Adebayor to Man Citeh – hero to zero

In Arsenal FC on July 13, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Afternoon all.

This lunchtime, reports that Adebayor was in talks with Manchester Bel Hadji Citeh broke and whilst the situation surrounding his future may be taking a positive twist, (any outcome is good as far as I can see as long as its over fast), I’m not entirely convinced that the reports that a fee has been agreed and he is discussing personal terms are entirely truthful.

Citeh have cash in bundles but they have far too many strikers, unless they plan on playing Ade in defence where he doesn’t really have to move around much, which I suppose with Mark Hughes as manager is rather a large possibility.

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If Adebayor leaves I won’t be too bothered as long as it doesn’t drag on for the rest of the summer, I rate Bendtner more and we will hopefully have a fully fit Eduardo to take his place who I rate as one of the leagues finest finishers.

Ade has changed so much since he first came to the club in January 2006, he was shit. He couldn’t hit a barn door with a nuclear missile but made up for it by chasing every single ball and never giving up, he became somewhat of a fans favourite. Then he had his purple patch, netting something like 31 goals the season before last, but since then his ego has hit overdrive and he threatened to leave if he didn’t get the massive wages Adebayor thought Adebayor deserved. Everyone else quite frankly couldn’t give a toss if he left considering the way he treated the club.

The price I have heard Citeh have offered is between 23-24 million, which is not bad at all as long as it is put straight back into the team.

It will be a bitter pill to swallow for Arsene Wenger who brought Ade to the headlines for good reasons, not the bad, such as his endless arguements with the Togo international team. He was sitting on the subs bench at Monaco when Arsenal made their offer and a very, very nice profit will be made if the deal occurs with Man Citeh.

Good luck, John.

Sadly, it would also show what Ade is about, money.

Bringing you all down to earth is the horrifying disease John Hartson is victim too. His testicular cancer has spread to the brain and he is currently undergoing intense treatment. From me and everyone affiliated with TGB we are united in wishing John a full and quick recovery, good luck John.

Its a reminder that Man Citeh’s fairy tale world is a long, long way from reality.

If there is any additional Adebayor related news I will update the blog later, if not, there will be more tomorrow.

18 Responses to “Adebayor to Man Citeh – hero to zero”

  1. My thoughts are with Hartson. I lost my mom to cancer about 10 years ago, and it’s truly the most difficult thing to go through.

    On Ade…I think it’s best for all parties if we part ways at this point. I don’t wish anything bad on him, but I believe Arsenal would be best served if he took his boots elsewhere. And I hope we do not bring in Chamakh. We’ve enough in the attack and I’d much rather see the funds spent on an established DM and perhaps another CB (Hangeland?) or maybe a younger striker we can groom in the manner of Eden Hazard. But we don’t need a 1-for-1 replacement for Ade.

  2. but nobody really want him now
    we need him, he needs us
    if ade smart guy, he can try to sink a feud with fans

  3. He had that chance though Kat, its not hard to hold a press conference and apologise to the club and fans for his conduct. All he has done is sulk.

    Just look at the football focus interview he did at the end of the season.

  4. I would love to see Arshavin and RvP in front . Maybe AA just a bit behind RvP , because the team obviously isn’t working well with a single striker .

    I don’t know about Eduardo . I remember a few of his goals (seems to have passed so much time since the end of the season) but I’m not sure that he’s what we need. Even though we have players like Arshavin , Nasri ,Theo , Cesc , RvP I still feel like we need more players of their kind , more players with speed , dribbling abilities etc. That doesn’t mean Eduardo is not good at these things . I’m not sure whether he’s enough for winning the EPL .

    I still think Adebayor is a great player , but at his current form he is overpriced . Everyone wants Adebayor to leave . I wouldn’t be too upset if he doesn’t leave but he needs to work more , to get in form . But for something like 23 m I would let him go .

  5. Ade,
    You love money and you dont love Arsenal so go run go to Man City.

    Enjoy 🙂

  6. Good riddance, we have enough strikers as it is, hopefully Richards comes as well as we need more defenders since Eboue and Toure have the Arican Cup. Hopefully this money is used for a CB like Hangeland and a DM like Cana. We can also buy Huntelaar but id rather a Cb and DM

  7. I can’t see Ade’s relationship with Arsenal going anywhere positive from this point. Would be a mistake not to sell him.

  8. I am not entirely disappointed with EA leaving Arsenal, but why must he go to our closest rival for 4th place next season ? Lets face it Arsenal need ezxperience and nothing has happneed in that area in the transfer market so far – going for Matuidi is laughable! After all the talk from Wenger about looking for experienced players. I would rahter sell EA to AC Milan and not to a rival irrespective of how much he would cost. Arsenal fans do not see what Citeh are trying to do. They want to distabilise us as much as possible because they see us as the weak link of the top 4 sides. They have so far been linked with EA, Song and Toure, and bought a so called Arsenal target – Barry before we could even get going. Citeh do not need any of these players as they already have a big squad. EA is also not as bad as people make out- if he can score 31 the season before he can certainly do it again.

  9. First you hound him into going, then you slate him for apparently doing exactly that. If this story is true … (it’s from Sky so why shouldn’t it be) … then what the hell do you people expect. Do you really think we’re going to find a better front man than Ade? For £20M? Oh, yes, all we need to do is shift AA from the left, partner Eduardo with RVP. Woo hoo. Now we’re all EPL managers earning millions because of our intuitive footballing smartness. In football, as in life, you don’t jettison your problems you work them out.

    ps. When last did any of you hold a press conference last time you had a sulk?

  10. 20mill + micah richards for ade, then we can get rid of silvestre and maybe even eboue

  11. fellow gooners the problem I got WITH thade sale to city they come asking a price the least 40 mill is city they cant get no striker from a top european team tevez 30 + mill not that ade worth that but you got to put things in perspective the are a rival two games the least versus them they cant get a top striker from from no top european club right now tevez was on loan cl top team contracted more than three years for 20-25 mill that shit money to citythey dont have money by bundles they have a bottemless pit of money 2-3millon barrels oil a day city backers worth
    they could not get kaka for 100 mill and he went to madrid for half that ok 55mill ade for sale 50 mill they could afford it eto 25mill 1 year left on is contract city must pay proper money for ade then we could go and get quality villa aguero even enzebo with cdm and another defender not chamakh I DONT THINK HE IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE ARSENAL BUT ARSENE KNOWS

  12. Thats some brave cancer to think it can take on Hartson!!

  13. If at first you cant land Byonce(Milan) try Shilpa (Citeh)
    Good luck to Ade in all he’d like to do with his career going forward

  14. Everyone goes on about how much we’ve got going forward and that it’s only in defence that we need to sort things out. Nasri, Theo, Cesc, Rosicky (If fit), Eduardo are all good players but none of them are prolific. Nasri, Theo, Rosicky and Cesc actually find it very hard to get into double figures each season, so I think selling Ade could be a bit of a disaster. The only other striker we’ve been linked with regularly is Chamkh, who having seen quite a bit of him at Bordueax is no better than average. Lastly, the person who first commented on this article stating Bendtner is a better player than Adebayor, is on a something. We all know that he has one of the worst touches in the premier league, and that one on one in front of goal, he could not be further from Bergkamp or Eduardo if he tried. Come on, don’t comment at all if you don’t know what you’re talking about. The mighty gooners will prevail again soon, don’t worry, we just need a lethal goal scorer in the mould of Thierry or Wrighty. That’s when we used to win things!

  15. if Adebayor wants to go,than arsene wnger should let him,all we arseanal fans need is a good striker ,like benzima,david villa,
    and most likely,diffenders.

  16. pls somebody should tell arsene wenger to go for the brazillian mid-fielder,fillipe melo,that guy is a unique player,
    i will alsolike wenger to buy one or two striker the will help v.p at front.player like martin obafemi.

  17. obafemi Martins? hell no! He’s a fellow compatriot but if there’s any Nigerian, den I’d rather we bought IK Uche. I rate him very highly & i’m pretty sure he’ll be one of d few names that will surely come up soon in europe.

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