Arsenal's first departures of the summer and Blatter strikes again

In Arsenal FC on June 30, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor


one of the first things I have seen today is this, ‘ANDRIY IS SHAVIN A LAUGH‘ possibly one of the worst titles ever and definitely the worst article I have ever seen published by a newspaper that is supposed to be one of the most read in the UK. This total and utter piece of shit consisted of these words:

“ANDREY ARSHAVIN has stunned Arsenal by revealing he wants to play for Barcelona.
The Russian striker, 28, who joined the Gunners in a £16.9m deal five months ago, said: “If I have the chance to play for Barcelona, I’d be really happy.”

That is it, complete, the article. A quote made up, a random name from Arsenal Football Club, mix them together, top it off with a shit headline and BAM. Theres a story fit for Britains population to read.

Its like they walk into the office and think “Hey! Lets make something up!” You know like a little child gets bored and decided to do some painting? Saying Sun journalists have the intelligence of a little child is actually quite a big insult….. to the child that is.

It seems our first departures of the summer have occured, gladly, they will not effect the club in the slightest. Three players named Abu Ogogo, Paul Rodgers and Jonas Rasmussen. Ogogogogogogo and Rodgers have been released because they are not good enough and Rasmussen has had his pro forms terminated and paid off until the end of his contract. Nice little nest egg there. You may have read my run in with Paul Rodgers, who in fairness, seems a twat.

Wenger has talked a little about the Real Madrid spending policy… Not interesting at all to be honest, doesn’t bother me unless they are trying to steal, tap-up, abduct or kidnap any of our players. Any team with the backing of a countries government is going to have access to crazy cash.

Serial cunt Sepp Blatter has again had a moan about foreign ownership in the Premiership, he said:

“In France, Germany and Spain there are by-laws that say owners must be from the same country. This does not exist in the Premier League and it is a problem we must address.

He got the second bit right though:

“We have no right to interfere in economic movements. We, the whole FIFA family, are aware of this.”

So shut up and fuck off back to your xenophobic lair then you fat balding fudgepacker. I think I have made my viewpoint totally clear in that past sentence.

Right, thats your lot for another day.

More tomorrow.


6 Responses to “Arsenal's first departures of the summer and Blatter strikes again”

  1. haha, this was a good article, made me crack up. Also DOWN WITH BLATTER!

  2. the Sun have a random news making software… all it needs is a player name input then the rest is like lotto…

  3. doesnt the sun have anything better to do? the minute i saw the article i started laughing… it’s so bloody preposterous…

  4. In a `Gunning Hawk` article I commented that (based on what I read) I am beginning to think Ashavin is a bit of a `nut case` and needs a little instruction. Well, maybe I was a bit hasty, but he does seem to have a lot to say for a new kid on the block.I can only comment on what I read.

    Years ago I met a ageing man in a Richmond wine bar who had escaped from Hungary during the Russian invasion. He taught me one thing..In Russia there are two newspapers Izvestia and Pravda (excuse the spelling) One means the Truth the other the News. They say in Izvestia there is no Pravda and in Pravda there is no Izvestia. Maybe the British press should take note.

  5. Am fed up we still return to our problem if wenger do not make atleast 2 quality signing because time is waiting 4 no one.

  6. “Saying Sun journalists have the intelligence of a little child is actually quite a big insult….. to the child that is.”


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