall through. This transfer window is going to be fully utilised by Wenger, who knows how to get deals done by the skin of his teeth. Arshavin, anyone?

Wenger is not stupid, he knows where he will need to add players and the club is bound to ensure he has a sizable transfer kitty for pure public relations reasons. At the end of the day, its not us that watch the players in training every day is it? AW knows the ins and outs of this team and he will know exactly what to do I am sure. If we use this new 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 system, the boss will know we need more depth in the defensive midfield position.

Just give him time, there is no need to worry. I have a feeling we will make a pretty big signing before the start of the Premier League season, Wenger watches players for at least a season before he buys them in many cases so he will probably have his eye on some players.

There is a rumour going around about Patrick Vieira returning to the club, either on a pay-as-you-play deal or a one year contract. In a way I would love to see him back, just because what he would be able to pass on to Song and Denilson would be invaluable. In respect to playing you have to question if he still has it in him to play at such a high level at 33-34 and a pretty shady injury record in the past two or three years. It will probably be something that carries on until there is some comment from Wenger or Paddy himself.

There have also been a few media outlets claiming that Thomas Rosicky has had a setback after the Barnet game, this is not true. Its not a re-occurrence or indeed anything serious. I have heard quite reliably its only muscle cramps, he has been going through rigorous training exercises and admitted himself that he was fit:

“I have a feeling that I am finally getting back to my usual standard of football,” he said.

“During the injury struggle I began preparing many times but it took a long time to get this far.

“I am fit, which is the most important thing now.”

Don’t listen to the sensationalism in the press, he will be fine. Its just proof he is working damn hard.

There have been a few fans that have been pretty strong in their criticism of Arsene Wenger for selling Kolo but he has admitted that he wanted out of the club six months ago, stick that in your pipes and smoke it. Is Wenger a mug now then?

Right, thats about it. More tomorrow.


46 Responses to “Wenger will spend + Rosicky's not had a 'setback'”

  1. We’re the mugs for supporting Wenger.

  2. Yea, thanks mate for the post clears a lot of shit that’s been going around love to see him play in the red and white TR7.

  3. good post, wenger is the one who knows his players the most and knows what we need or don’t need. It would be stupid of him to express what players he is interested in, especially with the current market prices. He takes his time in signing players because he likes to know whether they can perform consistently, no better example than arshavin. And when you think about it, not many of Arsene’s signings have proven to be anything but great value for money.

  4. Sorry mate, Wenger is pants when it comes to transfers. Ivan Gazidis the Chief Executive does all the deals now. He is also the guy who worked miracles to sign Arshavin in January (it wasn’t Wenger). You’re right that Wenger doesn’t talk about deals before they’re done to stop prices being inflated; and I’ll add that Wenger likes unveiling more than one player at a time at press conferences …. like he did after David Dein’s wheeling and dealing in the past – So perhaps he’ll be doing the same after Gazidis does his wheeling and dealing. 🙂

  5. No he bloody isnt. Wenger finds the targets and gives a maximum price he is willing to pay. Gazidis partners him in the negotiations along with PHW.

    Wenger has made a crazy amount of money for Arsenal and brought success.

  6. At this pace we would have signed a wining team by 2050 andwe may well win the premiership a couple of decades afterwards. The truth is that we have won nothing in the last 4 years and we are looking increasingly unlikely to, in the next 4, thanks to the nutty proff.

  7. Jesus christ, get on the Prozac

  8. We are fans of Arsenal FC before ANY the players! Through good AND bad we shall remain!!!!!!

    Whatever Arsene feels is best for the club, so be it!

  9. It looks doom for arsenal next season. We have been calling out for a DM but i doubt we would get one. We would still be sticking around with Song, Denilson and Diaby.

    Our problem is there and instead or solving the problem, wenger is creating a bigger problem. Selling toure is really a lost. With only Gallas, Vermaelen and Djourou, our CB looks kind of weak. Though there is Senderos as well, but I think wenger wants to sell him as well. Silvestre is a gone case on my part and Song, i would prefer him to stay as a DM.

    Its gloomy arsenal days again. I really hate to say this but if wenger continues with his dumb tricks and does not deliver any trophies to arsenal, then I would have no choice but to support wenger’s removal as manager or Arsenal FC. Wenger has to go if he continue to be stubborn in his trust in youngsters, especially since knowing that Arsenal are lacking in experience.

    I seriously hope for a stronger arsenal next season, but at this rate, I expect to see a weaker arsenal. An arsenal that might not even be in Europe comes the season after next – meaning we loses to Man City, Tottenham, Aston Villa and Everton.

    Remember, last season Villa pushed us quite a bit in the battle for fourth place. Several seasons ago, we managed to get 4th place back from spurs only on the last day of the season. Wenger did not learn anything from these, and seriously i dont think he will learn anything unless he is sacked.

  10. Goonerc, your comment is basically a repeat of the blog… what’s that all about ? You should try thinking for yourself it’s a right laugh ! As for Mr. Goonblogger,i see your a fully paid up member of the “In Arsene we trust” club.I’m neither a lover or a hater of Wenger but I’d just like to know what your position would be at the end of the season if we don’t win anything and finish outside the top4,would you say carry on Arsene i still love ya or would you say something slightly different.Well don’t answer that because it wouldn’t make a difference because Wenger won’t be hangin around when that happens either will fab,arshavin,rvp, our only 3 world class players.Where will we be then? I really hope he sign’s those 3 players we need because we need them desperately !

  11. We have a month left for fuck sake. Get some perspective. Toure was 3-4th choice in defence and 16 mil for him is brilliant. 25 for Ade is bigger than we were offered last summer as well.

    Wenger is the man to have in charge of a 40 mil warchest.

  12. Jamie im not in any club. I am an Arsenal fan, nothing else.

  13. The best post i’v read during this window. Reading all this propaganda in the media is making people (including myself) pessimistic and dismissive. This is a realistic and optimistic post. Thanks for the optimism : )

  14. Cheers, jack

  15. However, I do really think a few transfers are in order. I would buy:


    An experienced DM (not sure Viera is the answer to all our problem tbh)

    Perhaps Huntelarr…saying that Benther is looking good and Vela has apparently shone throughout this Gold cup.

    I am sure Wenger is on the same wave length. However, there is the worry that he thinks:]

    Don’t need CB because replaced Toure with Vermalaen. Senderos wasn’t here last season so dont need to repace him if sold.

    Song, Denilson adequate for holding midfielder role.

    Easily enough striking force.

    How is he thinking?

  16. DM is a necessity. Maybe some defensive cover, nothing more than that in my opinion.

  17. Goonblogger, you seem to be an apologist for the management from what I can see of your comments so far. With lines like he [Wenger] has made so much money for arsenal, get some perspective and we still have a month … You should definitely qualify for a slot on the official web site.

  18. Whats wrong with not going totally fucking loopy because we have sold a couple of players who’s hearts were no longer with the club.

    We have not lost a Fabregas, van Persie or Arshavin like United have in Ronaldo and Tevez.

  19. chelsea lost hiddink man utd lost tevez and ronaldo liverpool are about to lose xabi alonso and mashcerano and we lost adebayor and toure lol plus wenger said arsenal will sign and i honestly don’t think we need more than one experienced we;; known proven world class dm although if we played 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 we won’t need one

  20. i personally think that we still need to sign a good keeper…
    sergio asenjo would av been my first choice, as he is still only 20, but he was sold for just 5 million quid!
    but i would now opt for akinfeev of cska. he is young at 22 and would be the perfect no.1 for arsenal, almunia is far better than any of the keepers we have at the moment, so he should become our 2nd choice keeper. i am not a huge fan of hangelaand however, and i think someone like chiellini or mertesacker, who would be available for around 15m each, would be better alternatives.
    huntelaar is a must buy in my eyes, he will cost only 1m more than the joke that is darren bent is being sold for! 🙂

  21. Prof we are under your umbrella we support you, please we want Hunterlla at top attacking.

  22. Guys, I forked out £4K for 3 season tickets again ! and have supported the club for 40 years…
    If AW and his accountants are not willing to strengthen the squad, I am not giving them my hard earned money ever again ! Mark my words, there will be thousands of returned season tickets next year if, God forbid, we miss out on C/L and/or win nothing again !!!!!!!
    Need a goalie, a DM and Huntelaar and go for it.

  23. well said ralph mate..
    we have got 50m for 3, lets face it, decent players. not world class players anymore.. but decent ( toure, adebayor, and apparently eboue)
    in todays market, that money could buy us:
    Akinfeev ( keeper ) 10-15m
    veloso/toure/m. diarra ( def mids ) 10-20m
    hangelaand/mertesacker/chielini/naldo ( centre halfs ) 10-15m
    huntelaar 15m

    so one of those from each position, would be a dream, and wud be possible if wenger is willing to spend all the money recouped from citys generosity 🙂
    and these signings would also guarantee the club some silverware, so if the board think about it, spending the money, would result in the club making money from winning trophies, and keeping the fans who pay 1000’s of pounds for tickets will be happy aswell… so its a win-win

  24. huntellar 15 mil
    no goalkeepers waste of money
    hangeland or chellini 10 depends on how much does wenger want to spend and i don’t think there are good available defensive midfielders know i would love de rossi though

  25. i get what your saying mate, but we only have one good keeper and thats almunia. if he got injured we wud be left to choose between mannone and fabianksi for however long almunia was out for… so i think it would be a worthy investment in akinfeev, as we cud then send out the other two on loan to get some experience of games.
    and de rossi would be an awesome signing man, yesterday on wikipedia it sed that he was an arsenal player! and that he will wear the number 13, but it was just some arse messing around :@
    said the same about huntelaar aswell :S
    if chiellini really is available though, then we shud definitely get him, and we need to get a move on with huntelaar, with those jews still sniffing around him.

  26. dont you think that if we need a number two keeper we should get an old, experienced keeper?

    Also, out of De Rossi, João Moutinho and Veloso. Who would you pick?

  27. Goonblogger, I don’t know how it happened, but it seems the emtire readership of Le Grove made their way over to comment on your blog. A good many of the youngsters who can’t quite appreciate what Arsene has done for the club seem to be the most active commenters, as well as the most easily swayed by shit-stirring from the Sun or the Mail. We’ve been over this before. Arsene knows what he’s doing. We sell two players who were surplus to requirements, and the sky is suddenly falling in on us? A little patience and perspective are needed but not heeded by many Arsenal fans.

    As for your question, I’d personally go for De Rossi. I don’t know much about Portuguese football, but it seems Veloso and Joao Moutinho have been pumped up by XBOX games.

  28. de rossi hands down..
    the man is class! just what we need in our midfield alongside cesc.

  29. FUCKIN BASTARD….see it’s better you learn to ignore

  30. Fuck off you immature little cunthound.

  31. Hahaha…look who’s talking…Buffoon Blogger

  32. get fucked randy you arsehole.
    go speak your mind on some other fuckin blog you absolute prick!!

  33. The earlier fans stop thinkin of arsenal as a football club and start thinkin of it as an investment company, the better 4 everybody. Wake up to reality

  34. Ignore that twat.

    De Rossi would be great but I can’t see him coming to us, hes a Roma boy.

  35. Might sound crazy to sum, but I think we are still a top 4 team easy without Ade and Kolo. Arshavin will light it up this season, and TV looks quality. I really hope that we splash sum cash on a DM.

  36. It does not sound crazy… because it is the truth!

  37. pls try ignoring these fools for once, they wnt attentn & u’r giving them. I assure u they’ll die if you try this approach. nice blog.

  38. I agree with kunlewoye about ignoring idiot commenters on the blog.

    But there comes a time when you just HAVE TO tell someone that they’re a complete and utter CUNT.

    Randy Osae, you’re unoriginal, boring and ignorant – I could think of plenty more adjectives to describe you as well.

    Grow up for once in your life.

  39. Gooner Chris – Brilliant. I think you speak for a million people.

  40. hahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahaha
    Randy Osae.

    We’ll be fine, Gooners. R-E-L-A-X. Still a month to go in the window, and Arsene was not going to make any buys while the team were in Austria. Back in London now, and sure serious looks and moves will be made. Perhaps nothing earth-shattering, but Arsene WILL strengthen the side before all is said and done this summer.

  41. intriguing – the viera connection has hit the telegraph…

    ‘Arsene Wenger is expected to hold talks imminently with Patrick Vieira’

    At least they’re a little more reliable that daily mail or notw!

  42. The Guardian are running with the PV and Matuidi story which is believable. The Independant have ruined my faith in broadsheets though, that De Rossi story is shocking.

  43. hope springs eternal… we may get a dmf that we actually need!

    I’ve never like the independent anyways!

  44. Wenger is getting rid of space wasters, that is good, but he must put something inplace of the space, otherwise he leaves gaps in the club. I still feel that Senderos and Silvestre should go, even one of the two Denilson or Song, because if he buys a new DM then they will never get the chance to play and that is a waste of resources. I feel that last season he played Diaby as a wing too much, THAT IS NOT HIS POSITION, slot him in at DM give him a chance. I feel we need some height and strength at the back. Another creative spark in front “Chamakh’ or “Pandev”, because watching the Hannover game, you will notice that as soon as Fabregas left, so did the spark. We need someone who can create something out of nothing, and although Klaas is a great finisher, he is not a spark plug. With that, I feel we will make it this season. Hopefully Theo “the over-rated one” will show some intelligence, this season, because the boy does not have a sharp football brain (like Fabregas), if not, we have rosicky back to replace him perfectly. If you have watched Chelsea in pre-season, you KNOW that as we stand we have no hope in Hell or Heaven of winning anything if we face them. We must strengthen, it is imperative.

  45. d excitemnt abt who’s goin to be signed & who’s leavin really makes d after-season kinda interesting in an awkwrd sort of way(considering shittalkers too, like our Mr wanker up there). we have been linkd with, at least, 15 players & we’ve only got 1!


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