Wenger gives the reason for selling Adebayor…

In Arsenal FC on July 15, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor


today I’ve had a little time to do some digging on the main issue at the moment, Adebayor’s impending move up north to Manchester Citeh. Today his work permit was granted and as we said yesterday, he has already passed his medical.

If the few loose ends are tied up (believed to be Ade’s demands for 170k a week), he may well be unveiled on Friday.

Whilst doing a little browsing I came across this article, it features quotes from Arsene Wenger at the tail end of his most famous season, 2007-08.

Wenger clearly makes the point that Adebayor would be a ‘nobody’ without his work ethic that brought him so much success and seemed to transform him from Ade-akinbye-or into one of the most sought after forwards in Europe. As his reputation and wage packet grew, his ego simply exploded. Suddenly he was bigger than the team, nothing was his fault, it was the fans. It was the newspapers fault that his quotes ended up on the back page of the paper saying he wanted to move to AC Milan where Beyonce was waiting for him.

Adebayor cares about one person, Adebayor. He doesn’t care about Arsenal, City, his national team or what people think of him. He thinks about his special ’25’ car seats and his wage packet.

As his ego has grown, his work rate has slowed to a lazy gander, not even the Champions League semi-final could get him moving, not even an improved contract could get him running about a bit more. He had officially made it in his mind.

Wenger’s reason for getting shot of one of the Emmanuel’s was revealed a long time ago and during his most successful spell, as I pointed out earlier.

He warned:

“I believe he has to keep a good working attitude. We have seen players before, when they start getting the recognition, they ease off in their team work, and very quickly they die.”

This all sounds rather familiar, he won his fans because of his endless hounding of defenders, even when he was missing total and utter sitters against Portsmouth and the likes.

“I believe if Ade keeps his work ethic, there is still 20 per cent more to come from him. Does he want it enough – to get this extra 20 per cent out? Well that is where his future lies. If you lose that desire, you quickly become a nobody.”

Ade was the deadlocked workaholic, then he hit the big time… his opinion. Since then it has been downhill, the need to run had evaporated. He was the big man, he should have everything laid on a platter for him.

It seems that when he thinks he is the main man he plays his worst, he has never been particularly good for Togo, at Monaco even Wenger admitted that he didn’t work as hard as he did at the start of his Arsenal career:

“He was never prolific at Monaco, but he has worked hard for it at Arsenal and it highlights that our offensive game favours the strikers. You will never starve as a striker at Arsenal – you get the quality balls to work with. Ade will be the first to agree with that.”

At Man City he will be thought of as one of the big men, he looks set to be on higher wages than Robinho, Tevez, Ireland and Santa Cruz. He will be paid more than anyone else in the Premiership and its certainly likely that he will be the fourth highest paid player in the world after Ronaldo, Kaka and maybe Beckham.

adesulkThis isn’t the 3 million Adebayor, this is the 25 million, 170k a week earning Adebayor at a team he thinks he is the big man.

Its a car crash waiting to happen for a player who promised so, so much. In the words of Wenger: Does he want it enough – to get this extra 20 per cent out?

Whilst this circus continues I would again like to mention that my thoughts are with John Hartson and his family after more horrible revelations about his battle with cancer have been made public. Nobody deserves such rotten luck.

More tomorrow.


19 Responses to “Wenger gives the reason for selling Adebayor…”

  1. Excellent article, pretty much sums up my feelings and I think you hit the nail firmly on the head.

  2. Wow I’m rabidly against selling Adebayor but I have to say it’s a good article.

  3. Great article,so true.And lets hope Big John beats it

  4. Brilliant article, spot on how most fans feel.

  5. Best wishes to John aswell

  6. This is a brilliant article…I actually loved reading it and it has re-asured me why we need to sell him..Thanks very much for this very good article!

  7. Really well done article, something you won’t find everywhere else. Looks like Wenger saw this one coming a mile away.

  8. Excellent article. I don’t know why but arsene really needs to think about ade 1 last time. He is a proven striker in the premiere league. I saw chamakh and huntalar in action. But i think ade is the 1 whom gunners really need. But as an Arsenal’s fan, i show trust in arsene. The hunger of cup glory is killing us. Arsene,Pls do something to make us happy .

  9. wow…quality article. i’L make sure i com visit this blog again.

  10. hit the nail on the head…brilliant article

  11. Just go to show “Arsene knows…..”

  12. EDITED.

  13. Interesting article, was against selling him until it became obvious to me that his loyalty lies with d highest bidder and even that would not guarantee his best efforts…

    So out with d numpty already, and I’m African!!!!

  14. Thank God he’s going now, I’d rather he went for 10m than see him here dis season. from your post on Tuesday “any striker would have filled his boots…….” Rosicky, Hleb & Cesc fed him a plethora of chances with the ball begging Ade’s foot to put it in the net. those guys worked their socks off for Ade, I remember many games but the one @ St. Andrews stands out as his biggest flop where he had two options or three; pass the ball to Bendtner to tap into an empty net; chip the keeper; or the simplest, pass it to the keeper. He chose the simply calamitous, season-destroying last option. He was the 30-goal Ade, how could Bendtner take the glory for that goal (that was never there for himself). Bye- bye señor, Arsenal’s not for a selfish striker that’s not proven lethal or you end up a disaster. Go and collect ‘Henry’ wage now and let’s see you come up with the goods as the legendary Titi- not even in your wildest dreams Ade!


  16. Spot on, 100%. well done. Bye Bye waster

  17. best article so far on ade leavin!

  18. Stars do come and do go, let this man leave. He`s not Arsenal remember! he didn`t even met Thierry henry or dennis Begkamp`s level of brilliancy. So why him, let him leave us in peace then go and die at the already distracted Manure CITY….. He has to leave OK!!!!!!!!!!

  19. […] don’t really want to say any more about Adebayor, I said my bit last week. Case […]

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