Ade deal on a knife-edge

In Arsenal FC on July 16, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

*Hello I am calling on behalf of Manchester City football club, we want to buy you and pay you extortionate wages*

*How much are you going to pay me?*

*Well, we think 150k a week might be managable for a player of your class…*

*I want no less than 170 thousand a week i am Adebayor remember*

*Ok Emmanuel, you can have that amount a week, come for the medical tomorrow and you will be a Manchester City player…*

*Manchester who?*

*Manchester City, Emmanuel*

*Oh I love Manchester City I can’t wait to kiss the badge on the shirt*

*Hang on….I wonder what people in Togo might think…. Hmmmm give me some more time*

The transfer negotiations are going swimmingly then, the deal will be over just as soon as Adebayor gets the blessing of the Togonian nation.


…yes, thats exactly what I am thinking.

I think it is getting clearer day by day that this man is a total and utter fruitcake, he doesn’t care about the fans of Arsenal when he pimps his arsehole out to Barca, Milan et. al.

But, as soon as he is finally about to get the hell out of the Grove’s exit door he starts worrying what people back in Togo might think. To be honest, I think they have more pressing issues than think about a lanky footballer earning more money in a week then they possibly will in their entire lives.

Am I just being over the top to suggest that Adebayor is deliberately delaying the deal just to make Arsenal fans sweat a little bit? Just to make their optimism that he might finally piss off wane a little?

Oh he wouldn’t do that….would he?

When he finally moves it seems that his replacement will be Chamakh of Bordeaux who are also asking for Mikael Silvestre in return, he would be very sadly missed at the club and is a player of undoubted class they are welcome too him, we should chuck in a few extra quid as a thank you.

Everything should become an awful lot clearer over the next week but any hopes of having a deal done by tomorrow seem to have evaporated faster than a piss puddle in a desert.

You may have gathered from the title of todays blog that the Adebayor move is in some kind of jeopardy… actually its a reference to our latest arrival, Jamie Edge, who fits all the following criteria:

  • Has a great deal of Premier League experience
  • Will be a brilliant partner for Cesc Fabregas and can waltz straight into the starting eleven.

Ok, ok, joke over. Hes a 15 year old Defender/Midfielder…thats all I know really. For this kind of stuff these two websites seem to be the places to be.

BBC Sport’s Phil McNulty has written a brilliant blog on how we are not going to miss Emmanuel Adebayor and it is well worth a read. It should also be noted that Arseblog‘s brilliant Michael Owen style brochure for Adebayor got a mention.

Right, not much to talk about after doing the various website trawls. More tomorrow.


4 Responses to “Ade deal on a knife-edge”

  1. i think hes waiting for milan to bid for him, but we’ll see….

  2. I added Phil McNulty on facebook… and he accepted… woop!

  3. I have added him on twitter

  4. Pls wenger if adebayor move 2 man city is concluded. Try and find some one like charmack to replace his position or some one that can fit

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