Senderos off to Sunderland

In Arsenal FC on July 12, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Do you want this man as the owner of this football club?

To clarify, do you want Usmanov to be the owner of Arsenal FC, yes or no?

(The Alisher Usmanov affair)

[poll id=”2″]

Im running this poll to see where the stance of my readers is towards what seems inevitable foreign ownership of our club, either by Stan Kroenke or Alisher Usmanov. Happy voting.

In other news the impending departure of Phil Senderos seems to have taken another twist with Sunderland apparently leading the race for his signature. He does seem a steal for 5 million, at his best he is a brilliant defender but there are questions over his consistency, which comes with age, and his ability to deal with pressure.

It will be sad to see him go and it will probably be a cornerstone in this chapter of Arsene’s rein. Its almost admitting defeat in one sense, this guy was tipped as the next Tony Adams and was very highly regarded within the Highbury House corridors. Its a sad turn of events, we can all remember the run he had in the Champions League final reaching defence. It was record breaking and imperious.

The only other news is that David Bentley got punched at a restaurant the other night, if its football related I have to say, yes, in footballing terms he is a cunt, but really, is there any need? He was with his missus and another mate and there are really no excuses for whoever did this. I really hope they are caught and brought to justice actually. So unnecessary.

Right, remember to vote. More tomorrow.


10 Responses to “Senderos off to Sunderland”

  1. good poll, should be interesting to see how it relates to people’s perceptions of Kroenke.

    Personally, I don’t like any kind of russian ownership but thats more prejudicial than anything if I’m brutally and sorrowfully honest.

  2. Honestly,the club should not be sold how let the shareholder unite in order for the club 2 prosper.what killing arsenal fc is policy making in which half is enacted and half is not enacted.i wnt the to have loose adminiration.



  5. ohh, i’m so funny!

  6. That picture makes it hard to vote for usmanov. Some propaganda from the blogger perhaps ?dn

  7. And if its gonna be a beauty contest, please show the face of the diva Usmanov is up against. The guy looks like he suffered 5th degree burns at some point yet its only a fake tan on badly done plastic surgery and botox that went weirdly wrong. What else is fake about Kroenkr, I wonder.
    And what does he want to bring to Arsenal other obviously own very valuable shares and subsequently a very successful business, not usual, for football.

  8. very tricky issue. trawling the the blogs out there it seems there are lots of you not in favour of fat and orange or silent stan. comments over transfer rumours being some sort of underhand politicking by either party if true is an insult to most arsenal fan’s intelligence and does seem to cloud this issue. i am beyond the point where the sale of arsenal football club is inevitible, and it will happen soon. whether it is the large or quiet one i am not bothered, however, i do think if the club is sold it should be on the basis that the new owner must issue new shares for supporters in a bid to reclaim a part of our club and provide a voice at our club. the Arsenal Supporters trust do have a voice, however, I’m not convinced that they are as interested in the future of arsenal, rather that the share price keeps rising, hence their reluctance over the fat one’s suggestion.
    that is no to say that if i had shares i would not be looking for a profit. however if the fans provide the funding of new acquisitions to the squad, can lobby the board over issues related to attendance at the ground then this in itself will secure the future for the club and its fans.
    dare i say that i would love to see a finacial model, similar to Barcelona, but we can only dream.
    up the arse!!

  9. as goonersteve points out, the sale of our footboll club seems imminent and inevitable. but if you had to choose between jabba the fat’n ugly and Kroenke, there is no competition, IMO. Cannot say I like this development, but what can you do? Just hope this doesn’t affect the club to much

  10. tbh i dont know why everyones in such an arse about bentley getting punched, your happy enough from the safety of your computer screen 2 call him a cunt and that but if you met him youd probably ask for his autograph, it wasnt like he was stabbed, and the baby or the mother were not hurt so why are you in such an arse about it?

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