Cattermole rumours persist – Bendtner/Eduardo partnership

In Arsenal FC on July 27, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Evening all,

bit late in blogging today as I’ve had a pretty long day and I am the proud owner of a massive headache. Its not a hangover or anything, it genuinely feels like ive been battered over the head with a crowbar.

We played a Hungarian team earlier on today named fdgjhfdoighgfhdsfug (or Szombathelyi for the purists out there). We saw Eduardo and Bendtner partner each other for the first time in pre-season and they both bagged a brace in what was a productive partnership, The only real surprise was the absence of Thomas Rosicky but he will probably play against Hannover when we step up the preparation level, Kolo Toure started despite missing the morning training session after a fitness scare. This got people worrying because with all the recent speculation surrounding him about Man Citeh, they put 2 and 2 together and came out with 50.

Anyway the final score was 5-0, contrary to the official site claiming we bagged six. Bendtner scored twice, Eduardo netted two lovely goals and van the man netted his second penalty of pre-season.

During the Carling Cup campaign of the season before last we saw the Bendtner and Eduardo partnership fairly often and you could see from the outset it had some serious potential, the two seem to complement each others games very well and it will be interesting to see it being used next season, Bendtner has been firing them in during pre-season, likewise he did last time round but he had a slow start to the campaign. Hopefully this time round he will fare better. Traore also caught the eye with another nice performance.

Keeping with the striker theme, van Persie has joined the contingent who really wouldn’t mind a new striker at the club. He said:

“It depends how the boss wants to play – with one or two strikers up front, but myself, Eduardo, Nicklas and Carlos Vela can all play the main role up front. So there are at least four options.

“However if you ask me I am not against a new player as well because it would strengthen our squad.”

Honestly, I believe investing in a new striker should be down towards the bottom of our list because a new defensive midfielder with experience is where I think we really need to improve. One thing we have to be wary of is having too much dead wood in the squad, but also having a squad of a healthy size to support a title challenge right down to the bitter end.

Saying that, a large squad full of average players does not guarantee success. Just take a look at Hull last season, they had the biggest squad in the league.

Lee Cattermole is the latest player to be linked with us, he is known for his crunching challenges and being young n’ all that, in the media’s eye he fits the bill for a Wenger purchase. To be frank I don’t think he will be arriving at the club and especially not for the 10 million smackers he is being priced at.

Dennis Bergkamp has been speaking about how Andrey Arshavin can add his name to the Arsenal history books if he continues the breathtaking performances of last season as he embarks on his first full season with the club.

“Arshavin has every chance of becoming a favourite of the London fans,

“Arsenal found the kind of player they have been lacking.

“I hope Andrey will not rest on his laurels and will to continue to work to a higher level. Then he will become part of Arsenal’s history.

“The advice is simple but important for any player who moves to the Premier League: give everything, fight all through the game – those are the qualities that the fans fall in love with.

“In England it’s not enough to be a talented player.”

Expectations of him are going to be very, very high going into the new season so you could almost forgive him a slow start, at the end of the day the guy is still adapting to the English game. He is probably our most influential player along with Cesc and if we are to have success next season we will be needing both at their very best because no defence could cope with them on their day.

After a few noises about AC Milan sniffing around Niklas Bendtner he made sure everyone knew he was committed to the club:

“I haven’t heard anything. As far as I know I am totally with Arsenal. This is where I want to be. This is something special and I want to be a part of it. This is the club I want to play with and it has always been that way.”

Its sometimes hard to believe the lads still 21, there are very, very few world class strikers at the age of 21 and I really, really do think this guy can be something special in a few years. He has all the raw ingredients.

There is also good news for John Hartson who is described as ‘getting stronger’. There is one guarantee and that will be the guy will keep on fighting. Again I’d like to say I wish him all the best in his recovery fight.

Thats about all, ’till tomorrow.

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