Growing number of fickle Arsenal fans are a disgrace to the club

In Arsenal FC on July 25, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Evening all, I have to say events over the last 24 hours have left me, for pretty much the first time, to be rather sad at the way some sections of the Arsenal support are going about ‘supporting’ the club.

There is one blog in particular that seems so devoted to ousting Arsene Wenger it does not even mention supporting the club we love anymore, it should probably be named

And all this has kicked off because of what? We have not signed an Albanian central midfielder? Anyone would think we bottled it in a bidding war, but we haven’t. We were never even officially interested in the guy, for christ sake he has gone to Sunderland. Not Man United.

Man Citeh not even putting in a bid shows he was not worth it.

I admit to liking the look of this Cana bloke but at the end of the day, Wenger is someone who knows what he is doing. He won’t slam in a bid for any old player like Mark Hughes seems to be doing, when he is really interested in a player nine times out of ten he will end up at the club sooner or later.

This is just the latest episode in what seems to be an ever growing anti-Arsene campaign, and more importantly, an anti-Arsenal campaign. Everything seems to be maligned, the structure of the club, the reticence to have a foreign owner, (something that should be praised), the whole philosophy of the club is not appreciated anymore.

In the last twenty years the club has been extremely successful and the man to thank for that, mostly, is Arsene Wenger, the likes of Overmars, Henry, Fabregas, Pires and Ljungberg would probably not have been seen at the club if Wenger had never been here. Would we have gone an entire season unbeaten if that man was not at the helm? Doubt it.

We are currently in an era of foreign, unsustainable ownership. Nothing of the sort has happened before. In the spending power ranks the club is out of the top four, its probably out of the top six. Doesn’t that make finishing in the top four an even better achievement? We have some class players, a lot of these players were developed from a young age by Wenger or spotted in average teams and were previously unknown.

These achievements are not measured in trophies, thats why the fans don’t always know how well we are actually doing. Do you think all Wenger is interested in is finishing in the top four? He has won the league before and he wants to win it again, be assured of that. Once you have had a sniff of Caviar you are not going to be wanting to feast on Mutton.

Now, the structure at the club is not perfect, but what is? Are we owned by a bloke who is making his money from a natural resource that is fast running out? Are we owned by an Arab government investment wing that will sooner or later get bored?

Do we want to be?

I like to think a lot of people agree with what a write and I know a lot of people are going to be agreeing with what I am saying now. Why is the support for the club so divided? ‘AKB’S’ or the ‘WENGER OUT BRIGADE’, why are we arguing amongst each other? The atmosphere at the Emirates stank at times last season, even some of our own players got booed, it is a coincidence that one of those players has now gone and another, in Eboue, is looking to the exit door?

Look at Newcastle for a club that fan power has destroyed. Not so long ago it was in the top five, now its rotting in the Championship.

Supporters are supposed to do one thing, and that support the club. One common goal. It seems that the whole purpose of supporting a club is being forgotten. I hope the support of last season, at home at least, is left behind and this time we can really get behind our team.

Why the knifes are out in July is another thing that baffles me, a certain blog is already predicting we will finish behind Sp*rs for Christs sake, its JULY. There is an entire month left of which we can use to bring someone in, we have not even played a game of note yet.

Wenger is a man that hardly sees his own family he works so hard, does he deserve all this stick? Especially after what he has given to the fans in the past ten/eleven years, we have had more success we have ever had. Don’t get me wrong, he is by no means perfect and he has made some mistakes, oh how we could do with Flamini or Diarra now, but thats the beauty of football. Its the pain of it too. How did you feel after Arsenal went an entire season unbeaten?

Supporters should be there during the great and the testing times, the meaning is in the title and its a damn shame that some people can’t recognise that. They don’t deserve to support a club like ours in my opinion.

Tomorrow I will have a catch up of all the latest news but I feel that all needed to be said today, this club gets a lot of flak in the press and whilst it would be unhealthy to develop some sort of ‘everyone hates us’ complex, the fans should be the ones to show the doubters they are wrong and stick two fingers up at them.

Just remember, the job description is in the title.

More tomorrow.


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  1. Brilliant stuff, my sentiments exactly. Don’t forget that it’s just a loud minority making all the negative noises, the vast majority of us are still sane people.


  3. i actually agree with your sentiments on almost everything. but i will say this idea that cricising the club or wenger means you aren’t a supporter is totally ridiculous. if you support them you always wish the best for them. if you see the club you love taking decisions which you think will be bad why would you wish for those decisions to be carried through just because you love the team?

    let me clarify with an example.

    (i don’t think this for the record)

    the top 3 teams are better than us and city will be an awful lot better next season as will everton and co- if we don’t buy a dm we’ll finish 5th at best if we do buy one it might make a big difference to our defense

    if you were to think that the above is true, or likely, why would you say YES LETS NOT BUY ANYONE JUST BECAUSE WENGER SAYS SO?

    nobody knows the future, and not everyone’s predictions are right, but if you think wenger is leading arsenal into a train wreck situation (absolutely NOT in my opinion) then of course if you give a shit about the club you will say wenger out. if you predict a train wreck is oncoming and you don’t wish for change then you don’t love the club at all.

    what is the right change? should we sell up? to whom? should we buy this player or that? speculating is all anyone can do. some people take more of a knee jerk reaction than others and they are likely to wish rash and often stupid things with very little push. but if you want what you think is best for the club then that’s all that makes you a supporter.

    nobody should say fuck the club because they’re frustrated because that’s literally not supporting it. but criticising it and calling for change (albeit sometimes strongly) is part of what proves you care rather than just having some vague bland empty association with it.

    you love your kids but you wouldn’t say that’s a good enough reason to never tell them off when they do things wrong. there’s a place and a time (and severity) which varies from person to person but blindly saying I LOVE ARSENAL and happily watching it make terrible decisions is not the action of someone who really cares at all.

    personally i think next season is potentially very important for us and i wish for wenger to stay. i am undecided on what i think he should do in the transfer market. deep down the thought of huntelaar plus a dm makes me see stars, but more realistically i think it’s hard to judge how good (or not good enough) we will be next season so i will just hope wenger makes the right decisions.

    but if he doesn’t sign anyone and song gets injured straight away- then our dm role is lightweight and we concede cheap goals because we don’t have a good enoguh replacement for song i will feel understandably annoyed that wenger didn’t address a problem that i think is glaring and will be justified in saying ‘for fuck’s sake swallow some pride and buy someone!’.

  4. to carry my point further, eboue was SO shit the season before last and the first half of this one just gone. almost every single game he was so poor it was beyond a joke. his not scoring a goal all season a year ago was not a coincidence, the word shocking didn’t do his terrible displays justice. and yet he got played SO OFTEN. it didn’t matter how shit he was there was no limit to what it would take before wenger would admit he was making the team worse. if he didn’t feel he had any other options that’s one thing, but the transfer windows came and went and wenger still had blind limitless faith in eboue to stop being shit for some reason.

    his getting booed was embarassing. but if wenger was planning on letting him play all season again then i’m sorry but in that particular case wenger was being horrendously blind to a point which was severely detrimental to the team. not only was he shit but he was always diving, had a bad attitude, argued with the ref when he had been diving himself and was always looking likely to get sent off (see spurs). i like to think i’m a pretty patient person but seeing him on the team sheet AGAIN and AGAIN made me start to wonder if eboue was somehow blackmailing wenger to give him games or some other shit because there’s no good reason why wenger should be allowing him to play so often.

    then he got booed and as painful as it is seeing our own booing the team, a change was made (eventually) which saw certain players including eboue turn things around a bit. sometimes people won’t do a job properly unless they have the people paying their wages reminding them of that and if booing wenger and eboue made the difference between 5th and 4th then the club arguably got something good out of it and we can be grateful of at least that.

  5. It is about time someone took on the “once you express concern about the club you are fickle” brigade which you seem to be a patron of.

    Now let me make this clear to you. “You do not own Arsenal Fc” nor do we have to ask the “real fans” like you permission to make comments in case we upset you and you have to write a short sighted article like the one you have written. Believe it or not the majority of Arsenal fans know their football. We know we need to improve the defensive side of our game especially against the bigger sides and core to this is the defensive side of midfield (holding player). Even our own players know this (FABREGAS mentioned it) and want someone in with experience. So is it abhorrent if fans are worried when a player who could have been suitable signs for another club for a fee in our price range of £5 million? This is an article clearly written by someone who has a misguided high opinion of their credibility as an Arsenal fan. Now if you can stomach a fellow Arsenal fan (Doing the I am not worthy) show this entry or otherwise prove to me you are the halfwit I believe you are.

  6. that’s the problem im having with all you arsene brigade, arsenal fans eyes are opened and they’ve seen that the more wenger is growing old, the more retards he becomes but you arsene brigades are still living on past glory. how many times did we see our team been bulldozed by the likes of bolton, hull city, stoke etc last season? or have u 4gotten how evra came out to exposed us”it was men against boys” or lil anderson destroying song and denilson in the middle? cana was just wat we need to scare da hell out of them coz no player would like to see his career been ended and as such each time cana approaches to tackle, fear will grip em and dat gives fabregas more focus attacking wise.


  7. Shayne how eloquent you are , you are just the sort of thick supporter we dont need

  8. What are the Arsene fans going to do when he leaves? The longer Arsene persists with his ‘policy’, the more he makes his previous success appear a fluke.

  9. another moron article. What the fuck has “foreign” ownership got to do with anything….its about good ownership. Look at Mike Ashley versus the Glazers…who is better….doubtless pond life like u would say Ashley cause he is english!

    I have supproted Arsenall for 35 years, yes we have achieved great things under Wenger….but is starting to look more like Clough than Ferguson in terms of astuteness these days. A bit delusional and not realising what it takes to win anymore.

  10. I am a confused arsenal fan bcos we kno our problem[dm] and we don’t want to fix it.if we don’t buy at least a dm i won’t watch any of our matches next season so dat i don’t get hypertensive.pls wenger & d board shld come out & tell us abt d financial situation of arsenal.

  11. I suppose the only way for little englanders to be heard is on their own website!lol The Arsenal board are archaic and out of touch. David Dein saw the writing on the wall, but maybe went about things the wrong way. Its been downhill since he left.

  12. Ryan, Eboue was not sh*t this season at all in fact he was one of a best players in the early part of the season. If you were not biased and/or partially sighted you would have seen that. I suppose you have not noticed that Walcott hasn’t been a particularly awe inspiring winger either or that our team had not been playing good football throughout the season despite Eboues best efforts.

    No let’s not look at that just blame Eboue for the slump and bring up all his past discrepancies no matter how long ago to justify your hatred. Get of the bandwagon and it is always more effective to see the truth when you have your eyes open

  13. Why do so many fans think that the addition of a DM will solve everything?!….a centre back who can head the ball and shows a bit of courage might help too!

  14. fuck me you lot, the season aint even began yet, you make it sound like its over before its started. so we didnt sign cana, oh well, yeah hes a big fucker and im sure most players would bottle out of tackles with him and he would give fabregas more freedom to attack but the trasnfer window doesnt close till midnight on the 31st august, just because he didnt get cana it doesnt mean he wont get someone else, and to be honest cana ending up at sunderland kind of shows you that he probably aint that good, he might be big and strong but so is baptista, you gotta have some skills to go with it. at the end of the day we dont have the sort of cash that the other top 3 do, we can buy one or two players each window unlike the other clubs who can buy who they like but we have one thing they dont, arsene wenger, say what use like about him but the mans a genius, ok so right now things dont look as good as they once did but give it time, let the season unfold, remember we have alot of young players and they’ll all be better this year from last seasons lessons. ill probably get bombarded for this but towards the end of last season i really thought song was looking very good, he is also a big strong lad and he’s another option for center midd, agreed we do need some experience there and hopefully in the next 5 weeks arsene will bring one in, give the man a chance, wait and see, smoke some weed, chill the fuck out!!!!!! and on the striker issue, well do we really need a new one, eduardo is back, maybe one more would be usefull and im sure wenger is looking. personally id like to see some of our youve players get a real chance this year, look what happened when we was forsed to play gibbs because of injuries, he was amazing, the one i really really want to see get some games this year is wilshire, i think hes class, reminds me of rooney, obviously not hes ability but hes attitude, for someone so young he comes on with that dont give a fuck look and he plays ball, i like him and i hope he gets some games. and finally i would just like to say thank fuck rosicky is back, the man is a class act, cant wait to see him playing, i think our attacking midds are quality, fabregas, arshavin, nasri, rosicky, there all quality players capable of winning any game together. watch out man u, were comming!!!!!!!

  15. nice way to end a stupid debate
    well said brad

  16. Another blog whose inhabitants cant think beyond “man u were coming” or “come on u gunners”. Yes brads comments sums it all up 🙂

  17. The average intellect of the football supporter is ….below 65!!! I think the Pond skater has about 70!

  18. Some of u guys a re muppets.we are still in july and u are already attacking arsene!! listen we still have a month to bring in one or two players, but u guys are whining as if we have failed to win a trophy for the coming season!! I have learned to be positive no matter what!!

    We have eduardo back, rosicky back, and a genius in arshavin(this man alone helped us to qualify for champions league)so i belive this season is going to be big for him…I have high hopes for this season.Arsene is trying to sell all those players he thinks are not going to contribute towards our team’s success..remember the african players have got ACN(AFRICA CUP OF NATIONS) and so there is a possibility of losing all of if u can get rid of eboue and adebayor, why not!!


  19. How do you know the club dont want to fix it though? there is ages left until the start of September…

    For the record, i think citicism of the club is healthy 99% of the time but its ok until it goes waaaaay over the top, which is what has happened recently.

  20. I agree…it’s about time we have supported our beloved Arsenal and AW…We have great players and promising team, they are young but now have enough experience to play in EPL + CL and do remember there are clubs in Spain, Italy, Germany and even in EPL who have spent heavily on their squads last season and season before without much success.. Just ask ourselves one simple question; what was the total investment on our entire team and compare our standings in Champions League, FA cup and EPL vs other teams… we have unfinished business in our hands guys and if you are a true Gooner – than come on and support the Arsenal’s cause and increase the morale of the team, most importantly please STOP being pessimistic all the time about AW and our team… Now we have massive depth in our squad – so don’t worry and let’s make visiting teams know that we all are behind our team + AW and see what wonder our team can deliver next season… Come on fellows!!

  21. Its about time someone else realised this. Everytime i check one of the the Arsenal messages on espnsoccernet here is some johnny-come-lately yelling “Wenger needs to go if he doesnt spend 40 million.” or, “sign Dzeko and a cdm right now” or the more recent “Huntelaar and Martins”. Before it was “Tevez right now or wenger has to go.”

    Its just fantasy football from people who have played FIFA on their xbox too many times and have lost a grip on the reality of the situation at our club. The whole romance of Arsenal is that we do MORE WITH LESS. THAT IS THE POINT!!!! THAT IS WHO WE ARE!!!!
    We are not a privately owned club, and we shouldn’t look to be either.

    Every year we have finished in the top four with Wenger. The only other club in recent memory to do that is United. Not even Liverpool have managed to finish in the top four every year. I honestly think we have all been spoilt by Wenger, none of you show the respect that he deserves. There aren’t many other coaches who can actually make money like Arsene does for our club. He made Adebayor taking him from when the fans used to chant “sex fingers” cause he used to fuck everything he touched, to $25 million for the club. Where is the respect? If Arsene thinks Bendtner can do the job, then i back him, because he knows more about football than fickle Arsenal fans, plus he has taken raw talent (a zillion times) and turned them into diamonds. Bendtner actually likes Arsenal too, he is commited and even though his touch is rough, he commits to the cause and works his ass off when he is on the field.

    Same with the infamous “lack of a cdm” comment. Anyone who watched Arsenal towards the end of the year saw Song. If you didnt see what Song was doing, then thats because you dont really know football. Strong, solid tackler, big presence and extremely disruptive, and an above average passer getting better. Just because he doesnt rate well on Fifa 09, doesnt mean he is shit. Of all the players that have been touted for that position (diaby, denilson, song)it is Song who should be in there (Diaby plays more like an attacking midfielder and denilson isnt strong enough yet). Song is on a massive improvement curve, and i think if he gets the run he deserves playing as Cescs’ minder, we will really start to reap the rewards mid season.

    There is a pressure to win trophies at Arsenal: and i think thats fair. But criticism without respect and recognition, and viable alternatives which are sustainable to the club is tiresome. In the end, Arsenal is not like the other big clubs. And thats why we are unique… we play our own football our own way, and dont spend big. We never have. Thats never been our way…. And i hope it never is because i love Arsenal.

  22. Song did look very good at the end of last season but I think another midfielder would complete the team.

  23. And maybe another addition in defence…right sided cover?

  24. someone tell me, does supporting the team mean NOT saying whats going wrong or what can be improved at the club or within the team. Even the team that wins the champions league and the championship needs to see how they can do better so that they arent toppled the following season. and to say you have issues with supporters who voice their opinion when one of the five richest clubs in the world, with probably the most expensive ticket to watch a match in world football after failing to win ANYTHING in five years is taking supporters for granted like the arsenal board who seem to want to see the arsenal share price go up as supporters shippishly churn out the cash to prop the share price instead of events on the pitch.

  25. the funniest part about this article is that it is against the fans being divided

    ahahah good stuff.

    his main point in this article, is have your opinions, but don’t take it to the point where you can’t even believe in your club.

    we are in fine, fine shape. sure there are a few holes, there always is, be patient and actually wait for the season to get underway.

  26. in the spirit of not liking money, can something be done about the ticket price coz as long as arsenal ticket price is that steep and we are known to be one of the most profitable clubs, supporters will alwys feel that its the share holders benefiting from arsenal support while we see disinvestment on the pitch. yes, sale of players and a small fraction only used tto buy. we have been desperate in certain positions and anyone that has the slightest interest in football knows it.

  27. skwam: Read what i clarified in my previous comments.

  28. Well said. I too am sick of a lot of my fellow gooners. Whinging bitches as far as im concerned. Personally I think their just kids who want marque signings but saying that is an insult to children. If they want flash signing and 100k players, go support Chelsea or Man City and be amongst kindred spirit.

  29. I’m speechless. This is the type of article that we all need to remind ourselves what we are doing buying season tickets, shirts and the rest of it…TO SUPPORT YOUR TEAM. Nobody is saying that you can’t criticize, but like Wenger himself said at a press conference, there is the constructive type given to help improve the club and the acidic verbal vomit that wanker’s like SHAYNE are only capable of. I hate to admit it, but when I look at Liverpool supporters, they know how to do a good job. Just looking at the comments above is very disheartening, because this reflects what is happening to our supporters. In a word…NEGATIVITY. By all means feel free to express your opinion, but RESPECT for the people who are actually out there grafting through all this and even more crap is, in my humble opinion, worth at least some RESPECT…if not a huge amount. ARSENE WENGER…’WE’ SALUTE YOU.

    COME ON YOU GUNNER’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. ah ahh!! Shayne, Steve, Skwarm, Stupid, Senseless, Shallow and…..well Stupid again have one thing in common, the letter “S”. u three muppeteers must be so damn ugly on ur insides. Wenger will sign but it wnt be bcos you almost died telling him to. everybody was shit last season imo especially Walcott who was squandering chances and cldnt target a yardgate with a pistol! but it’s always Eboue right? no matter what, no team will ever be as beautiful as my beloved Arsenal, come on you gunners!!! die now if you will now Steve.

  31. Great article. Some of the comments above actually serve to express your point about some Arsenal fans who need a reality check

  32. This article shares my sentiments to a T. I read a ton of blogs from as many sites as I can and I find quite disturbing how many so called Arsenal fans wind up criticising the club and the manager with absolutely nothing to add to actually deal with these issues. For instance lets take the “Wenger out brigade” who have been foaming at the mouth since the worlds greatest and only holding midfielder snubbed Arsenal… lol, to join the mighty Sunderland, If they want Wenger out who should replace him? I guarantee you you wont receive a single good let alone reasonable answer and instead what you will have is Damian Common of the tit scum sacking d’you know ah mean ‘arry to hire Wenger while the tit scum laugh at us for being bigger cocks than the Geordie’s and shafting ourselves while we all play championship manager.

    By all means fans have a right to air their views and quite rightly should be able to criticise both the club, manager and players because WE ARE THIS CLUB, but plaes lets at the very least be CONSTRUCTIVE about how go about criticising and airing our frustrations, at least that way we wont lose sight of the most important role we have as SUPPORTERS and not add to the growing infighting which may well make laying for our club look unsavory to all these players we want to come join our club.

    By booing our own players and providing a poor atmosphere how much harder are we making Arsene’s job? If you were a player would you play our club for lower wages a higher work rate and fans that will boo you for having i dip in form, or having the media twist your comments to make come across like an absolute w*nker a la Bendtner. For the same wages you could play Sunderland.

    And last but not least some Arsenal fans need to seriously look at themselves and try to think just how little you know compared to Wenger, you nothing my friend. Arsene see these players week in and week out and he knows far more about your best mate Cana than your best source (youtube) could ever tell you about. His knowlege on players and their technical and skill abilities far exceed some tosser with a laptop who probably doesnt even know what it feels like to be a professional athlete let alone a Manager and so spends most of his playing pro evo and chump manager and suddenly feels like he can a better job than Wenger.

    You all need to wake up!!! running a top four EPL team is far complex and demanding than numbers on a screen, pressing buttons, reading blogs, airing your frustrations and just ignorantly thinking you know better just because you’ve got a replica shirt and a season ticket. If you don’t like your season ticket trust me mate there’s thousands of real fans looking to take it off your hands and save you your little couple of grand. Either you’ve got something constructive to say and you’re A REAL SUPPORTER IN IT FOR THE GLORY AND THE DEFEAT FOR LIFE, or you’re just another tosser who’s better off supporting a club that deserves your gracious attitude like the SCUM, the lines are very clear people, HAVE YOUR SAY BUT SAY PROPERLY LIKE A REAL FAN.

  33. so this blogger is saying that its ok to be a loser? its ok to get your ass ripped apart by manu in the emirates? its ok to get your ass kicked out of fa cup by some bullies in blue jersies? its ok to lose to fulham hull man citeh?? SHUT THE FUCK UP MAN WE ARE ARSENAL WE HAVE BEEN THE INVINCIBLES WE NEED TO WIN SOMETHING

  34. The only constant thing in life is change. Shayne ur article is wacked, i think its meaningless and baseless. You said wenger did not bid for cana maybe because he is old. Why did he sign calamity silvestre? Didnt man u fans boo ferguson a couple of seasons ago when Boro thrashed them 4-1 at the riverside? If you dont have something pleasant to write, just shut the fuck up shayne.

  35. great constructive criticism Salman, and yet another so called Arsenal fan who is totally missing the point of a well reasoned argument. At no point did “this blogger” mention that “its ok to be loser”, but like i said fans like you who find it normal to go around spewing feces out of your mouth and proving yet again just what a waste of time sh*t for brains fan you are would be better off supporting a club that would welcome your intellectual capacity.

    You’re only as good as your last season mate and Arsenal are far from being acceptable at the moment, but if you have a great idea about how Arsenal should go about improving their current form thats within reason i would love to read it, and not some tit scum in disguise spewing senseless, irrelevant crap a ten day old fetus with half a brain cell can pull out of its arse. Where is your great idea, whats your plan for Arsenal to go forward, Show your highly detailed stats on the great Cana… or are you just another button bashing, brainless chump manager playing idiot who just wants to see Arsenal sack Wenger and bring in Terry Venables to relieve this dyer end of the world situation our club finds itself in during the critical month of July… well … which is it then. Show us all how Arsenal should go about being the INVINCIBLE’S again or take your own advise and SHUT THE FUCK UP MAN!!!!

    With fans like you who needs tit scum!!

  36. @Shayne…….. There ‘s no point in swearing and using abusive words at someone who has had the brain to write such a beautiful piece of article about the shame some arsenal fans bring to the club. So Shayne or whatever the name is I’ll advice you read over and revise your response for your language tells me you lack comon sense and a bit of education, and also don’t think you should be allowed to hold a season’s ticket. Keep your money in your empty pocket and get some burgers and chips like you always do so that you will remain FAT. I bet you as fat as your ………

  37. Gooners Unite!!

  38. That last guy shane just summed up whats going on right now between Arsenal fans,petty name calling and just sheer stupidity.Anyway enough about “fans” like shane my concern is Arsenal FC and your blog only serves to divide people further and you think thats good for the club do you.Stick to football news and unbiased opinion mate and stop with this, Arsene is god and us “real fans” will stick behind you and everyone else is not entitled to an opinion and there all fickle,because it doesn’t help and at the end of the day it makes you no better than that other tool on Arsenalaction.Have a nice sunday

  39. i thot they were finished, another ‘s’ again in Salman and sorry Seether for leavin you out coz y’all S-names are STUPID FUCKS bar Shane and SLG who seem like the only individuals with eyes in the blind city of pple with S-names. one of the senseless gits was even talkin abt the intellect of a pond skater, were u searching and was shell-shocked to find out its brain capacity surpasses yours, which is d diffrnce btw its own & dat of a real footie supporter? now i know d maths is so complex for ur dry skull.
    lemme breakit down for u, count
    Now take the first 6sets and 5 strokes from the last set, what do u av left?- d answer is 5 for u!!!

    @ Manni, nice say.

  40. To all the shayne’s, steve’s and seethers out there just shut up.

    You are the type of fans the admin is talking about. You dont have anything constructive or enlightening to say yet your desperate to be noticed so you scream WENGERS GOING TO DESTROY US.
    How exactly does that benefit the club. You all scream Wenger out but who are you going to replace him with if he leaves?

    You call eboue shit, because his form diipeed at the start of the seeason. Yet you conveniently ignore his great form at the tail end of the season.

    Now your all entitled to your opinions, and if you believe Wenger is messing up fine, and theirs nothing wrong with criticism when it benefits the club, like saying in what positions we could improve or how players could be more effective.

    But spewing your negative bullshit about how everything under the sun, from the toilets not flushing to global warming is the fault of Wenger, the board and somehow eboue. Just shows how immature you lot are. I would even go so far as to compare you to my cousin (who’s 1 by the way)… but i dont want to insult him.

    Now if you have something constructive to say go ahead and say it, but if your being negative for the sake of being negative becuase were not perfect like your teams in FIFA and football manager go support someone else who is.

  41. Great initial article, well backed up by Brett.

    I am an old Gooner. I have seen the good and the bad and what I am seeing at the club over the last 10 or so years since wenger has been there has been as good as it has ever been. I am guessing that most of the criticism is coming from those who are younger.

    Now, my piece:

    Arsenal are not a rich club. They cannot compete with rich foreign owners who will have a passing interest in ‘soccerball’. So they have to live within their means. If they don’t, they will do a Leeds or Newcastle – great teams in the past who went crazy for success and blew it all. They went for high profile players, not good ones, with huge salaries and transfer fees. Don’t believe that this cannot happen to Arsenal, it can.

    Secondly, how good is Wenger? To my mind if Real Madrid want him, he must be the best. I would say that any premier league team (even man u, with fergies iminent retirement) and most international teams would snatch him up if he was to get even more fed up with the criticism from the supporters and leave.

    Why, after such phenomenal success are certain people hounding him out? The only thing I can think of is pure and simple immaturity. It’s the type of ‘I want!’ mentality that any parent gets from their kids. manu have won lots, Chelsea have bought loads of players and won some things, liverpool have bought loads of players and won a few things, man city have bought a load of players and will expect success, spurs have bought loads of players and…….hmmm. My point is ONLY ONE TEAM CAN WIN THE LEAGUE and buying high profile players will guarantee nothing!

    Wenger is the best manager I have ever seen. He has turned young raw talent into international quality repeatedly. However, with limited budget he cannot afford the transfer fees and wages of some of these superstars and must perform the footballing equivalent of alchemy every year to ensure we are competing for every competition (which we are).

    Will we win the league? Probably not. Will we win the Chamions League? Probably not. Will we win a cup of some sort? Possibly. Do we play the best football in the league? Yes! Is our future in the Premier League in good hands? Yes! Is Wenger giving us a chance to win all competitions each year and generally making arsenal a great club to support? Yes.

    Remember, winning is nice, but having your club still in existence has to be the longer term aim. I trust wenger to give us a chance every year without breaking the club.

    We live in a society whereby everyone can have an opinion. However, if you push people away from the club, you will damage it. get behind our fantastic manager and the players he selects, please, for the sake of the club

  42. i admit i began watching arsenal in the early eighties but it is amusing to read thoughts of guys living in denial of the facts. Wenger in my view is our greatest manager. however the mark of great clubs is in their progression. Sir alex surrounds himself with ambitious turks who give him alternate views to his own.Pat rice will never question Wenger, period. Wenger cant be right always. The coaching staff will be happy to see young players on pitch and the occasional good results with be false hopes. i belive if villareal was at full strength, we would have been beaten.
    the highest standard for a club is the champions league. the very best(tactically, skillful,)will suceed. all this talk of at least we are in the champs league and we have a strionghold on 4th is selfdefeating.
    when young players are thrown money and a chance to play for first team, they spend a season enjoying the chance to be stars. contrast that with those Manu idiots. U can see the passion and committment to play for the club. Fletcher is not world class by any standard but the work he puts in shows in his understanding of the game. contrast that with denilson, eboue,diaby,bentner, u see players happy to be playing with the backing of wenger saying they are world beaters but the lack the fundamentals. Edu was average but look at his performances, and u see a clear manfest of hunger and desire to succeed knowing he is competing for a place. thats why i worry for theo’s progress as a player. How often do u hear of disgruntled Manu players because Sir Alex rules with an iron fist. all the reports about van persie, gallas,nicolas being disruptive to the team should not come up.Wenger’s defence- (let the players express themselves freely and their talent will shine through). wrong, watch our capitulation to chelsea, and questions have to be asked. Wenger has won everything a coach would ever want(respect as one of the greats)he has taken us to where we we need to move a step further. the difference between arsenal and the finals of FA was arshavin.u dont have to have 20 years experience in coaching to know that since arshavin was ineligible to play midweek, he should have played instead of diaby. The difference btn Arsenal making the Champsleague finals was simply a lynchpin in midfield and defence.This deludedview that djourou will stop the worlds best is apalling. maybe in 5 any of the top 10 defenders, how many are below 25.
    Cesc thrived learning from the likes of viera, gilberto. Who do the likes of denilson, song learn from? i believe cesc has under par performances because he is a shining light in a sea of mediocrity. i placed a bet of 1000 pounds on a draw against everton because of the current side’s progression.
    all the talk about economics before trophies will satisfy the money hungry idiots on the board. I dont have 100m to have a say in that.all i can do is buy a ticket to watch my favorite team win matches. if i want to learn how to run a club finacially i will enroll in sports management.

  43. Arsenal is a poor club????
    david dein does not get the credit he deserves. all gunners think is wenger is the only reason arsenal became a great club.Dein was behind the scenes arrongantly putting arsenal issues at the forefront. the current board spends 23 hours a day showing shareholders they will make money and half an hour telling the press arsenal will win trophies “soon” when usamov made the proposal for the shareholders to pay off our debt and the board throw out the proposal as ill intentions by a foreigner i woke up to the reality. The power brokers at arsenal are as selfish as adebayor. they claim to want financial stability for the club buut they refuse to negotiate the best deals from sponsors because “it is not the arsenal way”if i had foresight of the current situation, i would prefer staying at highbury till we could afford to build a new stadium on our own terms. Wenger was tell l’equippe that we might service the debtfo the next 15 years. wow. teams were scared of the intimidating highbury where football was awesome to watch. arsenal was a distraction from my work and other it is something i do for routine. call the ticket office, book me ticket, go to the stadium and see young corporate types sit back instead of screaming their lungs out for the team we love.We are now worried by the likes of everton, villa, mancity yet we should thinking abt the inconvience of playing world club championship in december. we claim to have the “best young team” please look at the progression of the Machedas, the Welbecks, the Evanses.contrast that to simpson, nazer, traore.
    the likes of wilshere are exceptional but few in this frenzy, hence we need to sacrifice to bring the best to us. wenger has had firstoption to bring ribery, david silva, calhavo, yaya toure, cristiano but his stubborness to prove he will bring out the next henry, viera has clouded his mind to the current world football situation.i am a gunner in blood and all but questions have to be asked. would i pay extra to see spending on the world’s best come to arsenal, YES. would i pay extra to see the shareholders smiling,NO

  44. Ok guys fair comments. What I dont agree with is living in the past. Just because Wenger HAS been great why does everyone have such blind faith that he will continue in that vain. Just because we question him we are not disloyal!! Brian Clough was a great manager.But he was unable to maintain it and got delusional. Wenger is full of great priciples at the moment but nothing suggests that he is tackling the issues required to win Premiership or CL. Does anyone think that is wrong?

  45. Second point if thats ok. What is wrong with a foreign owner if they are a good owner. I think this view that the Arsenal Board are so great is misplaced. They have never really invested in the team and surely thats what we all want? Bricks and mortar are nice but I thought the whole idea of the new stadium was to generate higher income so Wenger could but better quality players.

  46. I agree with jose

  47. Thanks for the sentiments guys, some comments have actually proved my blog right!

  48. The majority of people who desperately wanted Cana probably have never seen him play. In my opinion having seen both, I would take Matuidi rather than Cana.

    People are also forgetting how good Song became towards the end of the season, if he can continue to progress we may not need that sort of player.

    Arsene Knows.

  49. The idiots who are hankering for Lorik Cana have only seen his you tube videos. He was in the french league for so many years. If he was so good, then why the big teams didnt come calling, why he was he never associated with any of the giants other than us. Simple, he was never that good!! Some fools think that making rash tackles and running around like a headless chicken is what a DM is supposed to do. What about Gilberto, did he do stuff like that?? NO…Was he effective?? HE WAS. A DM’s main qualities are his positional intelligence, athleticism, and distribution (aka Makalele, Danielle De Rossi, etc…) And Denlison was not at all that bad last season for such a young man!! He is by no means a shit player as some fans have suggested, he was thrown at the deep end last season and he coped quite well. Another example is Song, a player who the fans berated at the start, but he developed into his role quite well by the end of the season.

    With the internet becoming more and more popular, blogs have sprouted like mushrooms, most of them run by opinionated people who have little or no knowledge of the game. A few of the arsenal blogs are run by absolute cretins or nitwits; judging by the tone of the language.

    If the board starts listening to the fans and following their advice on all matters, within no time, we will be playing in League 1. The best example of a club’s fans leading it to its grave is Newcastle.

    Arsenal fans have forgotten one main thing that a fan should do, that is to support the team. Our home atmosphere is an embarassment, it’s more like a cemetery. Maybe, we should start supporting our team more than devoting time in criticizing them.

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