Hands up who had heard of Felipe Melo before this summer?

In Arsenal FC on June 29, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Morning all,

the Felipe Melo rumours have gone into overdrive today after the Confederation Cup drew to a conclusion yesterday, over the past few weeks this Melo guy has gone from being a total unknown to Arsenal fans, to being one of the first names on their lips when they think of new signings.

Its not like he has set the world on fire either, the closest he has come to that is being a virtually ever present in the referee’s notebook with something like 16 yellow cards and 3 red cards last season. Now, that is a LOT of cards and suspensions.

The guy is 26 and has not played a great deal of football at the highest level, one season at Fiorentina, one season at Almeria and two seasons at Racing Santander.

On one hand he is the type of player we should be looking at but on the other hand he is not proven at the very highest level, there are doubts over his discipline and from what I saw this summer in the Confederations Cup, he has a tendency to go missing sometimes and let the game pass him by.

All this moaning can be argued against though, remember when we brought Gilberto Silva? All he had behind him was a few games in the Brazillian league and he was around the same age as Melo.

If we do go for him it will be a shot in the dark and a massive step up from what is the weakest Italian league in memory, it will be a big test of his abilities but will Wenger risk ‘killing’ Denilson, Diaby or Alex Song? I’m not so sure. In fact, I would not be suprised to not see any additions in central midfield this summer…I just have a niggily feeling.

If the call from Wenger does happen, Brazillian compatriot Gilberto Silva has told him to jump at the chance of playing for us:

“We heard rumours and he asked me, I said it’s a fantastic club and if he’s interested he should go without thinking.

“He is exactly what they need – a powerful player with quality. If they got him it would be great because he is a player they need at the moment.

“I’m sure if they got him it would be a good signing. I have told him Arsenal is a great club and I am sure next season they will improve.”

Gilberto was immense last night, he still has class in abundance and it seems strange that Wenger let him go for such a measly amount of money, we saw Senna for Villarreal earlier this year and he is being valued at over 10 million whilst being a similar age, Gilberto is just as good and we let him go for something like 1 million. A Wenger mistake? I think so.

Right, more tomorrow.


9 Responses to “Hands up who had heard of Felipe Melo before this summer?”

  1. Amazing your observations are like mine: About his credentials, playing style and propensity to be found fouling opponents. This is’nt helped by his temper unlike Gilbo who was so meek refs let him off. He was also missing in several matches which prompted the suspicion that he is not as good- in fact he is useless at tackling. Ok Italian refs are sometimes nitpicking but 17 yellows and 3 reds tell a story you just cant ignore.

    Wenger should be careful as buying bad is a lot worse than not buying at all. He was lucky Gilbo was not only good but he was also very level headed a likeable chap too. This one is shot in the dark indeed.

  2. I’ve a watched him once when he played for almeria. He really caught my eyes since then!

  3. Only on Football manager lol

  4. “remember when we brought Gilberto Silva? All he had behind him was a few games in the Brazillian league”
    Yeh plus he had just won the world cup!
    Also gilberto was famous for “going missing”. his nickname has always been the invisible wall.
    Melo is meant to be more of a powerhouse, Id say more like mahamadou diarra at real madrid. Not even a holding midfielder particularly.
    This is ok, cos flamini wasn’t a holding mid either, nor vieira, and I think we’d agree he could play with fabregas in this arsenal side..
    My only issue with melo would be the price. If we could get him for 7-8m, then that would be great. I think he could do a good job and play a lot of games.
    Nonetheless he is distinctly lacking in a few areas, so 15m, as has been quoted frequently is waayy too much from what Ive seen – I could be wrong though.
    I’ve never been disappointed with one of wenger’s signings where hes decided to pay over 10m, unless jeffers was over 10. But hes allowed one mistake.
    Reyes was class for me

  5. I’d just like to remind everyone that no matter what Gilberto is doing now (and i wish him every success) his last season with Arsenal was bitterly dissapointing. He looked very slow, his passing was poor and he was not winning the ball like he did just one year previous. This may have been because he couldn’t get a run in the side with Flamini dominating but the fact is that to go back to having him as DM after Flamini left would have been even more of a backward step for the club than blooding Song + Denilson, who could at least improve. With Gilberto we knew what we would get and we knew that it would be inferior to Flamini.

    I think Brazil’s formation also suits him as one of two DM’s he has less ground to cover.

    I think he was a great servant to the club and would never disrespect him but people are looking back through rose tinted glasses.

  6. To suggest that Gilbo is as good as Senna is a nonsensical statement made by a man with rosily tinted glasses on. Did you not see the goal he scored against us for Villareal last season? As for Melo there is a going rate now… see Glen Johnson…even Alonso for 20+… for 15m he’d be worth it on the strength of one good season in Italy and a first 11 for Brazil. Compared with Denilson or Song who have not had a good season yet tis a definite opportunity. Also gotta love the way we write off a player who ‘has only played a few games in Brazil club football’ as though the place had never produced a player…

  7. yeah i heard of him on football manager, i ended up buying veloso anyway as everyone knows he is a beast on the game

  8. I disagree about 15m being the going rate.
    I find it unbelievable that we couldnt find a suitable DM for less. Glen johnson is expensive cos hes english and actually good.
    Hitzlsperger would represent far better value for money for me, if the rumours on his cost are true

  9. Its a relief to have someone wiv their head srcewed on right writting articles on blogs its a true relief thank you for your observations because jus as i was thinking I didnt really like thios Melo guy that much …e goes and extends his contract at Viola..good news in my opinion and come to think of it dont know if i want anyone in the CDM position although i would be equally happy if Inler was snapped up hahaha

    thanx again for the article

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