Marouane Chamakh – who is he?

In Arsenal FC on July 18, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Rumours that Marouane Chamakh would replace Adebayor if he left were started after Arsene Wenger admitted that he was interested in the player providing a player leaves. His words were:

“Yes, but only if a player leaves.”

So, what is Chamakh all about?

AGE: 25





GOALS: 49 (Last season: 13)

INTERNATIONAL RECORD: 50 apps 15 goals

He is renowned for his work rate and effective link up play, you would imagine that he is the kind of player that would play best off a main striker such as Eduardo.

Described as a scorer of great goals rather than a natural goalscorer there are few teams that create the amount of chances that Arsenal do, the likes of Fabregas, Arshavin, Nasri, Rosicky, Walcott and Robin van Persie are all players who create chances, compared to the one main creative player for Bordeaux, Yoann Gorcuff.

It is fair to say he is fairly unknown on these shores but it seems that he will be playing in the Premier League next season, its just a matter of at what club.

Personally, he looks a player in the Berbatov mould, only harder working. His close control looks very good but his finishing does look quite patchy. There is also the conundrum of how do you fit a player like Chamakh into the same team with van Persie, Eduardo and Arshavin…

I wouldn’t mind him arriving at Arsenal providing the price is 8 million or below….

Would you like Marouane Chamakh at Arsenal?


6 Responses to “Marouane Chamakh – who is he?”

  1. we will sign him it is a matter of time but i hoped for a better striker

  2. He seems like another bendtner to me. They scored around the same number of goals last season. Why buy another bendtner? We already have a bendtner so we don’t require chamakh. Personally I think we are set on the striking front. Just need a change of strategy to accomodate the lack of a true target man and we will be fine.

  3. Hay, how can you compared this guy with Bendtner, is Bendtner a player at all, when you see a good player you should be able to recognise them. He is more creative, he hold on more on the ball, he can dribble, he is more faster and stronger, he passes well, do Bendtner process all these qualities, i doubt it, men.

    Wenger better buy him or another player before time runs out, if Wenger refuse to buy another striker, because i had him saying we got alot of players who can take adebayor’s positions, he has started, I can’t understand a Manager who like gambling, when we have no money, he said there was no money, now there is money he doesn’t want to spend it.

    So he is talking about Bendtner, let me tell you, if he refuse to sign one or two more players, forget it, nothing nothing for arsenal. I promise you, you will see more disappionting performance from Bendtner this season, mark my words.

    If Wenger knew he was not going to buy a replacement for Ade, he shouldn’t have sold him in the first palce, he said fans forced Ade out of Arsenal, ADE wanted to leave, he was stupid and ignorant, and he is very greedy, why didn’t fans reacted like that to VAN BERSE the way they did to Ade, they can’t, because VAN BERSE proved his love to arsenal fc, he was not flirting around like Ade, just because he did well in one season, that makes him a god? so, Wenegr shouldn’t blame fans for ade departure, listen to Ade’s interview yesterday, you would know that he was happy for the money, very happy for the money, not for the club, And arsenal made him. So fans did not reacted just like that without gratuitous.

    It is not too late, you still have your destining in your hands, before is too late, we did not ask you to spend your wages on players since you and the board members are saying there is know money, at least now, we all know that you have £25 millions cash in your hand to buy players we need, you people can not denied this now

    It is your proud, and your stupidity that is killing you and all your bosses, and they are killing our club because of their greedy acts. I want Wenger to know that, if he did not achieve something we fans are hope for this time around, it will be doom for him, and most our first players will go for sure. Hold on with what you’ve got Mr Gambler.

  4. who is van berse? and also, like admin said, this money should be invested straight back into the team, but im not sure that the priority is a striker. we NEED a good, experienced DM and if Wenger, whom i have a lot of respect for, does not realise this, maybe it is time for him to go. i hope not though.

  5. We don’t need anymore strikers. We do need a tough CDM tho. I’d take Nikki B over Chamakh anyway. I’m all for moving Arshavin up front to pair with RVP this season. Goals Galore! Ade ran himself off with his attitude on the pitch.

  6. Dear Marouane Chamakh
    Your fit club is Arsenal Please come to Arsenal Club
    jery from Ethiopia

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