Ade in London to say his goodbye's

In Arsenal FC on July 17, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

It looks like the Ade saga is nearing the end.

He has been spotted at the clubs training ground saying his goodbye’s to everyone at the football club, no doubt the happiest person today will be the Arsenal’s finance manager as they look like they are going to be pocketing 25+ million quid.

He will probably be a city player before the end of the weekend.

This means that the clubs preparations for the new season can continue ahead of the game at Barnet tomorrow before the squad fly out to the training camp in Austria, then they return for the Emirates Cup that I am trying to get to myself.

The squad for tomorrows game can be seen here and Rosicky, Vermaelen, Gallas and Arshavin are all in the squad, none of our African contingent seem to have returned to training yet.

Theo Walcott wants to get down and dirty to win things, citing the fact that we need to be able to really grind out results:

“I think we need to do the dirty things right,”

“Sometimes it’s not just about pretty football, we need to grind out the results sometimes and get the win, get the three points. In cup competitions no one remembers the game, as long as the result is right. We need to take that into our game. Manchester United and Chelsea do the dirty work and they take their chances as well, that’s another thing we need to learn and improve on.

“We had a great experience of getting to Semi-Finals last season but not quite getting to Finals. Hopefully we can put that right.”

At the end of the season the extra point eeked out of nothing, or the three points nicked at the end of a tight game could be decisive in any battle, be that for the Premiership title or the top four, I hope its the former because it is about time we offered a sustained title charge.

Theo also harbors hopes of being played through the middle this season, something he has not had the chance to do very often, he has been learning his trade out wide like most youngsters at the club but there are still a few doubts over his technical game. He wants to prove his credentials with goals:

“The boss said hopefully he will start to put me up front now and then, that’s my natural position but I’d play anywhere for this team.

“I want to improve my final ball and score more goals. You get judged on goals so I want to score 15-plus this season. That would be nice. I love making runs in behind, I love scoring goals and making goals. That’s what I’ll be judged on and I’m looking forward to that.”

A 15 goal Theo would certainly be welcomed, he has improved his goal tally season on season but he still has a long way to go and it is important to remember just how young he still is.

Thats all thats around today, I will be back tomorrow with the latest and a look forward to the first game of pre-season. Now that does sound good.

’till tomorrow.


10 Responses to “Ade in London to say his goodbye's”

  1. any news about Ade leavin is good news. So happy to see Rosicky in d squad and Theo talkin ’bout scoring 15+ goals but I want to see a new signing, it lifts d players’ spirits seein replacements as some depart.

  2. I’m all for selling adebayor for 25 mill as long as the money is spent on getting new players, especially a DM and maybe another defender. If we are not going to spend it then there is no point selling him in the first palce. now Wenger can’t say he doesn’t have any money to spend on players, BEACUSE HE DOES!

  3. I must say…I’m more than cautiously optimistic for this season. I think there’s at least 1 trophy to be won by the lads this year, and that will really vault us into some success going forward.

  4. Agree about the DM and Defender Goonerpete

    Kunlewoye – Rosicky being fit will lift the spirits

    SKAGooner i think we can win the lot this season

  5. I wanna see Adebayor sort out what he’s doing. The transfer window shuts in 6 weeks and his messing about gives us less time to deal in the transfer market for a replacement – if one is needed. Theo says he loves getting behind, but he’s not doing it enough for my liking. He’s closed down more and more and he’s often blocked – it’s like he’s been sust out. Find the answers Theo because going through the middle is even harder since you’re up against two Centre-halves.

  6. I agree Theo has to step up a bit more I know his young n all but he has to change the dynamics of some of his game,like always going round the outside if he comes on the inside he will create a bit more chaos for defenders and a lot more opportunity for his team mates he did it last czen against notably Bolton and it resulted in a goal not summ you say bout mos of his attacking play.Rosicky in sqaud wow I mean wow is it really going to happen?I have championed his name for so long sum of my fellow Gunners were questionin my sexuality hahaha its good take have pre-season upon us um really quite excited and quite optimistic bout dis coming czen.C’mon Ade get a move on can’t wait to see who your money is going to buy and then jus then will oi thank you for your services to Arsenal but not yet mate not yet hahahah
    Victoria Concordia Crescit

  7. All you Adebayor haters are nothing but racists and pathetic ignorant fans.
    Adebayor has made some mistakes but these things unfortunately sometimes
    happen in football. Adebayor his admiration with AC Milian is nothing worst than
    what Fabregas is doing. Fabregas continue to flirt with Barceloana, Madrid, Milian
    but no one sees that as an abomination because he comes from Spain.
    I know he Ade will eventually leave and hope he will sign for man city who are no mediocrity like arsenal, therefore they will strengthen and restructure their midfield which will provide Ade opportunities to score. Remember even C. Ronaldo needs strong
    Squad esp. midfield to win things. Even Robhino is not the same player if he play in Madrid team. Ade was disappointed when Arsenl midfield depleted and demoralized him. Look for instance CL semi-fnl where u win by slime margin but we playd young gibbs who gave away easy, same in livepl arshavin 4 goal thriller . He gibbs panicked like fox but nobody talk about it. How can you be motivated and win big games ?

  8. Racists?

    Fuck off you delusional cunt.

    Fabregas REPEATEDLY states his desire to stay at arsenal you stupid twat.

  9. joe, you are a twat. Gibbs is already better than Adebayor re commitment to the arsenal cause. I am from west africa and i think Adebayo is a disgrace. He got 80K per week and stopped trying, only god knows what he would do when he gets 130/150K at man city !

  10. Joe nobody here is a racist, you twat.
    Its not about ade flirting its the way he does. Cesc admits he loves Barcelona but he also reaffirms his commitment to the club!

    Who do you even support, cus it sure as fuck aint arsenal.

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