Lachter gets dumped + Winterburn thinks Cesc needs appeasing

In Arsenal FC on June 27, 2009 by Highbury N5 Editor

Morning all, happy Saturday.

Lets start with some nice news, Andrey Arshavin has told his agent Dennis Lachter to go take a running jump. He isn’t too happy with parts of his contract and Lachter is to blame for that, so he has fired him. Fair enough I say.

Lachter lead every Arsenal fan a merry dance from August 2008 to January 2009. He called Wenger a ‘cunning old fox’ whilst we all called him a cunt, because quite frankly, that’s what he appeared to be. One minute the deal was on and Andrey was on his way to London, the next the deal was off and he was staying at Zenit. Andrey actually had to hire his own private jet to get to London City Airport to force through the deal, it seems his Mr 10% didn’t really give a shit as long as he got his money. Also, what respected football agent texts fans updates of the transfer situation?

All gooners above the age of ten, may remember a bloke called Nigel Winterburn…. He was a bit good and had one rocket of a left boot. Recently he has given his two cents on the Fabregas stories, the ones that were totally fabricated by a national press that wouldn’t know a decent story if it was a stick of dynamite that had just been rammed down their throat and detonated. I wish that was the case because we would have a whole lot less journalists who just tend to make stuff up. Anyway, our former number 3 said:

“He [Fabregas] is voicing concern, maybe frustration, but he’s also saying ‘I’m not going to force my way out of the football club if I am very, very unhappy about my position, then I will speak to the manager and maybe a decision will be made’. Arsenal have had a few barren seasons in terms of not winning trophies, but they’ve been so close on a number of occasions. But for the supporters and the players, being close isn’t good enough.

“You’ve got to win something. And Arsenal just need to win something just to keep the players happy.”

He has just stated the obvious there really. Anyway, I have a bit of a tale about good old Nigel…. He has a son and was watching him in a rugby game at his school, for some reason an opposition player took a disliking to his son and targeted him for a bit of the rough treatment. Our Nigel got so angry that he had to be held back at the side of the pitch after trying to run on to hit the player, he was shouting “I’LL KNOCK HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF” and generally, things of that nature. Anyway, that’s my story.

A true Gooner was Winterburn.

Another ex-Arsenal player, in the very tall French mould of Patrick Vieira, is being linked with a move to Birmingham this summer as he seeks regular football… Sorry Patrick, you can do better.

Finally, it was good to see two Arsenal players keep their cool last night, Theo and Gibbs both converted sudden death penalties to send England through to the U21 European Cup final. Still nothing to be overly proud of though. The sooner they are back at Colney, the better. Lets also hope Cesc doesn’t break his leg or something ridiculous in the 3rd place play-off tonight. I think its tonight anyway.

More tomorrow, have a good Saturday.

2 Responses to “Lachter gets dumped + Winterburn thinks Cesc needs appeasing”

  1. Is it just me, or does Lachter look a bit like the actor Robert Carlyle (whom I actually quite like)?

  2. Holy fuck! that actually is him!

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