Thanks, Kolo + Eboue off to Fiorentina, a new era beckons?

In Arsenal FC on July 29, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

As we all expected, Kolo Toure has signed a four year deal with Man Citeh, and in return we pick up another 16 million from them. Not bad business.

First of all I want to thank Kolo for years of stellar service for the club, he lived and died by the Arsenal crest for many years and will never be forgotten. However, his time has come and gone and we need to get up and move on towards next season where it seems we are going to have to take Citeh seriously, whether we like it or not.  They have signaled their intent by snaring three players from two top four teams, albeit in differing circumstances. They ain’t splashing that cash for nothing.

I can still remember a feature on Kolo Toure on Football Focus one morning many, many years ago and its one of the only real programmes I have ever seen that painted an Arsenal footballer in such a fine light. He was a true pro for us and as much as I want to say good luck to him, I hope his new team rot in the doldrums of Satan’s colon.

It seems the outpouring of Africans has left Emmanuel Eboue seeking an exit, he is very good friends with both Adebayor and Toure, after yesterdays 1-0 win over Hannover he went over to the Arsenal fans and gave his boots to a little kid and gave his shirt to the fans, I get the feeling he was waving goodbye. Florence awaits?

Again we seemed to go out in the 4-3-3 formation people were crying out for after the Champions League final in May, we set up in a formation similar to this:





I like it. We are re-enforced defensively by Song and Denilson who are really a good contrast, Song is good at tackling and generally getting in the way, whereas Denilson is more of a harrier who runs his arse off. This gives Cesc the freedom to pull the strings in the middle of the park and lay on passes for the likes of Arshavin, van Persie and Bendtner.

Our only goal last night can only be described as a beautiful bit of link up play by van Persie, setting Cesc Fabregas through one on one with the keeper, whom he rounded and rolled the ball home. It was a brilliant goal and the only one of the game.

Back onto the topic people will probably be thinking about the most, money. We have around 40 million smackeroonies to play with, but we can probably take around 15 million off that at least to cover the purchase of Arshavin in January. In any case, we actually have the money at the club to invest in a world class holding midfielder which we will need, especially given that Song will be of to ACN duty in January, fitness and form permitting of course.

If Eboue is on his way we will need a new utility player, or right full back cover. Sadly, there is nobody we can really promote from the youth ranks in that position, Gavin Hoyte doesn’t seem to be that highly rated by Wenger.

Something that wouldn’t surprise is a final day flurry by Arsene, however we need a midfielder before that. We have a big bank of midfielders but not in the role that is being screamed out for at the moment, in the defensive mold we only really have two, and if Arsene plans to field two at a time we are going to need depth.

Hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen.

More tomorrow.

8 Responses to “Thanks, Kolo + Eboue off to Fiorentina, a new era beckons?”

  1. we should have asked for micah richards who is a defender and a right back

  2. Ian Wright thinks Viera will return (on a free) on a pay as you play basis… apparently.

    Interesting… but i dnt think its anything more than that!

  3. Im most sad that eboue is leaving. One more year and I think he could finally have won most of the fans over. Hes a massively talented footballer and hes finally started to show what he can really do recently.
    Im a little disappointed toure is leaving for man city and not a club abroad. Hes still a good player… But I would nonetheless have to echo what you said in the post. Been a great player for us and provided some great memories. Easily one of wengers best signings imo.

  4. Kolo was Great, key word was. We got good bank for him and Ade. At the same time we unloaded two want-a-ways who didn’t want to be here. Fine by me. With that money a strong CDM is needed badly, and should be priority #1! We don’t need another striker, unless its Huntelaar. How much are we getting for Eboue? Is Hangeland a real possibility?

  5. Still need a Flamini crunchertype DM 。Song/Denilson rolled into One,specially to replace Song at ANC time。Hate to see us playing in Spunx colours,what idiot decided on 3rd kit?Would they play in Rednwhite?

  6. thank God new signings are now inevitable for AFC & I’m talking 2 at the least. I would love Eboue to stay & that’s not to say he’s going coz it’s a bit far-fetched to conclude he’s leaving coz he waved to fans & gave his boots to a boy, remember dat d relatnship with fans is 1 of d things AW wants to address dis season.

  7. what’s up with Daniele de Rossi? anyone?

  8. de Rossi is committed to Roma mate. Hangelaand is not really a Wenger player, not is Huntelaar.

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