Andrey Arshavin + new Cana link

In Arsenal FC on July 23, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Hello all,

you might have see in yesterdays post I accidentally missed out the comments from Andrey Arshavin that were published. Without further ado I bring them to you:

Everything will start for real next season.

“We’ll have to see how that unfolds. My main concern will be making sure I keep my place in the team.

“I want to enjoy a good pre-season with the team. I have already adapted. I am very happy. The fans love me, which is important for me.

“We all believe that there will be trophies, and that the new season will be full of joy for the players and the fans.

“But we have to finish speaking about how young we are. We need to play like we are a big and strong team.”

That will mean no more excuses, no more complaining, just get on the pitch and deliver. This guy knows how to win and his maturity, determination and the way he handles himself is good for the younger generations who will undoubtedly look up to him with starry eyes.

He has only been here since January but he is already a vital part of our team, he can create that extra special chance when the chips are down and everything is going against us, much the way the great Zidane used to be able to do. When Arshavin has the ball at his feet anything is possible it feels.

For proof of class, just check Cashley Hole’s latest comments in the Daily Mail hoping Man Citeh will finish above us. Classy…eh?

We have been loosely linked to Lorik Cana this morning by the French media and I have said before that he is the type of midfielder we should be looking to buy if we are in the market for one. He looks an animal on the pitch and thats what we need against the likes of Stoke, Birmingham, Sp*rs and Hull, someone who will really stick their boot in, but apart from that they have got to be damn good in the defensive midfield position. I have only seen the fouls this guy makes and I have never seen him live so I guess my judgment of him is slightly flawed! I’m probably just starting to feel a bit nervous about us not making moves to add someone in the central midfield area… We have a month left though.

Eduardo has also cleared up the confusion over his current fitness. He is AOK.

Right, thats all.

Till tomorrow.

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7 Responses to “Andrey Arshavin + new Cana link”

  1. check ‘Le Parisien’: no story about Cana to Arsenal? Why spreading rumours?

  2. Suprised you don’t have anything on Huntelaar, Spanish papers have stated we are interested in signing him, so he doesn’t go to the scum!

  3. I think I have said before that I don’t think Huntelaar is the answer and we will not buy him as he doesn’t suit our style.

    lebrecht: i got it off that link i left in the blog.

  4. Your below comments are disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself for writting such a thing, especially after what has happened to one of our very own players.

    ”someone who will really stick their boot in and not give a shit if they hurt the other player”

  5. What’s this sissy above going on about? The man is reminiscing the days of Vieira when no one messed up with our middle because we had a very proud battler in the name of Patrick Vieira. He never gave an inch or asked for one either. If you came to play ball he would take you for your word but renege and you get what you deserve. If you cant take that the remember that you are among men not pansies. We are missing our team that messed up with at your peril. The last time they won EPL they did so without losing a single game. Tat is the cause of the murmurs you hear. People were used to see their team mixing it up: the sweet and the sour of football. Pride indeed. Get it?

  6. i’ve always said cana is the best choice

  7. cana or makacha from ik sirius in sweden.makacha is the 3rd most highly rated midfielder in africa after toure(yaya)and essien.this means he is better than mikel.this ranking was done by african sports writers.go for him for less than 4 million euros.

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