Naldo could be coming to North London….

In Arsenal FC on July 2, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Another boiling hot day lies ahead, as does another boring day on the Arsenal front.

With just about every rumour this summer having ran its course a new one has cropped up, that of 6ft 6 Brazillian Naldo. Now, this rumour is backed up by supposed comments from a Werder Bremen coach:

“Naldo is a great athlete and could do well at the right club, unfortunately he doesn’t fit the direction we’re planning to move in any longer.

“We expect to move him for somewhere in the region of €10 million, and English side Arsenal is as of now the most likely destination.”

I have a feeling that these comments might just be trying to attract interest in the player, we will have to wait and see though. All I really know is that he has a rocket of a free-kick on him and he is nicknamed ‘the beast’.

A new contract was signed yesterday with Aaron Ramsey penning a new deal, its something of a surprise given he only signed a year ago but Wenger must have seen a reason to improve his current deal. There is a chance he could go out on loan next season and gather some experience because his first team chances seem very limited at present.

And that is it for another day, its all rather tame at the moment but with pre-season starting in the next few days things may just speed up a little bit.

More tomorrow, have a goodun’.


One Response to “Naldo could be coming to North London….”

  1. This is a rumour surely. Why would a player like that be offloaded? Is he another Ade? Coz he was nothing but trouble at Monaco. But 6,6ft beast with a scotching free kick can be anything he wants to be- even a complete tosser can be turned around provided he delivers on the pitch. Remember Van Persie at the begining of his Arsenal career? He was a bit of a handful receiving yellow and red cards few of us could not argue with. Once this upset Wenger so much he spontaneously reacted by asking what was wrong with him- in a match against Southampton.

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