Eboue €10m fee agreed… Or is it just rubbish?

In Arsenal FC on July 24, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Compare and contrast:


“It’s not going to be easy without Adebayor, obviously, and what happened with Nasri was unlucky, but I still believe they can win the League. That is always my feeling about my old club. It won’t be easy because there are teams who are doing it every time, but you never know. I remember when I left everyone was saying it wouldn’t be the same, but they ended up having a great season and nearly won the League.

“It can happen this year. I know everybody is saying this and that but in my heart I will always talk like that.”


“The way the fans behaved towards me was not nice at all. I can’t understand why they were after me. I did my best for them and I was very happy there. I scored 30 goals in a season – it’s not my fault that Milan, Barcelona or Real Madrid wanted to sign me.”

City manager Mark Hughes snapped up Adebayor last weekend. The star added: “In any summer, Barcelona try to sign Cesc Fabregas. But the fans never turned on him.”


“I hope they do really well – and that they finish above Arsenal.”

Henry is a club legend, Adebayor and Cuntley are either hated on or the verge of being hated.

I don’t really want to say any more about Adebayor, I said my bit last week. Case closed.

Onto the Eboue story, a month or so ago he expressed his displeasure about not getting much in the way of football last season, even though he made over 40 appearances so his arguement is pretty flawed.the Italian press, the same Italian press that said we would be signing Filipe Melo, have claimed that a €10 million fee had been agreed.

Eboue’s agent has shown this up to be total bollocks by saying he and Eboue have not even sat down with Wenger to discuss his future:

“In the next few days we will speak with Arsenal about Emmanuel’s future. He is fine in London, but we will see,”

His agent seems to wrap it up nicely by saying:

“Actually there is nothing new to report”

Personally, I would like to see him stay and another departure from the club, especially a popular player like Eboue, could just start to unsettle things a bit. I do admit, I would have to consider selling him for €10 million though….

He would leave us short of right sided defensive cover with Gavin Hoyte the only real alternative to Bakary Sagna, investment would certainly be needed there.

Keeping on the defensive theme, Johann Djourou is looking to break into the regular backline this season, he had a stint in it last season but lost form and consequently, his place. He is probably going to be seen as a long-term defender at the club and Wenger will be wanting at least one of his Swiss acquisitions to turn into a genuine class defender. He is only 22 and that is very, very young for a defender, especially a center back, with Gallas getting on a bit now and Kolo’s future not 100% certain, there is a chance he and Vermaelen could be a long term partnership for us.

Marouane Chamakh is apparently on his way to Sunderland, must be shit then.

I have to say, I think we have to buy another player this summer, a central midfielder being my preferred acquisition. We need that partner for Cesc so he can influence games like he did partnered with Flamini, like I said yesterday Cana is the player I would probably like to see but there is hardly a wealth of defensive midfield talent available.

Update: Hes signed for Sunderland so he can’t be that great can he?

Right, thats about that. More tomorrow.


7 Responses to “Eboue €10m fee agreed… Or is it just rubbish?”

  1. I don’t mind Eboue leaving as I don’t see him playing except if Sagna gets injuried which rarely happens but I will have problems if he leaves and he is not replaced.

    Chamak? He is good but no, I personally do not want him. The main reason being that he will be next Nations cup between January and February which isn’t good for us IMO.

  2. Shame, as Cana’s gone to Sunderland

  3. if Eboue leaves then we shld be looking @ signing @ least 2 good players: DCM & another defender. He shldnt go coz we dont need players that need to adapt before delivering, not dis season again. I hate to talk against Wenger but I hope he knows the fans deserve more. Ashley Cunt and Obtuse-bayor are jointly holding all the world cunt records so I wldnt break a sweat.

  4. Ade has a damn good point about fabregas. I think the guy has been misunderstood. Arsenal fans always need someone to blame when we’re not winning.
    And losing eboue would be dumb. Hes damn good cover for both fullback and wide mid spots. I still think he’d make a superb DM, but i guess we dont really have the time to experiment. Bet everyone will be happy when we sign a younger replacement for eboue tho.

  5. at arsenal we should ALWAYS MIND if a player leaves, because it NEVER means that we are getting at least a replacement at least as good. In other words, losing a player could mean further experimenting with a replacement player that is likely less experinced and was never deemed good, until the day we see a quick buck in disposing someone. What other player in Arsenal covers as many positions as Eboue? Aready replacement for Sagna and is also deemed more direct than our first choice right wing Walcott. He even comes in for Clichy if needed.
    So who do we have that can potentially do as much? We wuold therefore not only need a DM but a RB and maybe even a RW as well. Infact, we have games when we need more attacking players with a defensive sense, and probably Eboue is the best at Arsenal in the combined role.

  6. as for me veloso is the perfect DM we need at arsenal.the portugese is fantastic

  7. I think it is high time Eboue leaves Arsenal, thatll give some space for a Arsene to sign a fresh midfielder

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