Thomas Rosicky – Wenger's Cygan offer – Matuidi in London

In Arsenal FC on July 9, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Quick update tonight,

There have been a few articles flying around in the rags about how Thomas Rosicky will probably be back around October time, the probability is that he will be back before then and will be playing some part in the Emirates Cup at the start of August.

Quotes of his have been used from an interview back in his native Czech Republic about two or three months ago, they were widely published on Arsenal blogs but the twats have only now just cottoned on.

Why the hell are the Melo transfer rumours still filling our newswires?

Cygan has spoken of an offer by Arsene Wenger made many years ago when he departed, he said that if Cygan ever needed help in a footballing sense the doors at Arsenal were always open. He is currently without a club. God help us. Silvestre last year, Cygan this year? Won’t happen though.

Matuidi has been sighted in London in the past few days, something must be happening and the transfer fee sounds right at around 2.5 million. This probably opens up the door for one of Abou Diaby or Aaron Ramsey to leave on loan. Maybe even both.

More tomorrow.


6 Responses to “Thomas Rosicky – Wenger's Cygan offer – Matuidi in London”

  1. link to matuidi story? great post btw

  2. Matuidi is left footed and is nt tall 5 ‘9 pls don’t buy him

  3. The managers are respected.let fold our hands and see who he is going to buy.

  4. Matuidi is good…. flamini wasnt tall either.. matuidi got the power in his play and the engine in him to run the whole match.

    Cygan?? At least cygan is better than silvestre i guess.

  5. cygan?? w.t.f??

  6. Matuidi is mobile i mean he got pce and i really think our CDM should have pace as well have an eye for taking a pop at goal,i think getting a defensive mid like Gilberto is taking a back step we need a Flamster some one who will hunt the ball not wait for it…Matuidi aint far from that so i would take him very quickly

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