Lay off Niklas Bendtner…

In Arsenal FC on July 27, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Just had a peek at a few stats, mainly taken from the official site. They should know the stats if anyone does.

Niklas Bendtner has made 44 starts in an Arsenal jersey. He has made 49 appearances off the bench, bear in mind when you join a game ten minutes from time the chances of scoring are pretty low even for the top, top players.

He has scored 24 goals in total for Arsenal.

24 goals in 44 starts is a better than 1/2 ratio.

In the season he turned 21 (played the majority at 20) years of age, he scored 15 goals.

When he was predominantly 19 (season before last) he scored 9 goals. He only made 17 starts.

On top of all this he also contributes a lot of assists, along with his 9 goals in the 2007/08 campaign he contributed 7 assists.

Last season he contributed 4 assists.

At 21 years old van Persie scored 10 goals in all competitions, this was in probably the best Arsenal side of all time.

At 18 years of age Niklas scored 13 goals in the Championship. For someone of that age, that is a pretty remarkable achievement.

The guy has it all, nice technique, a brilliant header of the ball and when in-front of goal he is pretty clinical. He want through a bad spell last season but emerged from it a better player, he is more than capable of filling in the mostly offside gap that was Adebayor.

Just a little snippet for you there.

Back tomorrow.


10 Responses to “Lay off Niklas Bendtner…”

  1. My thoughts exactly, only this time, succinctly put. Permission to say “BOOYA”?

    Excellent write up.

  2. Thanks fella, you have permission Jammathon.

  3. my thots exactly..
    nikki B is the bomb, people dont realize he is only 21.
    wenger should get a DM, we dont need an adebayor replacement, cos he wasnt there in the first place.
    whatever happend to veloso, i thot we were out for him last summer?

  4. The best line-up

    —————- almunia —————–
    sagna — Ver/toure* — djourou/gallas — clichy/gibbs
    ———— Nasri —— Song/Denillson ———-
    —– Theo ———- Cesc ——– Arshavin
    ———- RVP/Eduardo —– Nikki B./vela ——–

    Killer line-up!!!

  5. […] is looking more and more confident (answering the critics?); almost as if on some kind of high after Adebayor’s […]

  6. Toure is the defensive midfielder we need a-la Petit. Before Wenger transformed Toure into a defender he was a midfielder. Pace, power and presence exactly what we need to back-up the defence and judicially get forward…

  7. Well done Rahul! Killer line-up! If Arsenal get permission to field 12 players in a game, they would definitely beat any side 99 times out of 100!

  8. i think a 4-3-3 formation would be a killer idea for Arsenal, just imagine Arshavin,RVP and Eduardo up front?


    ——————Fabregas—New Dm———–Rosicky——


    Goals galore!

  9. @ Rahul: 1)u av 12 players there. 2) u left out Rosicky whom I think, if he’s alrite as they say, will play and 3) pls Gibbs is still an understudy & wnt bench Clichy or even threaten to imo as he’s not as fearless (yet)
    @goonerpete: Arshavin/Vela??? wld u play Vela instead of a fit Arshavin? and you left out Nasri who’s class.
    I’d prefer
    Sagna Kolo Gallas Clichy

    Song/new Dm

    Nasri Cesc Rosicky


    Bendtner, Vela, Walcott, Eboue, Denilson, Djorou, Vermaelen and Gibbs will give us options as they all are players with specific characteristics in case we need to change our style in a match.

  10. how about senderos as a DM? to be fair, he looked more than capable there against haladas and he looked good going forward aswell.

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