Quick update: Another new contract signing, Ade to stay? + Wenger on season ahead

In Arsenal FC on July 3, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Just a quick update for you this evening, I’m not well at all.

Joining Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey, Fabianski and Jack Wilshere in signing new contracts is left back Kieran Gibbs, who based on the performances at the tail end of last season, deserves an improved contract. Wenger said:

“Kieran made such a great impact last season and the progress he made throughout the year was fantastic. Kieran is an intelligent player with huge quality and he proved last season with his performances that he has great potential. We’re delighted that Kieran has committed his future to Arsenal and we’re all excited to watch his future development at the Club.”

There is obviously a lot of work going on behind the scenes to tie these players down to new contracts but the one still needing to be signed is Robin van Persie’s, who despite protestations he will stay, may get even more distracted with the inevitable rumours that will fly round until he signs on the dotted line.

The Adebore saga continues for a second summer, this time its Wenger that has spoken claiming that he thinks Ade will still be with us next season:

“If he does not want to stay, he will leave, but I think that he will be still at Arsenal this season,”

The most important bit of what Wenger said came after that though, he insisted that if Ade’s heart wasn’t at Arsenal he can leave and there are replacements out there that can be brought to the club.

For the first time Wenger has admitted that if Arsenal are not challenging for the title next season that something will have to give:

“I am not denying it will be a decisive season. If we are not in the title race, we will have to build everything again.”

Perhaps this will shake off some of the ‘stubborn’ jibes aimed at him in recent times, he is set in his ways no doubt about that, but admitting that if the club aren’t challenging for the title again soon changes will have to be made. It is possibly a risk to stick with his policy but if it comes off he will he hailed as a hero, the line is a very, very fine one between success and faliure.

Right, that the lot. More tomorrow.

4 Responses to “Quick update: Another new contract signing, Ade to stay? + Wenger on season ahead”

  1. Feel better, my friend. 🙂

    RvP is on (or has been on) holiday for the last week or so, I believe. Both sides wanted his new deal done before he left, but I’m under the impression it’s just a matter of putting pen to paper. I’d expect to hear something around the time training opens on the 6th. Would be a great way to kick things off!!

    I’ve read that entire interview with Arsene. It was very un-Wenger-like, and left me a bit unsettled to be honest. On the one hand, I’m glad to see he might be open to the idea that adjustments will need to be made if we go another year without a trophy (GOD FORBID!!!), and I think getting Fabianski, Gibbs, Ramsey and Wilshere locked up on new deals is part of setting the foundation there. But the thought of dismantling the core of our team next summer, should we not win, and starting the whole process over is somewhat disheartening.

    I’m not inside Wenger’s head though, and surely he’s got a better grasp of what’s actually happening with the squad than anyone else. And I trust him on that.

    I am wondering if he sees this particular set of youngsters…Gibbs, Theo, Fabianski, Jay Simpson, Bendtner, JET, Ramsey and Wilshere, as perhaps a better foundation from which to launch his vision of a winning youthful side. They’ve all come through the academy, have played together for several years already (Ramsey now in his second season with the club as the shortest term player), and would serve as a wholly “Arsenal grown” side. Granted, Cesc came through the academy as well, but of all the other regular first team players, only Djourou came through the Arsenal academy. Shava, Nasri, Song, Gallas, Clichy, Ade, Kolo…all were brought in as first team players and already established as such. Maybe Wenger is of the mindset that his vision is correct, but he has not quite put the pieces to the puzzle in order to realize that vision.

    Here’s my question though…how long will the Board wait for success? How long with Arsenal supporters wait for trophies? If, as indicated in the interview, we’ll “start over again” next summer…will the patience be there to see out another rebuilding process? I surely hope and pray it will.

    My allegiance and love is for the Badge on the front of the shirt. My allegiance and love is for the Red & White. The names on the back of the kit changes every six months, and much as I love Shava, Cesc, RvP, etc…the names on the back of the kit will always be changing. But the Badge and Colors remain. So I’m in it for the long haul to see through whatever is necessary to build the squad properly in order to be successful and win trophies. Difficult as it would be to go through a dismantling of the club, should it be deemed necessary, I will always be TheSKAGooner, and I will live and breathe Arsenal football.

  2. Great one TheSKAGooner. I appreciate that and sure you are truly a Gooner.

    Back on topic, I really do not think Wenger was talking about massive clearout as many bloggers and fans are believing.

    I personally ( note, personally please) believe he is trying to say he will slight change his approach if we are still yet to win something after the coming season.

    Maybe mixing experience and youth. which to me is very good. It all means he is a listening man and knows the importance of winning things as well as making the club healthy.

    Another good thing is that he said he was interested in Benzema. If he was interested in Benzema then it all means we are not as broke as so many people believe.

    Ade going? Yes let him go. He claims the fans do not love him without saying he made the fans dislike him. No one will like a Lazy player and I honestly do not mind him going for the right price.

  3. Sure, it’s easy to see your point and interpretation of AW’s comments. I’d much rather yours be accurate than mine! haha

    I guess the thing that throws me off is his comment about starting over. Hopefully it’s NOT a wholesale change of the squad and maybe just a realization that a few more positions need adjusting in the transfer market than he realized. I agree wholeheartedly that his interest in Benzema, while we didn’t get him, is a good thing. At least he didn’t go to United. Losers. 😉

    On a happier, more positive note, the Independent are reporting that the RVP deal is now complete. And, apparently the deal runs through 2014, which is a year longer than previous reports. If that’s accurate, I take that as a VERY encouraging sign.

  4. GBS mate! (Get Better Soon)

    SKAGooner, though I do not personally know you, I can attest to your love for the Arsenal. Your various comments, that I have read, render that attestation factual. Very good point.

    Contrary to what some Arsenal fans would want us to beleive, I’ve always beleived that Arsene is nobody’s fool. He has this habit of putting pressure on himself before anybody else does.

    Before Arsene, I remember the ‘boring old Arsenal’; and ‘1 – 0 to the Arsenal’ days. Then Arsene came and everything changed for ever. He basically spoilt us with the most titilating football that many have basically never seen before or had hitherto only dreamed of; with its attendant success in terms of silverware.

    Suddenly we have a bigger new stadium and a younger core to our team. Yet, expectations keep rising. Arsene knew all along that the “Project” would take its toll; that there would be a price to pay. But he set himself a realistic time period and stuck to it.

    Now is it! The time period elapses this new season. It is pay-up or pack-up time. He is basically telling himself, his staff (who have faithfully stood by him through it all) and most importantly, the players that it is time to pay the fans their dividends with either a QED or a AIW. In the case of the first, the base will be solidified. But in the case of the latter, the building shakes to its foundation; with a ‘time-for-reconstruction’ bell tolling. It will then be time for the ‘deadwoods’ in the team (whoever he perceive them to be) to get a BFH.

    He is, therefore, basically laying down to the boys a ‘perform-now-or-be-expunged’ warning. More than the fans give him credit for, he knows what he is doing.

    Go Wenger! Give the boys a kick to the backside!!

    QED = Quite Excellently Done
    AIW = All Is Wasted
    BFH = Bus Fare Home

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