Ade meeting tomorrow – Luis Fabiano possibility – spending power

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Evening all,

today the noises around Adebayor’s impending transfer hit a new notch after Mark Hughes, possibly with the easiest job in football, confirmed that Citeh Al Arabi and us are involved in transfer negotiations. Ade will have a meeting with officials with regards to his work permit tomorrow and it is expected that if that goes swimmingly, he will undergo a medical.

Its all positive news because its clear that if Wenger wanted him at the club he would have done everything to keep him, at 25 million we are making over 20 million profit on a player that has become disruptive and lazy. It can also be said that we have a player with more potential with Niklas Bendtner, personally, I rate Bendtner higher than Adebayor. Compare the scoring rates of both players during their time at Arsenal and its clear for all to see, Bendner got over 12 goals last season, Ade only managed that amount the season before his 30+ goals season, and to be fair, any striker would have filled his boots that season with the form of our creative players.

The developments on the Adebayor front could also open the door for a new striker to join the club, with Ade going I believe the forward line lacks a reputation, Eduardo is prolific but has been ravaged with injury, van Persie is not an out and out goalscorer, Vela has talent but is still raw, Bendtner has a growing reputation but is not a proven goalscorer by any stretch of the imagination. Arshavin (if you class him as a striker) is a world class player and every gooner will be praying that he doesn’t suffer second season syndrome…. with the performances of last season to go by, there is nothing to suggest he will take a step back but everything to suggest he can take it up even a notch more.

The price of Luis Fabiano is interesting though, Milan have only tabled a bid in the region of 10 million quid, he is a goalscorer and Brazil’s first choice, that stands for an awful lot.

I have not seen that much of him but I first remember him playing for Porto and he looked a fantastic talent, he is only in the mid twenties and if he could be picked up for 15 million or under it would be a fantastic deal. To stave off the doom-mongers Arsene is going to have to spend the money he will almost certainly receive for Adebayor, there are no excuses for not re-investing that money in the team.

There is also talk about Chamakh who, from what I have heard, is distinctly average and this is reflected by the teams interested in him, the likes of Sunderland, Villa and the wankers from down the road.

The summer is really heating up now, we have the congestion problems in the center of the park and a new arrival in that area will just be the trigger of some outgoings there, we have no more room for yet another central midfielder without someone having to make way. There is the possibility that there will be further movement in the defensive area with Silvestre and Senderos likely to be moved on, opening the door for another central defender at least to come in, the future of Eboue is no cert either. Right back cover could be on the list for Wenger.

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The crapometer will hit new heights in the coming days, be assured of that. There has not been a player that has left Arsenal for this amount of money since the Petit/Overmars Barca switch many a year ago from what I can remember. With Man United not looking to spend much more and Chelsea not massively improving on their squad the top 4 could level out a lot more next season and Liverpool look the strongest team at the moment. Citeh could well be a danger if the new ego’s settle there, but they have a shit manager so I am not looking over my shoulder at them with too much apprehension at the moment.

Right, that is all for today.

More tomorrow.

Edit: Adebayor has passed a medical at City. Reliably informed.


12 Responses to “Ade meeting tomorrow – Luis Fabiano possibility – spending power”

  1. citeh al arabi? what a racist knob u r, and another thing u nappy sack, fabiano is in his late 20’s and is not prolific for club.

  2. Fuck off, its not racist you tool. Its a reference to their owners.


  3. jericho, your a prick!

  4. Web-fight!!! lol..calm down children

  5. You got a problem use the contact section and it will be dealt with in private.

  6. thats shit 20m profit is crap in the market at the moment we should have got 40m for ade he is a named striker not worth 40m but he belonged to a top 4 team in europe which top team in europe sells their striker for 25m right now and cant replace him with similar quality or better none citeh got bragging rights now they are taking players off the top 4 in the epl tevez was never a manu player but ade is an arsenal player as i speak 3yr+ on his contract and we accept 25m shocking I dont care if some fellow gooners think he is shit to citeh 25m is a bargain and disrespecting a top 4 epl side mark hughes used the word respect when talking about chelsea jt about 4 times fellow gooners wake up they will come back at arsenal in the january window for arshavin or someone else did you hear the word respect when talking about the deal with arsenal no once we open that door citeh will walk right through it 40m for terry and cant get him as yet so they will hike the price we sold ourselves short for chamakh 7m I am gutted 60m cant get pato 50m bid for aguero villa 70m for Ibra— forgot is name why we got to sell for 25m try and hijack the huntelar deal wenger thats the only proper solution left right now

  7. Hope the money is spent on the squad – I think we are OK upfront a holding midfielder and a center-back would sort us out(I think)

  8. lawro, the world knows ade wants to leave and we dnt want him either.

    if we wanted him wenger wuda kept him, but hes a disrupt to the whole team.
    milan dnt want him, and even if they did thed offer around 20m for sure……..No ones fighting to sign him so theres noway we could push the price up…. so its 25m or ade still here….

  9. lawro –

    You’ve trumpeted the £40m number on just about every Arsenal website out there. Get over it. We’re not getting £40, and even last year were unlikely to get such a sum for Ade after he had a MUCH better season. Don’t know where you get this £40m number from, other than your delusional mind, but it’s really got no relevance in any discussion of the Ade sale.

    Thanks though, for not using all caps as you have elsewhere on the tubes of the internets.

  10. buy huntelaar and gokhan inler

  11. Chamakh is pretty average.I do agree with u that luis fabiano is more than a worthy replacement for ade but he won’t cost less than 20 .however his commitment class power
    r unquestioned

  12. felipe melo please it is not too late

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