Adebayor is stupid, as is Hleb + Toure on way out?

In Arsenal FC on July 20, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Evening all,

not much at all around once again, the squad have flown out to Austria for the annual training camp and we should be playing in a friendly tomorrow afternoon around half five-ish.

Now, we all know Emmanuel Adebayor isn’t the brightest spark under the sun…however…suggesting that he left Arsenal for Man City to win trophies is simply ridiculous. He knows everyone is aware his sole intention of moving is money orientated, he admitted as such when he was looking for a way out last summer when he said he was already planning his finances for retirement.

The daft fuck said:

‘The team has quality and a manager who knows what he wants.’

What a moron, every manager knows who he wants, Phil Brown aside who seems to be after every forward under the sun. Mark Hughes is a pretty awful manager in my opinion, he did crap when he was managing Wales who are hardly a global superpower, at Blackburn he was an average manager at an average side, and with Man City he is buying up any player he sees. He has been watching too many 118 adverts.

He also said:

“People who think that I have joined City for the money are wrong. If I had made a move for that reason then I would have been playing for Barcelona or Milan last season.”

Oh really…It is just a coincidence that you have moved to the world’s richest club that are paying you not much short of 180K a week? A WEEK! I wouldn’t earn that in 10 years.

Barca and Milan didn’t rate Adebayor that highly, only Milan made an offer and that was in the 20 million quid region.

The next laugh? Alex dribbilymcnogoals Hleb. He has actually admitted that he would have been better off staying at Arsenal. I have one word.


Hope the splinters don’t hurt that much Alex, enjoy your ice cream when you move to Inter on loan.

It seems that Kolo Toure will be at Manchester City soon if the John Terry and Lescott bids fail or so ANR writer Myles Palmer has been told. I reckon it could be true, Toure hasn’t been too happy recently and his form has hardly been world beating stuff.

Expect things to be a bit slow over the next few days as Wenger will be concentrating on the players he has out in Austria.

More tomorrow.


10 Responses to “Adebayor is stupid, as is Hleb + Toure on way out?”

  1. If Ade isn’t the brightest spark under the sun, where does that put you on the cosmic spectrum? A dull black object on the dark side of the moon. Why don’t you move there honey and stop writing all this girlie-boy guff?

  2. Ade will win a trophy next year AND earn twice as much as he did at Arsenal. Now, let’s see who’s the dummy? Adnim or Ade? Hmmmm, tough one. Man or girlie?

  3. Here’s the thing we understand at Arsenal, CitehSlicker, we know that you can sometimes buy quality but you can never buy class.

  4. spot on mate adebay-whore is so greedy he is not man enough to admit that. he wants to win trophies with man city??????????? hahahahahah nice joke adebay-whore.sell toure buy hangelaand

  5. Whoa CitehSlicker!

    A fan used to mid table obscurity suddenly riding his Arab benefactor’s petro dollars? Dreaming of big time? Money can buy you fame but not respect. Learn from our neighbours, the Spuds! Even after tens of millions and big statements, they still remain a mediocre club.

    Wait until you actually win something before you open your big mouth. Until then, all you MoneyChest-err fans sound like empty vessels making the most noise.

  6. ❤ SinSoakedGuy

    spot on!

  7. Expect SPLENDID MEDIOCRITY up there at Eastlands and don’t forget that you are the Spuds of Manchester.You will go the way of Villa,Tottenham,Blackburn,Fulham and Pompey,
    only spend Billions getting there.
    Cheap,disgusting,pathetic,these are the only words to describe your moron manager Mark.
    Dream on Citehslicker or is that ARSlicker.

  8. THE WHOLE WORLD IS RUN ON GREED, so not quite sure what these fans think they’ll achieve by constantly abusing Adebayor.
    He has moved on with his career so think arsenal fans should do the same.

    Who would refuse a wage increase????

  9. Who would refuse a wage increase only arsenal players will because that’s what the fans want for players

  10. instead of abusing adebie,
    think for your families because we are sick of yo idleness and you are reaching insane,the reason mancity did not buy you,your relatives and even your wives.think twice and goe something else to do. stop your racism because ADE is greater than you and even if you asked a blind man he would say you are useless.

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