More idle Cesc crap to fill column inches…

In Arsenal FC on July 6, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Morning all,

sad to break this news to you but there is nothing going on at all today, perhaps later on there will be some pictures from the first day of pre-season training but the squad will still be short of a few players.

Last night Carlos Vela was carried off injured for Mexico and it looked a fairly nasty injury to his ankle/lower leg. He got caught by a pretty bad challenge and required a fair bit of treatment. Hopefully he is ok, if its anything that bad I would like him back at Colney ASAP so he can be readied for the pre-season games and fully fit for the start of the season. Hopefully the injury is not too bad but i’m sure we will know more about it, if it is serious, later on today.

There has been a fair bit of Felipe Melo stuff flying around these past few days but yesterday the man himself spoke:

‘I have a contract with Fiorentina in which it was written that should I have a good first season, the club would have the possibility to extend my contract automatically from five to six years.

“They utilised this clause and I am really happy.

“I owe Fiorentina a lot. I arrived and I immediately became a regular. I have never been on the bench.”

He is not going to join us, end of. He is ridiculously overpriced and we have Alex Song and Denilson who are, in my opinion, just as good. Next?

David O’Leary has been talking about how he would only return as a number two… to us or Man United. Thats in the Daily Mail.

The Sun, the stupid cunts, have come up with another concoction of total and utter shit about our captain.

He is staying.

Get the fuck over it.


Right thats it for another slow summers day. Have a good one. More tomorrow.

One Response to “More idle Cesc crap to fill column inches…”

  1. I’m absolutely stunned at the quantity of shit Kastrinakis produces for The Sun. Seems like every Monday he rolls out a new, wholly unsourced “rumor” about Cesc leaving for Barca. I’m beginning to think he’s padding his paycheck by his efforts to assist Barca in their constant tapping up of Cesc. And those cunts at aren’t any better. They merely cut & paste every article that Kastrinakis throws out there…as if he were a legitimate “source” for anything related to Arsenal.

    Other than that…hey…TRAINING STARTS TODAY!!!! Woot!! 🙂

    Hope you’re feeling better, Amigo!

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