Gallas wants to stay + No Melo, is Cana next in line?

In Arsenal FC on July 1, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor


another boiling hot day is started with another Arsenal player dismissing speculation about his future, this time its former captain William Gallas. He has been linked with a departure from the club this summer after what you might call a turbulent season, no doubt in the first half the captaincy affected his performances but up until he got injured, he was fantastic. He said:

“I am at Arsenal, my contract is still valid for a year, so I am an Arsenal player.

“We have not talked about renewing the contract, but I am relaxed and looking forward to next season with Arsenal.”

Its not a 100% IM STAYING kind of statement, nonetheless he has stated he is looking forward to next season, with us. I want him to stay.

One player that will be no longer linked with us is Felipe Melo, he has signed a contract extension at Fiorentina and this has lead to speculation of us not chasing Lorik Cana, who is one rough son of a bitch. He has said quite a few times that he is allowed to move and Marseille’s president has told him that after four years of service he is free to move on for a new challenge, not free as in free though, he will be costly. Cana has said:

“The door remains open for a departure, even with three years remaining on my contract. I will talk with my family and my representatives. It will then depend on what I want to do.

“Of the possible destinations in the future, England and Germany are the two leagues that attract me the most.”

There is also reported interest from the Lilywhite cunts so we could be locked in a battle with them if we pursue him, I’m not too sure we will be going for a midfielder like Cana though…

Keeping on the subject of our neighbouring bastards, our third kit is like a replica of theirs barring the pinstripes, its horiffic. I for one am not going to be buying it and hopefully after this season it will be banished to the history books because its awful, Nike have really really cocked up that one and the salesman talk is just embarassing. The less said about it the better. The photoshop attempts do not make it look a whole lot better either.

Ironic that just after Gallas speaks to SS to rebuff rumours to Inter, The Sun crop with an article about Moureen being after him. Fuckwits.

Thats about it for today then. More tomorrow.


6 Responses to “Gallas wants to stay + No Melo, is Cana next in line?”

  1. The Arse always played in white away kits up until 1964 so whats up with it now?? Real Madrid also play in White so whats it got to do with the mugs down the road playing in white?? Should we abandon playing in red because Manure do as well and play in orange and green stripes because we cant be seen in a kit the same colour as another side……Pathetic…..

  2. Jack I agree wiv you all the way wat the hell does th kit have to do wiv the way we play??you sound like one of those who believed that jus coz we had the same yellow kit as the previous league winning side [Alan Smith and co] then we should have won the prem last season jus coz of a kit????please that jus down right pathetic.
    Its Arsenal at the end of the day Arsenal Players,Arsenal stadium all thats left is for you to be a real Arsenal fan

  3. Real Arsenal fan? Define a real Arsenal fan then…

    Prick. Dont like it, dont read. Easy enough.

  4. I would have to agree with casicky, what the hell does the design of a 3rd choice shirt really have to do with anything. I am guessing that is why it is the third choice. But then again why would our opinion be worth more than that of the blogger. You say if dont like it dont read. I say if you dont like the comments dont let people post them. Simple as that. Our boys would whip tottnscum wearing dresses. The boots are the only must have for a player.

  5. The badge on the front counts. The kit counts.

    End of story.

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