Melo and Arsenal not talking and 21 million is far too much

In Arsenal FC on July 4, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Another quickie im afraid.

There has been a bit more Filipe Melo flying around today, you would have thought that him signing a new deal with Fiorentina would have killed those rumours dead. Interestingly, we have made an offer for him before he signed his new contract and it seems, Emmanuel Eboue has been used as a makeweight in the deal. Fiorentina have issued a statement with the written quality of a two year old with a blunt pencil:

“Fiorentina sporting director Pantaleo Corvino, in denying the transfer rumours of the past few hours, which sees Felipe Melo definitely at other clubs and reporting potential meetings to finalise the transfer of the player, underlines the following:

“In case the footballer has already reached an agreement with any club, the release clause fixed with the player himself is €25million. We would not contemplate any exchange, unless it is to the liking of Fiorentina.

Arsenal is the only club to have come close to the sum established by the release clause.

“Fiorentina in turn proposed to the aforementioned club a reduction in the amount set by the release clause by including right-back (Emmanuel) Eboue in the deal.

Interesting, we know Eboue is apparently disatisfied with his (only) 40+ appearances last season and a move to Fiorentina probably appeals to him.

From what I gather, Arsenal made a cash plus offer to Fiorentina but the mony offered was too low, which isnt suprising considering that Melo is hardly a world beater and 25 million Euro’s is one hell of a big fucking joke.

The fact that Arsenal and Fiorentina are no longer talking was pretty much made by Melo’s agent soon after this statement by Fiorentina:

“We are not negotiating with any club, if a team is interested in the player they must first find an agreement with Fiorentina,”

“There is much talk about Felipe because he has enjoyed a great season. But we are not dealing with any club.”

So all the websites that got such huge hard-ons over this story can calm themselves down because I honestly think, nothing is going to happen.

There you have it.

More tomorrow.


14 Responses to “Melo and Arsenal not talking and 21 million is far too much”

  1. when the hell we buy quality players

  2. No, Arsenal offered cash for Melo but Fiorentina wants an Eboue swap deal plus som cash from Arsenal. The agent probably says they are not negotiating because arsenal haven’t answered on Fiorentinas offer! So the deal is very much alive IMO! Let’s just hope Wenger releases Eboue and buys Melo!

  3. Real madrid have ruined this years transfer market with their ridiculous money purchases. How can melo be worth 21 million when arshavin only cost 12 six months ago. rakeback poker

  4. arsenal are fucking shit up the tottenham!!!!!you will win nothing this year like normal bye bye fabregas overated knob!!!!

  5. this jason sounds like a right prick up the gooners!!!

  6. 5mill plus eboue should be more than enough, but it should really be senderos (reckon we could actually get about 6-10mill from sendoros)

  7. Melo is stupid to have agreed to sign an extension to his contract if he really wanted to join us. What an idiot!! What sort of a player would we be buying if he turns round and does this to his potential new club in order perhaps to help Fiorentina get more money out of the club that willl be paying his wages eventually. Let his stay there!!

  8. ondgooner – yes I think hes seems to change club quite often as it is…

  9. jason spuds havent won anythin in ages so harhar u.

    all gunners fans wht do u think of my line out ?




  10. Guy i been saying this for a while now, Song is way way way better than Melo. not because the guy had one good season mean he is the solution to Arsenal problem plus melo had 17 yellow and 5 reds cards last season which is bad.

    i can not believe that nobody is talking about the real problem wit Arsenal which is the keeper problem…. we need a world class keeper,if u really watch last season games than u will know what i am talking bout…….another thing Eboue is the olny cover we get for SAGNA so we can let him leave.

  11. my line up for next season

    ———————Manuel Almunia—————

    Sagna/Eboue —Toure—-Vermaelen/Gallas—-Clichy/Gibbs


    van Persie/Eduardo—————Adebayor/Bendtner

    the only players that should leave this summer are Silvestre and Senderos A.K.A the two s

  12. So no holding midfielder then? Or at least a midfielder to protect our defence?

    That is suicide.

  13. hahaha No doubt, Goonblogger!

    No DM in that lineup, Jon. Can’t see Arsenal running out that squad. I know it’s a 4-4-2 as you’ve designed it, but…ummm…you’re kinda missing some pieces.

  14. Ya Melo is too costly for Arsenal .. I suggest they buy Cana or Mataudi for around 10 to 15 million .. Also Song can be back up DM .. And also keep Eboue cos he’s the nly back up RB we have .. Also Fiorentia have been wicked to make Melo sign a contract extension wit a high buy out clause knowing he’s badly needed by Arsenal .. Arsenal shud hit back by ignoring Melo completely!!!!

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