We have 25 million to spend….but will we spend?

In Arsenal FC on July 19, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Evening all,

after the Adebore saga of last week there is nothing around apart from some ludicrous comments from the new Manc, “I am going to City to win things”…. yeah right… fuck off.

From that sale we have a very, very healthy transfer budget to re-invest in the squad, a whole 25 million quids worth. Personally, I would want one of our young forwards to possibly go out on loan, then we could bring in a striker. We have an overload of players up front but too many of them are of the same standard and in the same situation…Simpson and Vela in particular.

We have a similar problem in the central midfield roles, if we are going to buy there we will have to make room, be that by sending a player such as Diaby or Ramsey out on loan, or selling one of them. We need an experienced, proven quality partner for Cesc, there are no excuses this time, we have the money.

I don’t care if we ‘kill’ Diaby or Ramsey at this moment in time, we need a proven class player in that role. To be honest, I don’t see a long term future for Aaron Ramsey at this club at this stage… He has a lot of potential though.

I am not too sure on our defensive options at this stage, I don’t like the idea of a Gallas/Toure partnership, Vermaelen may just be the kind of defender we need… authoritative. Gallas plays better next to a defender that takes charge and Vermaelen seems just that kind of player, from what I have seen anyway.

So, to fill in a bit of time… Will we spend the 25 million that we have received for Adebayor?

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Take your vote. More tomorrow.


15 Responses to “We have 25 million to spend….but will we spend?”

  1. none of it wenger will say we have quality and wisdom sorry wenger but untill you do another arshavin then i will shut up does any one think we will spend?

  2. I couldn’t agree more, Ade wont win anything at City, This should be arsenals season, atleast i though.. After watching our performance at Barent, God help us, Sure we had a pretty bad team on but for god sake even our youngsters should be able to whoop Barent.

    We definatly need a midfielder, we missed out on melo, big time. And rumours had it we were offered flamini as well as 20 million for AC ! If that was true and wenger rejected it, i’ll personally attack him (jokes ofc.) Someone deffensive.

    And we do need someone upfront, someone class, an out and out striker.

    I think we should buy Huntelaar for 17 million as he is priced, or bargain with the club and go for 16 million and spend about 9 million on a defensive midfielder, but tbh i think song does the job well. OR not a popular choice, i think we should play toure up in mid, he’s shown great defensive skills, speed, roughness, passing, and shooting believe it or not.

    Anyway we do need to spend the money.
    And we need to do it quick so they can train with the squad.
    And for god sake wenger dont leave it till the winter transfer season like you did with arshavin.

  3. Toure is not a midfielder, he does not have the stamina and quite frankly, aint good enough

  4. It is quite simple the out of touch living in the past board will keep the money
    And the qusetions to them are

    Why are the ticket prices the highest in the league and why do we have a transfer budget every year of a relegation team?

    Why have we still not signed a experienced quality holding midfielder when everyone and his dog can see we need one?

    Why are Senderos,Eboue,Sivestre still doing at this club when they are not Arsenal class

    Being a top 4 club with abition why have we not signed a world class experienced player

    Why have we not put a bid in straight away from Huntular?

    Who are we going to sell next year Cesc RVP Clichy Sagna Walcott?

    When will you lot all resign ?

  5. We need to spend it for sure. Our depth the past two seasons is part of what has killed us, and so far this summer, we added one and lost one, so we still aren’t anywhere.
    I don’t understand why Wenger is being so stubborn.
    I can understand him not wanting to kill Song or Denilson, but most of our good players are going to leave if we don’t win something in the next two seasons!
    We HAVE to sign a DCM, and maybe another Defender. We don’t need another striker, send Simpson on loan, keep Vela, put Arshavin in supporting striking role, switch out RVP/Eduardo up top, and behind with Bendtner as back up.
    Do this and we’re good to go for the title. Lets Go!

  6. Rumours are that we will be playing a 4-3-3 type of formation next season with one main striker and two support strikers…what you think of this?

  7. I don’t think its probable for Gallas and Vermaelen to play in the same line-up, seeing as they are both left footed and occupy the left-centre of defense. So it’ll probably be Toure with one of them. And as for Ramsey and Vela, both of them have immense potential, and it wouldn’t make any sense for the Club to let go of them now, especially Vela. Diaby on the other hand, is a completely different case, and I for one cannot see where he can be accomodated and would rather he were sold off quietly.

  8. adebayor – cash in 25m
    senderos – cash in 6 m
    silvestre – cash in for .5m

    lorik cana or inler – 15m
    hungeland – 10m
    chamack – 6-7 m

    the accounting formula for premierleague title

  9. Well, while we do now have probably close to £30m in the transfer kitty (Ade’s £25m and probably £5-£8m left after the Vermaelen purchase), we’re sort of in an odd position. The guys we REALLY need – a top class DM and/or a top class striker – are going to cost upwards of £15-£18m each.

    While I do think Arsene will splash out for one of those players, I can’t see him doing it for 2 of them, even if we have the money. On the other hand, he could go with someone like Chamakh and maybe Matuidi as both of those guys are pretty reasonably priced, but I don’t think either one makes us a better squad in the short term. Matuidi, especially, could be developed into a world class DM, but he’s not right now and the last thing we want is for Cesc to feel he has to cover for someone new to the squad who isn’t yet up to snuff. Cesc has a tough enough job as it is, and he needs to see that Arsene has his back with a purchase of a REAL partner in the midfield.

    One thing Arsene said earlier in the transfer window, regarding Real Madrid bringing in 3 players, was that he thought it was very difficult to integrate too many new players all at once, or in one season. He thinks it’s just too disruptive. So that would indicate we won’t bring in more than one extra player after Vermaelen.

    So, we have Vermaelen as 1 new player, and I think it’s going to depend on which deal moves more quickly…the DM or the striker, as to who we actually buy. If we make a serious bid for Huntelaar or someone of his class, it’ll be a race against a similar deal progressing for a DM in the same price range. I do honestly think one major purchase will be made, but it will depend on which one looks more likely…with the other position simply being filled by the current squad players. Also, I would not discount Eden Hazard being bought and loaned back to his current side for a year in a deal for about £6m (which may be paid over two years).

    Lastly (and I apologize for the length of this), some consideration has to be given to Rosicky and Eduardo’s return. Should both be fully fit and ready to go and Arsene of the belief that both will be able to produce this season, that will have some effect on who we might or might not buy. We’re quite jammed up at both striker and midfielder, but there IS need in both positions in so far as we need a bit different player than what we currently have. So, ultimately, it could simply come down to which area Arsene feels is the strongest with the current squad and then addressing the needs in the other area. With Rosicky and Eduardo both back, that adds a lot of flexibility to our attacking formations and it will weigh significantly into the decision process of who to buy and what position to address with a big purchase.

  10. People say Ade has no commitment but it is obvious that it rather Arsenal that lack ambition as Hleb said,
    becuase Wenger and board said no money. They seemed desperate to grab City 25m now they got it again Arsene is reluctant to spend whiles every football fan on the planet knows Arsenal need experience in key positions.
    Gallas, Gilberto, Ade, Cese, and ex Arsenl players have all said this.

  11. Wenger’s a tight yidder. Won’t spend a penny. 5th place here we come

  12. Praise be to All Gooners and Allah too. This is the happiest day since my wife brought two camels, three sheep, a Van Gogh painiting of Eastlands and a new string vest to our wedding shower. Mr Hughes has done a wondrous deal. 20 million for Lord Adebayor! Chump change, Robbie Keane/Fowler money. 20 Million for a star who’s the Prince of the Premier League. May you always have sheeps’ eyes to munch on at half time.

    For 20 Million we get:

    – A player experienced in EPL, Europe and the International Scene
    – Mid-twenties, great, not too young, not too old. Still learning, improving
    – Able to play Wengerball so a “shoe in” to a regular start at City
    – Good with his head, great control, fast, powerful
    – Able to pull defenders towards him and off his team-mates
    – Able to get back and help the defence at corners
    – An entertainer, eloquent and articulate
    – A goal every two games, 25 per year average in last two seasons
    – With superb service to come from Rubinho and Ireland

    You could try to buy him back but you wouldn’y get him for a dirham under 35 million. Cos we Citeh boys know how to do a DEAL! You can’t afford him now. Face it. Arsenal can’t stretch to 20 million plus for a striker.

    Get focused on some 10 million guy who you can all call a lazy sack of fucking money grabbing shit and see how long he stays around. What a great bunch of fans. Ogbafemi is about the best you’ll get.

  13. CitehSlicker: you sound like a stupid cunt. Let me be honest from the start.

    – A player experienced in EPL, Europe and the International Scene YES….WOULDNT CALL TOGO THE INTERNATIONAL SCENE THOUGH
    – Mid-twenties, great, not too young, not too old. Still learning, improving IMPROVING? HIS WORKRATE WAS 80% OF HIS GAME AND HES LOST THAT
    – Able to play Wengerball so a “shoe in” to a regular start at City OK
    – Good with his head, great control, fast, powerful GREAT CONTROL? HEH!
    – Able to pull defenders towards him and off his team-mates WHEN HE ACTUALLY MOVES…
    – Able to get back and help the defence at corners HEH…THATS BELOW HIM
    – An entertainer, eloquent and articulate ARTICULATE? SUMMER 08? UP AND DOWN MORE TIMES THAN A PROSSIES KNICKERS
    – A goal every two games, 25 per year average in last two seasons SEASONS BEFORE?
    – With superb service to come from Rubinho and Ireland NOT A PATCH ON THAT PROVIDED BY ARSHAVIN VAN PERSIE FABREGAS NASRI AND WALCOTT

    So..there you have it…now fuck off

  14. run along now child citehslicker, nothin for u to see here. isnt there blogs for Citeh fan? or perhaps u have to visit every Arsenal one to herald the stale news you got no-class Adebayor.
    @ gunnerTom, too damn right u know. a defender or DCM shld top the priority list coz I dnt see a premier league title with the lot we have in the defence dept. too bad Yaya signed a new contract @ Barça, he would have been perfect as he’s versatile. I think Wenger’s going to spend but why are you pple taking a swipe @ him? he jst collectd the money and you want it all spent faster than one could say “Citeh”. we still av till Aug ending, though I wldnt want to wait that long.

  15. Arshavin Will Own the EPL this season! Move him up front and AA will lead the league in goals no question. If we add Inler or Cana then the silver is ours. I do believe Vela and Ramsey are quality and should see more time this go around. We don’t need another striker. Unless its Huntelaar! Thank the Lord for Adebayor’s departure.

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