Inler + Song to City rumour is interesting…

In Arsenal FC on July 11, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Bugger all else to talk about;

L’equippe have written that Alex Song’s representatives are meeting with Wenger next week to discuss a move to Manchester el hadj City, I doubt very much that Song would leave because A) He is at a Champions League club, B) He is getting regular games. The only reason he would leave is for more money and he doesn’t strike you as the kind of player that would leave the club that made him for a few more grand a week when he is probably already on a very healthy wage.

The reason this rumour is interesting is because we have a congested midfield roster, the problem isnt the amount of players we have in that position, its the experience and quality of them.

Denilson, Diaby and Song are adequate cover, throw Fabregas, Ramsey, Nasri and Rosicky into the equation and we have tons of central midfielders.

Its most likely that one of Diaby or Ramsey will leave on loan, if we get another midfielder I expect one of the midfield bunch to be making their way out the Emirates exit door permanently, but as I have said before, I’m not convinced we will buy another midfielder.

Im sure this will make its way out to the English rags in the next few days and I guess we will see what develops. That said, I think its total and utter rubbish. However, Ive heard noises that Arsenal are going to attempt to start talks with Udinese over Inler.

Its hard to decipher the reliable from the utter bullshit.

Theres also some more Usmanov shit stirring, ignore the fat ugly twat. Is it me or does it look like he has a tyre round his neck in the picture on that article?

Anyways, more tomorrow and hopefully more news with it. ’til then.


10 Responses to “Inler + Song to City rumour is interesting…”

  1. there are not so much centrals Nasri and Rosicky are playing in another positions. Rosicky on the right,Nasri on the left

  2. Hey Goonblogger…

    Just read that Usmanov piece. Interesting stuff, that. He’s not really in a position of strength, relative to Kroenke, but if he calls for an EGM it might just force Kroenke’s hand in making a full bid to take over. I’ve said before that I’m somewhat of the opinion that a deal was made between Kroenke and the rest of the Board that they (the Board) would block Usmanov’s Rights issuance if Kroenke agreed to buy up to the 30% and then launch a full takeover at a specified time. Usmanov might be trying to scupper that arrangement by calling for a full EGM after the CL qualifiers.

    Regarding Song, yes it’s interesting in its way. We do have a plethora at the midfield right now, and I agree that we’ll most likely see at least 1 guy going out on loan with Ramsey being the most likely there. The original reports on the Inler link were somewhat sketchy – “Arsenal linked with Inler” – kind of thing, without too much detail. But it does now appear we’ve sent someone out to Italy to actually make an approach. Personally, I’m thrilled at that news as I’ve wanted Inler since last summer and really hoped we’d get him this past January. If he or another DM comes in, whether it be Matuidi, Cana or someone else, we will almost have to let one of our current midfielders go permanently.

  3. I won’t be surprised if we don’t sign anybody now!
    I think this is the make or break year for Diaby. watch out for him! If he doesn’t get consistent enough, we might see the budget of a central midfielder that meant for now will be spent in January window with Diaby leaving the emirates!!

  4. sell denlison

  5. sell the guy in the red

  6. where has dr leg gone?

  7. Harold???

  8. where’s arsenal tv gone and who do you subscribe to
    ive got both sky and virgin?
    sorry to change the thread of the discussion.

  9. dont have a website?

  10. Major – Arsenal TV is still broadcasting mate. On virgin it’s channel 542…..

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