Arsenal nearing foreign ownership – Almunia, Inler and Arshavin

In Arsenal FC on July 10, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Evening chaps. If you didn’t know already, I will still be blogging every day but the posts will not always be up in the morning, it will vary throughout the day as there is not that much to talk about at the moment. Things will return to normal before the new season starts though.

Onto all news Arsenal and it seems we are slowly edging closer and closer to foreign ownership, the all important owner being American sports investor Stanley Kroenke, I have written about this before and about eight months ago broke a story about how the takeover is likely to be done this summer, with the demise of the financial markets there is a chance it could take slightly longer, though.

How would you take to foreign ownership? Yay? Nay? Leave a comment to let us know your thoughts.

Stan has been snapping up shares often, usually, the purchases do not make the news but as he is now our largest shareholder, even more-so than that Oligarch mangate troll.

Once he reaches the magic 30% mark it means that he has to make an offer for the club as a whole, he is very, very close to that mark now and things will just start to get a little more interesting. Hopefully, the media don’t latch on and start kicking up merry fucking hell.

Manuel Almunia has swerved somewhat away from his usual media handling technique…normally he doesn’t really tend to say much and its usually positive too. Now though, he has kept to the not saying very much bit but has decided to…lets say…not mince his words:

“It’s great to have a young team but youth doesn’t give you titles,”


To go a step further players need to demand more of themselves, be more professional, braver in big games.

“We need the manager to work harder to get what we need, the club to make an extra effort to make us more competitive. We need more than youth.”

Well. That’s fairly blunt. You just stick to keeping the goals out Manuel because doing that may just help us go one step further this season.

Andrey Arshavin’s response to shitty journo articles about him moving to Barca is fairly blunt and clear as well, our Russian saying:

“That is nothing more than a rumour,”

Can’t get more to the point than that really can you?

I think we already know, we are not interested in Inler.

Wrapped the news up fairly concisely there I think. Feel free to add your thoughts on foreign ownership in the comments.

More tomorrow.


8 Responses to “Arsenal nearing foreign ownership – Almunia, Inler and Arshavin”

  1. I dont want to see the club taken over basically.
    However admittedly id rather have kroenke than the russian, because he knows how to run a sports team.

  2. Is good that the US guru is taking over but the all arsenal fan in crying cn we sign quality player.usmanov arsenal has cheated him honestly.i am afraid of nxt season dnt knw Y.

  3. i really dont see why we dont want Inler he is fairly affordable and i think he would welcome playing in our team,seems down to earth and looks like he wofit in jus dont get why we not even trying to go for him???
    Melo has had a Flamster year and all of a sudden everyone is falling over for him incl us jus dont get it…
    Inler or Matuidi and i’ll be even more happy than I am now

    h andi dont want to lose Eboue at any cost THANK YOU!!!he will come good for us this season.

  4. please wenger buy gokhan inler ! he is great player

  5. I really don’t know why the British people are so alienated about Americans. I don’t why people are against the club being taken over by the russian while they take a different view when it comes to the American. Puppet. If I was american citizen I would really be happy to laugh at the brits.

    Maybe Usmanov is a fan (he once said so). I am more than certain that in the event of a takeover by Usmanov, he will provide the money that we need to buy the extra quality that we lack. But there we are …

    Personally I want us to get rid of the current board of directors and let Arsenal fc be bought by either of them (but Usmanov appears to be my 1st choice because I don’t understand why people are more happy with Kroenke).

  6. The only reason I would not like Usmanov to own the whole club is that he just wants the club as a play thing so he can rival Abramovich cause russians are historically like that trying to rival each other to show who has the most power and influence. I’d rather have a rich guy who supports his teams from the background and has experience owning multiple teams who have great fan bases and are all well managed.

  7. first impressions don’t always paint the correct pictures. D only thing I av a problem with is d fact dat Usmanov’s a Man utd fan which I read here(i’m not even completely sure). We need one more signing though, a midfielder perhaps.

  8. Trust me Kunle… He is a manchester united fan.

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